About Me

Here's the yadda yadda...

I have a BA in communication with emphasis on professional writing, and graduate courses in communication, new media and marketing.

I have also volunteered my time working on political campaigns at the local, state and national level, even co-sponsoring a congressional candidate forum with several area grassroots groups as well as meet and greet efforts for Sen. Ted Cruz's senatorial campaign. More recently, I served as area coordinator on the past two U.S. congressional campaigns against Rep. Pete Sessions.

I was born a GM brat in Detroit, survived the '80s punk rock years and even a mohawk. After holding my best friend's hand at Planned Parenthood during her abortion, I was forever turned into a pro-life activist.

I moved to California and voted the very first time for Ronald Reagan during his second term. It was moments before that vote that I decided I was a Republican for life.

After a five-year stint living among the fruits and nuts in California, I got to Texas as quickly as I could.

I am supermom of two awesome young men, both Texas natives, and I share my husband with two rather domineering Bichon Frise girls who only tolerate me because they have to.

I like to visit the local parks and hike among the birds and wildlife, smear around the charcoal and pastels in my art studio and spend time gardening until I can't fit in any more flowers.

I enjoy blogging in the pajama-laden comfort of my home office, overlooking some of my gardening handiwork.