Saturday, October 8, 2016

What a Difference a Day Makes: Why I retract my statement on voting for Trump

If you are like me, you are sickened by the recent tape released of Donald Trump talking about women in vulgar ways. LANGUAGE WARNING IN VIDEO.

It's like listening to a 15-year-old pubescent teen beating his chest in bravado, while pretending to all the other high school guys that he bedded one of the cheerleaders. This is not the talk of someone in their 50s. It's juvenile and amplifies his true self. As a grown man, the fact that he even thinks these things about women and verbalizes them to others without any compunction whatsoever, should frighten everyone.

Even Senator Mike Lee released a video statement asking for Trump to step aside and let the GOP deal with selecting a reasonable candidate to take his place.

In a recorded apology from Trump, his first inclination is to nanny boo all over Bill Clinton's past abusive behavior as justification for having uttered such things, and a reason he should be forgiven. Oh, I see. Just transfer the blame and move on. That may work for the simpletons that voted for this man to begin with, but that doesn't work for principled people.

I honestly don't know what to tell you, dear readers. I would advise you to select your candidate based upon your principles, and because of this I can no longer even consider voting for Donald Trump. I certainly won't vote for Hillary Clinton.

In this case, I feel I have to retract my previous statements about voting for Trump and do a write-in instead. As a conservative, what other option am I left with?

The only reasonable way for the GOP to move ahead is as Lee said, and that is with Trump stepping aside. But we know this will not happen because of the sheer arrogance of this idiot.

I hope the people who voted for Trump in the primaries are happy with themselves because there is no way Trump will win now. None. Any idiot can see there will be scores of conservatives who cannot and will not vote for him.

If the GOP wasn't dead already, clearly it is now.