Clinton's Charity Banks Bundles During Uranium Deal

What does Hillary Clinton's foundation have to do with Russian nuclear corruption and a racketeering scheme, complete with money laundering, bribery and extortion?

Dating as far back as 2009, the FBI knew Putin's energy business was benefiting as the the Russians compromised commerce and began an extortion scheme in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act while infiltrating the highest levels of US government and compromising our national security.

During this time, Bill Clinton doubled his speaking fees to $500K to the Russians and the Clinton Foundation received $145+ million dollars in Russian donations from nuclear officials while Hillary and then Attorney General Eric Holder served on the Obama Administration's Committee of Foreign Investment, which gave a nod of approval for Obama's Uranium One sale to a Russian-held entity. 

Let me repeat, the FBI knew about the Russian nuclear expansion inside the US since 2009 and the highest level of government officials in the Obama administration hid this information while they allowed Putin to navigate the entire scheme from within the US. 

Conveniently, none of this racketeering evidence was aired before the Obama administration approved the sale of 20% of America's uranium to the Russians, placing it under Putin's control. We can thank the Obama administration, Holder and the  Department of Justice for undermining national security as they withheld the Russian corruption scheme while the controversial Uranium One deal was being approved.

Why haven't we heard about any of this before? The mainstream media remains eerily silent as they point out squirrels to their followers who are not known for much in the way of intellect or naturally inquisitive predispositions. And a quick Google search shows the usual liberal suspects having rejected Trump's claims of Clinton's involvement for months. Meanwhile, it's not difficult to see why the Democrats have been hyper focused on trying to place President Donald Trump in the middle of Russian involvement in the election process, of which there is no evidence. 

Say what you will about Trump, aren't you thankful that the coagulation of evil Hillary Clinton did not win the presidency, bringing her despicable brand of corruption to the oval office?

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Hollywood Wein-ing

Harvey Weinstein. Now there's a name that will make you roll your eyes in disgust.

What is it with these liberal Democrat men with last names that start with Wein, who just love to play with their, um, weiners? All I can think of is that the name must affect proclivity at some sort of subconscious level.

First, there was Anthony Weiner, who was married to Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's Deputy Chief of Staff and more recently Vice Chair for her campaign. He could not seem to stop himself from sexting with anyone sordid enough to accompany his imperialist wet dream. Last month he was sentenced to 21 months in jail for sexting with a minor. One can only hope he becomes someone's personal pole dancer while serving his time.

If you think Weiner was bad, he's just the monkey to Weinstein's organ grinder. Apparently, there is no end to this man's charms as he's been accused of sexually harassing and assaulting women for decades.

Once the crazy train left the station, some big names in Hollywood are finally coming out with complaints for being "Harvyed". In fact, he is so well known for teasing the trousers down around Hollywood, that they named it.

Though these women are being hailed as heroes, I cannot help but think they are part of the creation of such a narcissistic, misogynistic douche bag, by ignoring the behavior in favor of the starlet climb. Oh yes, lets applaud their efforts, it only took some of them them 20 years to grow a pair.

Turns out, there is just no end to what some women will subject themselves to in order to get their name to roll in the credits, and it has only now become a source of contention for them, after it is safe to put on a conscience.

Ah yes, liberal women. You know, the ones who walk around with pussy hats on, doused in blood and claiming the moving creature in their womb isn't really alive until it moves out of the vaginal canal. The ones who pitch a fit because Trump was overzealous in his verbal appreciation of women. Even the one who ignored her philandering presidential husband who was molesting a young intern in the oval office, among others, yet exclaims in the harshest of terms that Weinstein is the Devil himself. Yes, them, the morally ambiguous.

Clearly I feel no pity for these women. Why? Because here in the real world where people actually have to work for a living, many of our youth view them as role models. When crap like this comes out, it's truly pathetic to see the reality of liberalism.

So after dozens of women have suddenly found a value system, what is Weinstein's  response? The Democrat mega-donor for Hillary Clinton's campaign has conjured up an act of contrition that channels liberal angst towards the NRA and President Donald Trump. Now there's a fine specimen for multiple logical fallacies.

Indeed, Weinstein vows to take the NRA and Trump down, now that he has nothing but time on his hands. Hollywood's liberals actually think the answer to all of their bad behavior is blaming the right. Oh brother. Let's face it. The man is emotionally colorblind. 

So in the coming days, while Weinstein totes himself off to a country club rehab, we'll get to hear more pearls of wisdom from him as to why the right are at fault for all the evils in liberal Hollywood. Get your popcorn ready for more Hollywood make-believe.

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Proposed Corridor Plows Through Lake Lavon

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, the land grabbers are at it again. This time, they want to put an eight-lane highway rip-roaring over Lake Lavon, and it has the "No Bridge" folks off their laurels for a third time in a decade.

That's right, the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) are at it again and the body of bullies has banded together to push through yet another lake-destroying idea. Who comes up with this stuff, anyway? Seriously, it's getting rather tedious.

