Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Katrina Pierson Walk of Twitter Shame

Katrina Pierson on congressional campaign trail in Sache during bid against Pete Sessions September 2013
My blog post Spilling the Beans on Katrina Pierson is getting a healthy bounce once again. Then again, it didn't hurt that I piled on a bit during the well-earned Democrat rant against her on Twitter.

Turns out Pierson blamed the death of Captain Humayan Khan on Obama and Clinton during her CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer, except the good Captain died in 2004 before Obama was even a senator and Hillary was just a wee bit of a NY senator.

As Katrina Pierson takes the Twitter walk of shame, her lack of poli-sci education becomes glaringly obvious. Then again, as a biology major, I doubt she spent much time focusing on history either.


Pierson was trending at the top of Twitter last night with the help of a lot of Democrats who have an abundance of time on their hands creating some very entertaining memes. The hashtag #KatrinaPiersonHistory lit up like a Christmas tree. This morning, Facebook finally caught up and she's trending once again. There's nothing like trending on social media, and not in a good way.

I actually feel sorry for her. She is completely out of her depth on the Trump campaign. In reality, the hand-glove fit for Trump is her mountain lion growl and alligator death spin, to his intellectual infant.

The fact is, I really liked her when we were friends and I worked side by side with her on grassroots activities in the Dallas area. She was incredible to work with on her congressional campaign against Pete Sessions in 2014 as well. Talk about responsive, there was nothing I asked of her that she did not do, until she lost and decided she didn't need us anymore. She really had a way of grabbing your attention with her knowledge about local and state politics and so many people were enthralled with her to the point that I was able to help her win Collin County, though our slice of the pie wasn't enough to help her win Dallas County.

Still, the divide between the team and her started when she lied to us, claiming she had no history we needed to worry about. The lies eventually come full circle. When you lie to your campaign team, and the dirt comes out, your integrity comes into question.

Then she started dabbling in national politics, obviously because she felt she had the knowledge and looks to make it on mainstream media. She moved on from her failed congressional run against Pete Sessions and climbed the news circuit ladder. Now I only see a vacant shell of what was once there and it makes me sad.

It's not like we don't forgive people for making gaffes like the one she made, it's that we don't forgive when there has been a history of dishonesty. Pierson's spin-o-rama this past year seems to be the catalyst for this flaming fall from the sky.

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On Twitter Pierson is being spoofed as claiming Obama and Clinton caused the crashing of the Hindenburg, sinking the Titanic, extinction of dinosaurs, and, well, you get the idea. Kind of hurts my eyeballs on her behalf.


Still, the mom in me wants to give her a hug and tell her everything will be alright. This is the result of fame and stepping out there. Your mistakes are amplified and there are always people standing in the wings, waiting to toss a pie or two at you.

When her 15 minutes of fame are over, I am sure she'll wind up on her feet. It's what cats do.