The Clown Commeth

I just have to ask, who is the total ass-clown voting disproportionally for Barack Obama?  My stats don't lie about where visitors come via the Internet. Games?  Seriously? 
It seems childish people continue to play their games and to be honest, I put Obama’s name on the poll just to prove this point, though I had hoped I wouldn't have to. I had high expectations that people wouldn't vote multiple times through different web browsers but actually take such a poll seriously in order to determine where our community actually sits in this political maelstrom.  

As  I’ve maintained since I started this blog, it’s my blog and if you don’t like it and want to behave like a nincompoop, then pop yourself on over to the ever popular dimwit playground on the Wylie View.  They seem to espouse and embrace this sort of behavior and I believe it lends itself more to the juvenile mindset of a couple readers.
On the other hand, I am truly flattered that you are attempting to expand your non-intellect view of the world and take a stab at reading my blog.  Yup, there are even some $10 words in here but I'm certain you will do you best to figure them out through context. 

Readers of my blog abound from the Wylie View every day and all day long according to my stats, evidently not everyone over there is such a dull turd; only about 2-4 people need a set of Pampers according to my stats and poll calculations.  The rest of the Wylie View crowd seems to know how to behave, even if they don’t always agree with me or my tactics.
Then again, carry on because you do so much to assist me in proving my assessment of you as a chattering monkey and perhaps in the end, you will actually grow up and learn to think for yourself.
For the rest of my readers who actually behave and use their brains, we can have a virtual group pity party for the few childish morons that remain in Wylie.  In the meantime, the rest of us will continue on behaving like adults and take polls seriously.