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Exercising Civility

I know my writing can carry a bite sometimes. For those who have cringed at some of my blistering handiwork, it's probably difficult to imagine that I'm actually quite polite in person. My friends have all realized that it's just the way I write my blog. It's not personal.

When I write, it's easier for me to remove unnecessary emotion in order to get to the meat of things. It's like eating rabbit and not thinking about a cute, cuddly animal with whiskers and floppy ears. Do you focus on the face of whatever meat you are eating? Sometimes it's just better not to.

When I write, for example, that snowflakes lying in the fetal position, sucking their thumbs at UC Berkeley are are just plain stupid, I'm not really providing any new information here. Mature adults already know it is. I'm just verbally walloping the morons, who needed a good smack on the backside when they were squalid brats, playing with their Barbies or Legos. Spare the rod, spoil the child, and all that.

This is not to say I call people fat or ugly; I would honestly be more predisposed to self-deprecate in that department. The fact is, I find all people beautiful and interesting until an ugly soul oozes out of them. Like Miley Cyrus. Now there's someone that started oozing black puss a handful of years ago.

With the advent of new media, there's something truly liberating about being able to say what's really on your mind. When someone is a virtual and literal ass, it can feel good to give them the what-for. Except, does it really? Maybe we only revel in the instant gratification, but it hasn't removed the anger from us which continues to eat away at our soul.

Still, I actually miss the days of biting our tongue. In doing so, it meant that we actually had to exercise civility; plain ole' get over it; move along cupcake; grow up; stop being a damned crybaby.

I think we have learned, over time, that we can somehow change how unfair life is by letting things fester until they explode colors, instead of putting on our big-kid pants, forgiving and forgetting. As a society, we have moved way beyond civility.

The new "thing" appears to be micro-boycotting everything, and it started with social media.

What do we do when we dislike something one of our Facebook friends has said, supports or believes in? We unfriend them. In doing so, we secretly hope they will recognize our moral superiority in the virtual shunning.

It's not civil. The civil thing would be to actually do some adulting; that is to speak with them if they are hurting us. But is someone's opinion really hurting us, or are we just being sissies about everything?

If all else fails, we can simply stop following them. I've stopped following a bunch of people from my high school days. Their views, language and humor aren't exactly my cuppa, but if I needed something from them, they would be there for me in a heartbeat. They are my people. We grew up together. It is insulting to toss away others for their thoughts, unless they are hurting us in some way.

Nowadays, when public figures don't like something, they flex their egotistical muscle in protest, by withholding their presence. Such as New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady who is skipping a visit to the White House along with a handful of other D-bags who don't like Trump. They are micro-boycotting President Donald Trump by withholding their person from him. How stupid is that.

Oh yes, his excuse is "family matters", but it isn't as if we can believe that crap anymore, particularly when too many Patriots are skipping to make it excusable. In my opinion, the selfish behavior of public figures has become more embarrassing than Trump's past juvenile behavior. They are supposed to be setting an example of acceptable behavior for their fans, not rolling in the mud.

To me, this speaks more about the lack of quality in their character, than it does about Trump's. It takes a mature person to be civil to someone they disagree with or don't like. In fact, civility is really just a muscle that we need to exercise more. The more civil you are, the more you walk in the grace of God.

I would never snub someone by walking by and pretending they aren't there, even if I don't care for that person or what they stand for. I can't stand our Representative Pete Sessions, but were I to be invited to his office to meet with him, I certainly wouldn't skip it to prove some point to myself. The point would certainly be lost on him because he isn't going to change what he's doing just for me. I'm pretty sure I cannot count him as a fan of mine, but he certainly doesn't ignore me. He takes my questions at Town Halls, and there has even been discourse. We exercise civility.

This is much unlike the throngs of sobbing college students who have been using the media to wheedle Trump, and doing so because civility is a lost art on them. Instead of acting like educated, mature adults, they fall to the ground and flail about like willful two-year-old children.

Unfortunately, this practice seems to be a liberal trait, where id is stroked to climax by enablers such as weak parents who are afraid to adult, weak media that have an agenda and evil forces working to fundamentally strip morals and values from our society.

New media has made it easy to be uncivil and technology has aided and abetted this by allowing people to hide behind a screen. Sadly, it's just easier than exercising our atrophied civility muscles.

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Dropping the Bomb

This week President Donald Trump approved dropping the GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Air Blast (MOAB), or better known to civilians as the Mother Of All Bombs, on ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan.

For those of us who watched terrorist attacks and Christian beheadings with horror, it's about damned time somebody grew a pair.  Ya think?

While ISIS was fortified by a girly Obama, who stood wringing his hands and playing pretends, they will not be so lucky with Trump. There is no place in this world for an Arab Caliphate, tossing gays off of buildings, burning women alive in cages or stonings and beheadings.

More important, there is no place for beading innocent children.

With this bomb, Trump appears to shout to the world that the days of ISIS running amok are done. They've been fired.

Despite the MOABs success in destroying an active installation, not everyone is pleased with the outcome. Not surprising, mainstream media is taking measures to solidify their anti-Trump rhetoric, slipping this MOAB into their playbook. The result is an undercurrent of WWIII hyperbole spreading through the web.

For rational and logical people, this is not a lead-in for WWIII. For us, this is a clear, calculated action to show terrorists and bullies that this ain't your Obama administration no more.

