Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Great Millennial Lie

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Millennials act as though they invented all this LGBTQ drama. As if it's some newfangled idea and the older crowd just don't get it. Except, we do get it. The fact is, we got it years ago.

I grew up in the 1980s where tons of people in college were gay or bi-curious. The university I went to was notoriously gay. In fact, several of the people I worked with were gay and I used to walk around with them, checking out guys in a very shallow and sexist way that I'm truly not proud of. 

Everyone I knew was listening to Boy George and Wham and there were tons of male band members that wore eyeline and even lipstick.  Even some of the 80s hair bands wore eyeliner. Adam Ant wore frilly white blouses and more men than I can recall were wearing skin-tight leather pants. It was cool to be feminine and well, different. 

Rocky Horror was cult-like epic, and frankly we could have cared less what people were doing behind closed doors. That was their business.

Let's not forget that the 1970s folks before us had their Ziggy Stardust androgyny and the 1960s folks saw sky high free love hippies having orgies and slithering around in the mud at Woodstock. Free love was taken anywhere they could get it.

The fact is, anyone that is age 60 and under was desensitized to all of this years ago. It may not have been our cup of tea, but we just looked the other way. Whatever.

That wasn't good enough. A mass lie had to be concocted and aimed at the younger generation, telling them that their parents and grandparents were hateful and bigoted. Ask yourself why.

Copy and paste this general scenario for black Americans. It's just a plagiarized story.

Now every TV show must portray a gay or two in an embarrassingly juvenile and prissy fashion, though most gays I knew didn't behave like that at all. Now our eyes are offended by the roughly 3% population representation of men and women by those acting like they should be on a pole and stuffing dollars down their undergarments, instead of in a respectful parade honoring fallen heroes. 

It's ridiculous and unnecessary but for this lie to work, it had to infiltrate the minds of our young so they would think their parents were whatever-phobes. So frilly and flashy gaydome was bastardized and rammed down everyone's throats, as was white privilege nonsense. People had to be coddled and made the center of attention and absolutely not ignored. Ignoring others is forbidden. 

Sadly, the damage has been done, and the target audience of this lie, the millennials, mistakenly bought into thinking everyone over 35 is a homophobe or racist.  The result is what we see displayed all over the webosphere and in the news; that they want and need the government to powder their bottoms and stop all this mock hatred and judgement, coming really, only from their tainted minds. 

The general population doesn't give a flip, we're too busy working or trying to survive. Without thinking critically, many millennials believe the lies that Big Brother infiltrated their minds with. It's what's for breakfast in college. I even see it at the graduate level.

This is what happens when the politicians in charge want to make the masses dependent upon the government to run every aspect of their lives, from cake baking to marriage licenses. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Flag Pins Instead of Safety Pins

Image: Northwest Territorial Mint
I'll be wearing a US flag pin if anyone wants to talk with me like an adult. I'll be saving the diaper safety pin for my sewing box. 

Why? Because we have roughly 320 million people in this country. Of those, 114 million are working, taxpaying adults and 106 million people are on welfare. For simple mathematical calculation, let's assume the other 100 million are children or self sustaining retires getting social security and reaping what they once paid in.

With a near 1:1 ratio of taxpayers supporting not only themselves, but also someone on welfare, not to mention paying into the SS coffers, isn't it clear that this system cannot be sustained? Sure it's a simplistic view, but poignant. We simply can't afford four more years, let alone eight, of Obama-style policies where 35% of the population are on welfare. 

It's common sense, something clearly not being taught in our schools and colleges, and I'm tired of watching a bunch of precious pantywaists burn flags and stand in their college football fields doing a group primal scream for five minutes, because they didn't get their way. 

This is what is happening while there are men and women dying overseas to protect those childish millennials during this Veteran's Day weekend tantrum. It's time to take off the diaper pin and put on the big kid panties.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

What to Do With a Millennial

Image: http://www.newinsights.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Young-Man-on-Couch_Large.jpg

Just what do you do with a millennial? Though there are conflicting reports on age groups, generally, millennials were born between 1982 and 2004 and represent the largest population group since the baby boomers. 

What is confounding companies nationwide is their unusual behavior. Not only are they eternally attached to their mobile devices, but they are not opening bank accounts or credit cards like their parents did, and they aren't buying homes either. In fact, roughly 32% are still living with their parents and 64% don't even own a credit card. 

Why are millennials so reticent to launch? 

My theory after many deep discussions with my own 23-year-old latchkey adult is that the outlook has been so crappy, why would they bother? 

Think about it. The only presidents they remember reasonably well are crappy ones. The only economy they know is one that has been nothing but a struggle. 

Prior to millennials we saw a man on the moon, calculators, the Beatles, Ronald Reagan and the end of the Cold War. We watched the wall come down in Germany and Poland became a country again in the Solidarity movement. We saw the might of the United States in Dessert Storm. We saw the computer age, mobile phones, the Internet and to be completely honest, we had hope. Real hope, and real change. Not the hateful garbage Obama pimped afterwards.

What have millennials had?  They saw September 11th and Hurricane Katrina and determined, the wide world outside of mom and dad's house just ain't that appealing.

They had Obama and Bush and maybe even remember Clinton and his sex scandals before him. When they became the age of reason, the only thing they remember is watching their families and friends struggle in jobs with bosses who abused them, or with parents who lost their jobs. They saw people complaining about slim to no raises, shady mortgages and banks that used predatory practices where people lost their homes. They saw how some of their friends were affected by it, as they moved from homes and even out of school districts. They watched people hand over auto titles for loans and lose their cars. Worse yet, they watched the national debt skyrocket thanks to dozens of irresponsible shysters in D.C. For eight solid years, everyone they know has been miserable and there has been no hope and no compelling or awe-inspiring change. 

