Hollywood Eats Their Own

Another day, another dried, leathery, cobweb encrusted inappropriate behavior allegation. This time, the Democrat National Committee (DNC) is trying their hand at it.

Not only did liberals realize they could attack each other in Hollywood to help revive interest in their careers, but the DNC has taken it a step further by using it to attack republicans, in the hope of taking back the White House.

Turns out our new online normal is to hurl sexual assault accusations dimmed by decades. This new tactic is very useful for the conscienceless because it is nearly impossible to prove or disprove. Also, the more grotesque the accusation, the more of an added bonus. Everywhere I look I see the ick factor and all those little Judgy-Joes.

That's right, anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account can sit, trail judge and jury over just about anything. There is no longer due process for anyone in this country. Instead, everyone is placed under the court of public social media opinion, and found guilty as hell.

As if that isn't bad enough, top that off with those obnoxious people who deem you as victim-shaming if you dare question why a person waits decades before growing a conscience. Heavens above, you have no right to be blaming those poor victims. They are about as obnoxious as the ones who complain you are slut-shaming a woman who bares all or poses provocatively, and then complains about misogyny. Shut up, already.

Except, who exactly is the victim here? Who is lying? Oh yes, your best friend's mother remembers you crying one day 32 years ago, so you must have been mistreated by someone. Are we really that dainty - so dainty that we cannot dare to speak of the unspeakable for 32 years. I'm not buying it.

It should come as no surprise that I have zero tolerance for any of this nonsense. Hey, I was once a young, attractive woman. I know what pigs both men and women can be. But you know what? I never once thought about sleeping with someone or allowing them to touch me to better my position or to get a coveted job. If anything untoward was even hinted at, I walked. It's called freedom of choice, something people make all the time. Choice.

Everything is a choice. Sure, we reserve the right to change our minds. We can also reject our past behavior. But everything is a choice, good, bad or indifferent.

So to all of these adult stars and self-proclaimed important people who just now suddenly decide they've grown a conscience, decades after their "alleged" molestation, I say - you're an idiot.

Clearly, humans are flawed.

What we are seeing is a me-too, me-too, look-at-me response out of Hollywood. Right? Like the stupidity of the pussy-hat, feminazi crowd who applaud their carbonized steel lady bits and pieces, and then turn into dribbling twits over their "experiences" with Harvey Weinstein and the like. Please.

There is no new news here, folks. These people have known about, allowed and even participated in the a-moral society that is Hollywood, all paying the price for that coveted flit across our television or movie screen. They knew what Hollywood was like before they got into it, and they went willingly. I don't feel sorry for them one bit. And if you want to tsk, tsk, tsk me, and say I am victim shaming them, just STFU. These people aren't victims, they willingly chose the lifestyle they have been leading and they chose not to report something that happened, often many years ago. The chickens are coming home to roost.

You know, if the job you want is so fricking wonderful, you shouldn't have to erode your values to get it. If you made crappy choices, that put you in crappy positions and made you feel like crap for years, you're an idiot. If you are so precious that some pig asking you to go to bed makes your knees quivery and your head swoon 15 years later, you're an idiot.

You're an idiot because you made the conscious choice to chase after a notoriously amoral industry in the hopes of fame and fortune, suddenly jumping on the crazy train of the other crazy's trying to purge their dark souls, poor choices and rekindle flagging careers. Why else would you socially flame someone decades later?

Granted, there are those children who were violated, and I feel terribly sad for them because nobody was around to protect their innocence, least of all their parents. These people aren't right and they need help to work through their issues. Nobody should end their life because they cannot handle what was done to them when they were a vulnerable child. They are a different story, but I will say this -  claims made decades later are clearly designed to ruin careers, not make them feel better. What they need is help.

We already know that social media connectivity and globalism can bring great evil with it, as well as great joy. I predict that the social audience will continue to rat each other out, and the mistakes made years gone will be made public to an audience hangry to watch the downfall of others. Ultimately, the publics will  handily try and convict everyone that has ever made a mistake, because they can. Worse yet, because social media gang-banging makes it fun.

Social media may have brought the world together and made it seem smaller, but it also highlights how inherently evil people can be.