Hey mainstream media, here's the 411 on the MOAB, If mamma ain't happy, nobody's happy. Get over it.

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New Befuddled by the Clowns Look

Indeed, you are at the right place. This is still Befuddled by the Clowns.

I have updated the look and feel of the blog because I wanted something a little more hip, and frankly, because a change is as good as a rest.

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Dr. Timothy "Toby" Wallis Endorsement

I met with Dr. Wallis today and after an insightful and enjoyable chat, I have decided to officially endorse him for Wylie City Council Place 5.

What I noticed first about Dr. Wallis is that he feels strongly about creating a better city for all of Wylie's citizens. More important, not once did our discussion ever suggest that he was running to feed a pet project. His goal is to represent all citizens. Period.

One of the issues that held me back from an initial endorsement, is the topic of whether Wallis would be accessible to citizens and council activities due to his busy work schedule. He assured me and provided examples of how he has flexibility in his on-call status as a veterinarian. It is clear that urgent meetings would not pose a significant issue for him, certainly not any more than any other working council member.

Wallis is engaging and smart, and most of all, he is concerned about making the right decision for all citizens of Wylie, not just a micro-group.

Conversely, I have not met with his opponent, Zwege "Ziggy" Kagnew, but the body of evidence as to why he is running is quickly becoming apparent. His social footprint paints a rather vivid picture.

In the video below, there is clearly a lot of rhetoric and outright exaggeration of Ethiopian Americans in the DFW area. The meeting was not inclusive of all voters, as much of it was not even in English. Additionally, he is campaigning with Jack Blackshear, a Democrat who Republican Angie Chen Button defeated for the Texas House last year in Garland. Why campaign in Garland? They don't vote in Wylie elections. This is cause for concern about who exactly comprise his campaign supporters.

It is disturbing that this video provides staggering "us vs. them" rhetoric, and imagine what it says to non-Ethiopian's in Wylie. Rather than take the stance that he is an American first and foremost, Kagnew and his associates appear to be partitioning and organizing themselves for battle.

What strikes me as most unusual is the tactic of setting up voter registration outside of the ENAT grocery store, which is an Ethiopian grocer. Is Kagnew's only focus in running for council, Ethiopians? It sure seems that way.

What's worse, Kagnew's campaign appears to be focused on garnering financial support from the Ethiopian groups to which he belongs in the Dallas area. How is this helpful to all of Wylie's citizens, where political activists outside of Wylie are attempting to effect political change within Wylie? To me, this campaign stance is troubling and shows how he has isolated those he intends to serve. This is pure ethnic activism and it has no place on Wylie city council.

After meeting Dr. Wallis, the choice for City Council Place 5 is a natural one; I am interested in supporting a candidate who's actions and words show he supports all citizens of Wylie, not just those he identifies with most.

Ebony and Ivory Battle for Wylie Council

UPDATE: An endorsement in this campaign has been made. Read about it HERE!

It's election season again, and to be honest, I really hate it this time.

I hate it because there are two candidates running for a seat of which I didn't want the current councilman to give up. But he is giving up for one reason or another, and in May we'll be waving adios to Councilman William Whitney, a strong conservative.

So what do we have to replace him with? Ebony and ivory candidates, and I hate that I have to make assumptions about both of them which may end up sounding more like stereotypes than an unbiased selection process. Despite this, Google usually doesn't disappoint.

Timothy Wallis Facebook
I've tried to reach out to Timothy "Toby" Wallis a couple times to chat with him. He's a veterinarian at Parker Road Veterinary Hospital. I caught him once after a council meeting where he had little time to chat and we exchanged mobile numbers. I've also tried to text him but haven't heard anything back. I probably shouldn't be so hard on him, I mean, the guy has five kids,and most are young, so you know he's got to be busy. Still, I wouldn't have to bother him if he had a website I could locate.

What I do know is that there is relatively little published information about him or his platform, other than a fairly inactive Facebook page. So I have to make assumptions based upon his relatively nonexistent online footprint and the five minutes I spent with him. He is obviously hard to get to know and I cannot help but wonder how accessible he will be to citizens. That said, he has the backing of many of the strong conservatives that I know in Wylie. Well there's that.

Zewge Kagnew Facebook
Then there is Zewge "Ziggy" Kagnew who is running for the same seat. He's all over Facebook and even has his own website, where he outlines his platform and tells us a little about himself. His focus is civic engagement and government transparency, which are those typical feel-good talking points. Ziggy's virtual footprint paints him clearly as an Ethiopian activist first, and a realtor second. There's the KNON 89.3 FM Ethiopian social and political life talk show, a highlight of his campaign in the Ethiobook and the ESFNA Ethiopian community membership. Still, he seems like an active community member who has taken the Wylie Citizen's Police Academy course. He's here, he's there, he's everywhere on the web, and he gets his Ethiopian people to come out and support him.

What I hate about this election is that on one hand, we have a highly educated, white doctor who does not appear to be terribly engaged in the community, and I worry about his responsiveness, and on the other we have an Ethiopian activist and realtor,that makes me wonder if he was even born in the U.S., and who is seemingly very responsive.

Meh.This is why I hate having another ebony and ivory election, because no matter what anyone has to say about either candidate, it sounds ethnocentric or elitist.

To date, I have yet to make up my mind about an endorsement, and it's not looking very promising for tomorrow, either.

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