Who would want to deal with all that when you never got to see a man on the moon or even Michael Jackson moonwalk at a concert?

Everything millennials have witnessed has made them mistrust the system, and made them particularly unwilling to subject themselves to it. The school districts and their socialist bent haven't helped either. And heaven help them if they had terrible parents. Some of these precious cupcakes are even out there burning flags and protesting anytime something doesn't go their way. Indeed, we can thank the participation trophy for helping to raise a bunch of close-minded sissies. 

As frustrating and ridiculous as it is, we can see why their angst is being manifested, in failing to launch or even with reckless behavior. 

I hope that out of this election of Donald Trump, that millennials, more than anyone, come to find what real hope and change looks like, and that they come to love this country, the flag and the constitution as much as previous generations do.

Donald Trump is right about one thing. It is time to make America great again.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Said I wouldn't do it. Pouted, kicked, screamed, stomped my feet, gnashed my teeth, and it was quite literally a last second decision as I looked at the ballot and the SCOTUS faces streamed before me. I decided to take one on the chin for the party because I am a team player. I stood at the polls with a clip on my nose and did what was necessary to stop Hillary. Now go vote!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pete Sessions Apartmenties

Well isn't that precious. Pete Sessions sold his old townhouse on Thomas Court in Dallas County and moved yet again, this time to 2848 Woodside Street in Dallas. Seems he changes his Texas residence like he changed his wife. Yikes!

I published my initial blog post on Pete Sessions in 2014 pointing out how a professional politician claimed he was living in a dive of a rented apartment in Texas just to tick the residency box. In Pete Sessions Homies where we got a rather comical look at his patio plunger. Pretty apt considering how full of it he is. Oh yes, I was blasted by his virtual ruffians, claiming he couldn't afford much more, considering an apartment he has to keep in D.C. and all. Poor baby.

Turns out he doesn't exactly like when someone points out inconsistencies in his Texas residency story because he quickly emptied big bucks from his wallet, you know, the ones his groupies claimed he didn't have, to move from that rented apartment to a purchased townhouse.

Last year I published a blog post on the numerous homes he and his wife Karen held, in Sessions Home Boy. I'm wondering if the twits forming a personal barrier around him want to run that affordability claim up the flagpole once more? He since sold the Colorado property, but yup, she still owns her home in Florida.

Earlier this year I highlighted the fact that his townhouse had no homestead exemption in Pete Sessions The Florida Homsteader. Priceless for someone who vowed to represent those in the district he allegedly lives in.

Suddenly Sessions packed up and moved on so that homestead could not be determined during this election. Gee, go figure.

Check out his new digs here.

Dallas Central Appraisal District

Amazing what Sessions will do to persuade people that he lives in Texas when in reality, he lives in Florida at his wife's condo in Winter Park. Guess he reads my blog, eh?

Saturday, October 8, 2016

What a Difference a Day Makes: Why I retract my statement on voting for Trump

If you are like me, you are sickened by the recent tape released of Donald Trump talking about women in vulgar ways. LANGUAGE WARNING IN VIDEO.

It's like listening to a 15-year-old pubescent teen beating his chest in bravado, while pretending to all the other high school guys that he bedded one of the cheerleaders. This is not the talk of someone in their 50s. It's juvenile and amplifies his true self. As a grown man, the fact that he even thinks these things about women and verbalizes them to others without any compunction whatsoever, should frighten everyone.

Even Senator Mike Lee released a video statement asking for Trump to step aside and let the GOP deal with selecting a reasonable candidate to take his place.

In a recorded apology from Trump, his first inclination is to nanny boo all over Bill Clinton's past abusive behavior as justification for having uttered such things, and a reason he should be forgiven. Oh, I see. Just transfer the blame and move on. That may work for the simpletons that voted for this man to begin with, but that doesn't work for principled people.

I honestly don't know what to tell you, dear readers. I would advise you to select your candidate based upon your principles, and because of this I can no longer even consider voting for Donald Trump. I certainly won't vote for Hillary Clinton.

In this case, I feel I have to retract my previous statements about voting for Trump and do a write-in instead. As a conservative, what other option am I left with?

The only reasonable way for the GOP to move ahead is as Lee said, and that is with Trump stepping aside. But we know this will not happen because of the sheer arrogance of this idiot.

I hope the people who voted for Trump in the primaries are happy with themselves because there is no way Trump will win now. None. Any idiot can see there will be scores of conservatives who cannot and will not vote for him.

If the GOP wasn't dead already, clearly it is now.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Another Wylie Football Player Falls From Grace

Photo credit: Alan Doster,  USA TODAY Sports

This time former Pirate Nikita Whitlock is the focus of bad behavior, with his suspension from the Giants, for performance enhancing drugs (PED). As we saw from my blog post on former Raider CJ Pierson's multiple misdemeanor arrests, Wylie football players are not immune from making poor choices.

According to a NJ.com article by James Kratch, this PED suspension results in Nikita sitting out for 10 games, unpaid (his 2016 $525,000 salary) and shunned from contact with the Giants. According to the rules, the 10 game suspension means this is his second offence. His first was a four game suspension last year, and if he is caught again, he will receive a two season suspension.

Too bad a stellar football player feels the need to take PEDs. What a waste of talent, but I suspect in this day of hyper-competitiveness, some athletes feel they need an edge.