The NCTCOG, or as I like to call them, the North Central Texas Collusion of Gangstas, is attempting to foist a lake corridor transportation plan on the area, seemingly because they can.

To combat them, an active citizen group has resurfaced, which was effective in their "No Bridge" fight in 2010, and abolished the Blackland Tollroad a scant few years ago in 2013. Yet, here we are again, you could almost set your watch by it.

Some citizens have written to Mayor Eric Hogue about the proposed Lake Corridor. Here is his response as posted on the Save Lake Lavon - NO LAKE CORRIDOR Facebook page:
The Wylie City Council has NOT voted on any roadway plans. All we have done is a resolution stating we support the need to look at future traffic needs in Collin specific roads.
There is a study underway by the North Central Texas Council of Government (NCTCOG) called the Collin County Strategic Roadway Plan that is looking at transportation needs for the entire County. The study is looking at ALL future growth in the County as well as both existing and future transportation challenges going both North/South and East/West. There are many, many different solutions being analyzed, but NO RECOMMENDATIONS or DECISIONS have been made regarding size, capacity or location.

The City is staying involved and keeping a close eye on the discussions to ensure that
NCTCOG Proposed Lake Corridor
Wylie’s best interests are protected. We have been clear that we would not support anything that might bisect our community, but with all the growth coming to the county in the next 20 years, we do have to look at our options for our potential transportation needs (proposed growth is a population in Collin County of over 3 million people…today the county has less than 1 million).

There are all sorts of rumors out there and someone is trying to scare the public that we are going to put a road right through people's backyards. Please know the city council has not even seen any details on any actual roads, only lines on a map with traffic counts. And the "favor" you may be seeing from NCTCOG paperwork are notes that simply state that the city staff recognizes the need to explore potential north/south and east/west options with the proposed growth.

This is going to be a long process in which the cities, the county and the state will be involved. This is just a first step to look at where the traffic is flowing.

Eric Hogue, Mayor

Here is another sage response from the "enterprise" that is Eric Hogue, this time on Twitter.

To be honest, he seems a little snippy, while he plays the semantics game. It's a shame he didn't take the opportunity to show he cares about the homeowners in the area who have watched lines on a paper sway back and forth like a pendulum. Instead, his piqued response is to point fingers at the group, claiming someone is fear-mongering and that they a bit premature in their concern.

That probably explains the sentiment on the Facebook page, where they aren't buying Hogue's response, some even finding it a tad "peculiar".

Poor Hogue, he gets a little huffy when his authority is challenged, so I suppose he felt the need to point fingers at what he deemed are "rumormongers" instead of actively looking into the matter that is concerning his constituents. Old habits are evidently hard to break. I only wish someone at city hall would take citizen concerns seriously, and at least put a work session on the agenda, so people can feel heard.

Then again, this is the same mayor who sat fat and happy at city hall, rubber stamping the excruciating tax and spend that went on over the past four years, while homeowners' wallets were physically assaulted.

I said it before, they had seven cents they could give back to taxpayers, and for years they feigned impossibility, with a back of hand to forehead for dramatic effect. So while the know-it-alls sitting on council poo-pooed us for four years, claiming taxpayers, "Don't know what they are talking about," in the end, they were forced to lower the rate. We were right.

Ah yes,but that was a separate group of protesters. Now Hogue has a different set to deal with, and I gotta tell ya, he's not handling it very well thus far.

Still, if you think Hogue is in the mood to do us a favor, you would be sadly mistaken. Wylie is still the highest taxed city in all of Collin County, even with the near seven cent decrease. My take on the Lake Corridor issue is that he will sit on it as long as possible, because he really cannot afford another black mark on his legacy, with the high tax rate being the first deeply-carved notch. Imagine what a highway over the lake would etch for him.

One must wonder, who exactly benefits from transporting goods, and the eventual tolling of what should be free roads, 'cuz you know that will happen if they build this thing. They were behind the successful tolling of formerly free 75, with an HOV lane instead of alleviating traffic. Oh yes, they want you to pay for it.

Even the NCTCOGs 2040 projects do not show any compelling need for the Lake Corridor in this area. So, who is benefiting offering up Lake Lavon as a sacrificial lamb?

I asked just that, and the NCTCOG master of knowledge, Ann Lieber who has been watch-dogging the NCTCOG, Collin County Commissioners Court and toll roads in the area for as long as I can recall replied, "boards and councils of appointees." Yes, member cities, their board members, council members and their employers, benefit by trucking as much crap through the area as quickly as possible. These roads are not being planned for the altruistic purpose of helping people get to and from work easier. Please.

The issue here is the COG, which has no official authority or government capacity, whatsoever. They are just a bunch of member cities pushing policies that ultimately benefit themselves.

So if a corridor through the lake is not needed, according to NCTCOGs own long-term plans, why are they pushing this issue instead of fixing what is already there? In fact, why is their first inclination to public domain people's property and put up a toll-road, like the Blackland Corridor we fought and won a couple years ago?

Follow the money trail, which is sure to unfold as we watch a rather active and organized group go up against the artificially conflated authority of the NCTCOG.