My hope is that this new plugged-in world will not remain marred by negativity forever. As they say, it is always darkest before the dawn. My prayer is that people recognize God and return to Him, and realize that this wonderful interconnected invention called social media, should one day be used only for good. Until then, we have to suffer through our senses being assaulted by irresponsible people with an agenda.

Image: FOX

The GOP isn't Fracturing - Conservatives are Draining the Swamp

I think it is fair to say that I have effected conservative change in Wylie over the past eight years as a leader in the grassroots conservative movement.

During that time, I advanced basic constitutional principles through this blog, through activities and meetings, in event sponsorship, by drumming up conservative campaign volunteers, offering support and endorsements for candidates and through my social media activity.

To say that I am a conservative grassroots leader in Wylie, is not empty hyperbole. Who else can say they helped a conservative candidate beat out establishyster Rep Pete Sessions in the Wylie, Collin County slice of CD32, with little backing and almost no money? Nobody. That's the definition of grassroots.

Yet there are some GOP card-carrying members who mistakenly think they are "grassroots", when in actuality, that's an oxymoron.

Signing on as a dedicated GOP member and merely sitting on a board or commission is the antithesis of grassroots. Grassroots means pushing little-known candidates up from the roots, with little in the way of money or name-dropping endorsements, and helping them move into positions held by high-level career politicians that only pretend to support constituents. Those people are called establishment and in Wylie, they routinely support Sessions, a twenty-year professional politician.

The cognitive dissonance alone, makes it very unlikely a grassroots individual would vote for an establishment candidate in a primary.

While I worked on Katrina Pierson's campaign against Sessions, some people told me they could never vote for her because of her background. Sure, she pissed me off in the end, by lying to me about her background. But, I dare say her history is not as crappy as Sessions'. I mean, the man left a decades-long wife and disabled child to marry his political concubine from Florida. It was a disgusting display of the stereotypical old man tossing away his wife, for a young, hot fling between the sheets.

Let's face it, Sessions couldn't keep his pants zipped and made serious life decisions by leading with his mini-me.

Pierson shoplifted when she was 20. She lied to her campaign team. She crawled her way into President Donald Trump's campaign through less than noble means. In the general scheme of things, I would be less concerned about electing a questionable newby and then quickly removing her, than I am about reelecting the same damned questionable douchebag.

No, really. Let's not forget Sessions' hypocritical votes in DC, claiming in town hall meetings, time and again, that he wanted to defund planned parenthood. Instead he voted to fund it multiple times, without any compunction whatsoever.

Lie for lie, Sessions' lies far outweighed Pierson's, and his lies negatively affect far more people than hers ever could. Setting aside my annoyance over what I believe to be her utter juvenile, egocentric stupidity, I am positive that we would be entirely better off in CD32 had she won, regardless of her behavior.

Those GOP members who did not vote for her because of her background showed they are anything but "grassroots".  If she decided to run against Sessions tomorrow, she would have my support and vote again.  That's how bad Sessions is for us in Wylie.

Pete Sessions accepting a "CD32" jersey
 from Orlando Magic
Sessions' game nearly two years ago, concocted with the sinister help of our Mayor Eric Hogue, getting the EPA to pay for cleanup of Wylie's Superfund site, was a smoke and mirrors routine to help him get reelected. Nothing more.

You see, Ole' RePete lost Collin County and Wylie to Pierson in 2012, so out of spite he pledged eternal friendship with our mayor.

In fact, the hypocrite paid no mind to Wylie at all, that is until one blogger started shining a blinding spotlight on his true colors, like the fact he only pretends to live in Dallas when he and his wife actually live in Florida.

Any congressman worth their salt should have helped us with the Superfund site cleanup. Any city would have done their job by asking for that help. It has been made out to be some great feat around Wylie, but it was really just people doing the jobs they were elected to do.

Still, our mayor was ecstatic to ingratiate himself with Sessions in order to get a little comeuppance toward his own little "magic as an artform" endeavors, as Uncle Pete dragged himself to Wylie with tail between his legs. We owe Sessions nothing.

Speaking of Sessions, who is up for a reelection that would push him well over two decades in office, there are a multitude of campaigns just starting up that will greatly affect the people in Wylie.

While it does not affect our area directly, indirectly the replacement for Speaker Joe Straus does. I readily admit that I am jubilant Straus is not going to seek reelection. That said, we must remain vigilant that one of his carefully groomed pals is not thrust in as his replacement. Interestingly, Texas Democrats were singing his praises and saddened that he has decided not to run again. That should tell people everything they need to know about Straus and his handmaidens.

