Yesterday was a Wednesday not much unlike others.  I came home from work to read my Wylie News as I steeped an Earl Grey.  Of course I should have known there would be a Letter to the Editor from Alicia White, co-administrator of the Wylie View and also wife of Councilman Rick White.  Parts of her message from last week’s council meeting were recycled and splayed for the 2nd coming in the Wylie News. 

Ms. White appears to point fingers and make accusatory statements that indicate to me a Midol or perhaps a thorough seeing to might be in order.  White states, “Some would have you thinking these professionals are easily replaceable.” And “…a very healthy fund that is not in peril as some will have you believe.” And, “Some will have you believe this request is a want and not a need.”   I’m still waiting for her to define why she feels the need to point fingers as if “someone” else’s argument doesn’t count.  The real theme I got from her letter and speech last week was her acute case of the accusations which in my opinion trumped anything of real merit that she attempted to say. With all due respect, Ms. White doesn’t appear to know any other way to get her message across so it was lost, bless her little heart.  It’s a shame, because she attempted to make good points but they were surrounded by bitchitudes.

 White has stated publicly before that the bonus equals about 1% of our budget and that it isn’t that much.  That’s a line being spoon fed to us by the liberal think tank in Wylie.  If she claims that $250K is 1% of our budget, then that is more than our bond payments will increase next year (up $150K according to City Manager Mindy Manson).  After listening to Ms. White’s speech and then reading it again yesterday, I don’t agree with her broad assessment that anyone who has attended council meetings or has uttered an opinion about the bonus issue ever thought the employees weren’t worth anything as she stated in her letter.  That is a statement that perpetuates a rift within the community.  Then again, without creating continual rifts within the community, the Wylie bash-board wouldn’t have any patrons, would it?

One of the differences between the conservatives and liberals in Wylie is that the conservatives don’t think robbing Peter to pay Paul is a good idea.  According to Councilwoman Diane Culver in the previous week’s city council meeting, that idea is tantamount to, “Using your Visa to pay your MasterCard.”  In my opinion, the liberals would have you follow people like President Obama into lala land where our bond rating can ultimately end in a downgraded position.

I cannot conceive that anyone of sound mind would find paying their Visa with their MasterCard to be a fiscally responsible plan without any compunction whatsoever.  I’m here to tell those that might believe that to be a solid plan, that risking an increase of our tax burden in future years by making totally avoidable mistakes now will make council heads roll at future elections. If there is one thing we should have learned these past three painful years, it's that the people are completely over being served the same old rhetoric by the same old people.  Now that the economy is in the pot, the liberals on our council stand out like a sore thumb.

According to Ms. White, “Our city council is being asked to consider providing employees with a one lump sum payment to help offset the lack of raises and bonuses over the last three years.”  I see she is drinking the mayoral Kool-Aid by refusing to call it a bonus.  More important, according a letter from Mayor Eric Hogue, “Over the past two fiscal years, our staff of 300 people has not received any type of raise.”  I hate to burst the Alicia bubble, but the employees have gone without an increase for two years and this would be the third year without any increase if we were not offering the bonus.  She would like to have you think in her letter that they already lived the three years increase-free.  Fact check.

White also states, “It was suggested this expenditure come from the rainy day fund, a very healthy fund that is not in peril as some will have you believe.” Interesting.  The city sought the advice of a financial expert and he stated that a rainy day fund at 20-25% is in line in order to keep the bond rating safe rather than the 15% verbiage being tossed around.  So it would appear yet again, that Ms. White is playing spin doctor with standard catch phrases tossed around by the city talking heads. Spin check.

White says, “Even with this one-time expenditure, the rainy day fund will remain at almost twice the recommended 15%.” Buzz….Wrong answer.  Recommended?  Just because 15% was approved as a rock bottom number in the past when times were better does not mean the shoe still fits and it certainly doesn’t mean the fund was ever recommended currently to reside at 15%.  That 15% is not a one size fits all number, but I believe in order to make her point, she simply took the bottom-line, pinch point number and ran freely with it like kids doing a fantastic TP job on someone’s house.  Reality check.

Finally, Ms. White finished with, “The one who finds fault with Mrs. Manson for wanting to reward her employees obviously does not manage people or is clueless on building positive employee relations.”  This is a gross exaggeration designed to incite more fodder for a small band of haters.  I do have to thank all the readers that I am getting traffic hits from on the Wylie View.  I’m guessing they are the non-haters because they have been reading in big numbers the past two weeks.  The stats don’t lie. Check.

She likes to tell me I need to check my facts, but as I’ve told her before, she needs to clean her own windows before she attempts to smudge others. Check mate.