Workshop Dealio

A little budget workshop miracle occurred tonight.   It seems Mindy Manson and crew were able to make the budget balance, dole out the 2% bonuses, and not take it from the rainy day fund in order to do it.  Tonight’s smart cookie award lies in the hands of Ms. Manson.  Let us hope this is the edition voted on and approved in two weeks. 

I was a tad disappointed that firehouse 4 and the quint (and I’m convinced this is secret code name for big-ass fire truck) were not on the docket.  These will represent some serious expenditures in the near future and I’m hoping we don’t come back for a mid-year revision to the budget in order to snake these in.

Bizarre reach requiring the Befuddled Clown award for the comment made by Mayor Eric Hogue who stated that he joked with Mindy Manson, “What rainy day fund?” Evidently, he was referencing back in the day of Y2K and how they didn’t start putting money into the rainy day fund until the year 2000.  Well that’s awfully amusing because back in 2000 we had what, 8000 citizens and very little infrastructure to warrant a rainy day fund?  Silly.

Yes, the Red Sea parted, the water turned to wine, the fish miraculously appeared, and nary a sack-cloth garment need be torn.  Well perhaps the ones torn were my pal Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth’s and his sidekick Councilwoman Kathy Spillyards.  Why?  Because they continued down the path of most insistence that Mindy Manson, City Manager Extraordinaire find the employees a permanent 2% raise. 

Tonight I’m all about doing the happy dance for Manson because she stuck to her guns and proceeded to hand Red and his little pet the bad news when Manson stated that she could not in good conscience suggest a 2% increase with the current economic instability.  Hot damn, you go girl!  In the end, Manson wove her magic and what came out of the golden top-hat was a little something something for everyone.

The sun gets to rise yet again.

The council gets to look like heroes.  

The citizens don’t get hosed with higher taxes.

The insanity of taking money away from a rainy day in the future came to an end satisfying many people.

The employees get a small handout. 

The net result however is that Red lost his battle and took it like a man.  Got to give him credit though, he came up to me afterwards and handed me his friend’s head on a platter in exchange for losing a little wager. That’s OK Red.  I won’t move forward with the tiny gift because, well, because I can always say I lived up to my end of the deal even when you failed to do so.  Damn, I’m good.