Friday, September 16, 2016

Spilling the Beans on Katrina Pierson - Part Two

Photo credit: CNN
What a scowl. Despite the $10K+ she's being paid monthly by Donald Trump's campaign to be his national spokesperson, turns out Katrina Pierson doesn't appear to have much to smile about these days.

Public record: FEC Report Donald Trump/Mike Pence

As if my previous Spilling the Beans on Katrina Pierson and The Texas Shrew blog posts weren't enough to leave you in a perpetual state of WTH, wait, there's more.

While posing in her Ivanka Trump dress on Twitter, and comparing herself to Rand Paul's wife in the same dress back in May 2015, it looks like her apple wasn't falling very far from that tree.

The story begins in 2012.

For one reason or another, Pierson yanked her son from Garland High School. She told me that he wanted to play football so she moved him to Wylie East High School, where she said her ex-husband lived at the time.

Public domain photo published on Be Recruited: Academic Achievement
She would cheer at his games here in Wylie, and even update her Facebook profile with photos of him playing on the field.

Public domain profile published on Be Recruited

Public domain photo published on Be Recruited: Wylie East Raiders football jersey 
Shortly after her failed congressional race and her incessant need to be in the spotlight while touring the news talk shows, her son was getting arrested for criminal trespass.

Arrest 1
May 28, 2015
Public record: Dallas County Criminal Court records
Then there is the vehicle burglary in Collin County, but the Trump campaign had already called in November.

Katrina has spent her time standing on stages, smiling prettily, or flashing that plastic smile in concert with the phony FOX and CNN news show hosts she sidled up to.

Arrest 2
December 22, 2015

Public record:

Public record: Collin County Criminal Court records
Of course it continues, and there is yet another arrest for burglary of a vehicle, this time in Dallas County just as Trump's campaign begins to ramp up.

Arrest 3
June 11, 2016
Public record: Dallas County Criminal Court records
I couldn't complete the full list without the most recent burglary of a vehicle arrest.

Arrest 4
July 28, 2016
Public record:

Public record: Dallas County Criminal Court records
 Let's also not forget a couple of possession charges as well, just for good measure.

Public record: Dallas County Criminal Court records

Dallas Morning News Image
from Forney High School Yearbook
It's all so dizzying, isn't it? However, I actually feel sorry for him. Poor kid.

How would you like to have your mother's face all over the television and her attention fixated on Donald Trump's campaign?

Truth is, the apple didn't fall all that far from the tree because baby momma was arrested back in 1997 for shoplifting with her seven-month-old little boy in tow.

We can thank Pete Sessions' campaign for sharing those details far and wide when she ran for Congress against him in 2014.

Public record image: Katrina (Shaddix) Pierson