Closer to home, I am jubilant that Jodie Laubenberg will not be running again for her seat in the house, because of her pledge of eternal support for Straus, against her largest supporter's wishes.

As we were called to her side a couple years ago, because we were upset she was going to support Straus instead of the formidable opponent in Scott Turner, it was a real slap in our faces when she told us, "I know better".

Turns out, she didn't know better and her long history of super-conservative stances was mired by it.

We watched her sit idly by in Austin, immobilized by Straus, who did not forget her previous vote against him for Ken Paxton in 2010. Straus is the reason we have little in the way of property tax alleviation, along with those complicit in his support, including Laubenberg.  

In DC, it is critical that we reelect Sen Ted Cruz. The man has done more than anyone else to lead us toward reconciling ourselves with constitutional principles. Enough said.

What can we do to protect our vote as conservatives?

Again, we must remain vigilant. There is much establishment mutton dressed as conservative lamb out there.

  • We should get to know our candidates, ask them the hard questions and make sure they understand that we are watching them and will hold them accountable
  • We must reject the idea of being single-issue voters
  • We must ensure Cruz wins his Senate reelection
  • We must support any conservative that runs against Sessions
  • We must ensure we select a true conservative to replace Laubenberg
To begin the vetting process, a candidate has announced plans to run for Laubenberg's Texas house seat. Her name is Candy Noble and she has the endorsement of prominent conservative Republicans including State Rep Matt Shaheen and former State Rep Scott Turner. 

I have seen some endorsements for her of those I consider woefully establishment, who punt the "grassroots" term around when describing themselves, yet she seems to have some strong conservative tenancies. 

Liberals like Hillary Clinton like to play focus on the GOP as "splitting" and "fracturing". I've heard her words replayed ad naseum on Sean Hannity's radio show. Statements like these are simply logical fallacies used to take people's minds off what is really happening - we are draining the swamp.

Conservatives are creating a whirlpool in the GOP and the establishment links are being slung out through centrifugal force. Provided we keep it up, we will indeed drain the swamp.

Still, with all of the critical seats that are up for grabs, we cannot afford to make a mistake so we must thoroughly vet our candidates. Or as Reagan said, "Trust, but verify."

Image: “Water down the Drain “© David Blackwell This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  

Clinton's Charity Banks Bundles During Uranium Deal

What does Hillary Clinton's foundation have to do with Russian nuclear corruption and a racketeering scheme, complete with money laundering, bribery and extortion?

Dating as far back as 2009, the FBI knew Putin's energy business was benefiting as the the Russians compromised commerce and began an extortion scheme in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act while infiltrating the highest levels of US government and compromising our national security.

During this time, Bill Clinton doubled his speaking fees to $500K to the Russians and the Clinton Foundation received $145+ million dollars in Russian donations from nuclear officials while Hillary and then Attorney General Eric Holder served on the Obama Administration's Committee of Foreign Investment, which gave a nod of approval for Obama's Uranium One sale to a Russian-held entity. 

Let me repeat, the FBI knew about the Russian nuclear expansion inside the US since 2009 and the highest level of government officials in the Obama administration hid this information while they allowed Putin to navigate the entire scheme from within the US. 

Conveniently, none of this racketeering evidence was aired before the Obama administration approved the sale of 20% of America's uranium to the Russians, placing it under Putin's control. We can thank the Obama administration, Holder and the  Department of Justice for undermining national security as they withheld the Russian corruption scheme while the controversial Uranium One deal was being approved.

Why haven't we heard about any of this before? The mainstream media remains eerily silent as they point out squirrels to their followers who are not known for much in the way of intellect or naturally inquisitive predispositions. And a quick Google search shows the usual liberal suspects having rejected Trump's claims of Clinton's involvement for months. Meanwhile, it's not difficult to see why the Democrats have been hyper focused on trying to place President Donald Trump in the middle of Russian involvement in the election process, of which there is no evidence. 

Say what you will about Trump, aren't you thankful that the coagulation of evil Hillary Clinton did not win the presidency, bringing her despicable brand of corruption to the oval office?

Image credit: Life.ru