Proud as Punch

I just arrived home from the US Senate debate tonight.  I am shirt busting pleased because even though I have slayed him more times than I probably ought to have, Mayor Eric Hogue came to the event and even sat in our Wylie Tea Party row next to some of our members.  I hope I did my best to make him feel comfortable, though I’m sure he had every right to feel uncomfortable with me around.  He was truly a class act tonight.  I would also like to thank Councilwoman Diane Culver for attending as well.  Wylie should be very proud of them for being involved and wishing to educate themselves on the candidates and their platforms.

If I had to point to the largest gaff with respect to Wylie tonight, whoever the volunteer was that typed up the seat markers spelled Wylie wrong.  We taped a corrected sign over it but too late before Mayor saw it, and I apologized to Mayor Hogue for that.  Let me say that Mayor represented our city very well.  I would also like to thank Mayor’s oldest son who worked as an usher.  He was very respectful and worked hard seating people and watching the door and Mayor should be very proud of him.  

I would also like to announce the unofficial straw poll results.  I will post the official results tomorrow once they are published:

US Senate Straw Poll Winner:  Ted Cruz
US President Straw Poll Winner:  Rick Perry

I was not directly involved in the counting of the presidential ballots so I do not remember who was second.  I do remember that Perry won by a landslide and that Romney and Bachman weren’t even close.

I was involved directly in the US Senate count and Ted Cruz won by a landslide, with Lela Pittinger in 2nd place and Glenn Addison in 3rd. 

I enjoyed meeting each of the Senate candidates and some of the panel members.  After listening to them speak, I was leaning toward Lela Pittinger and Glenn Addison, that is until Ted Cruz came in late and stole the show. 

Ted Cruz arrived late, as his flight was delayed by weather.  Though many people did not like it, he was allowed to answer his set of questions alone on the stage while the others were asked to leave until he caught up.  I had one gentleman come up to me after the event while I was watching the ballot boxes and tell me how much he disliked this and I promised to pass his comments on to the main sponsor, which I did.  When I approached Katrina Pierson with this complaint, she told me that the Garland Tea Party asked a group of officials in attendance how such an issue was handled, and they all agreed that it is standard protocol to have the candidate come in and answer their set of missed questions and bring them up to the same level.  Disturbing as it may have been, protocol was followed.

I also passed on another comment from that same gentleman who complained that the moderator, Jeff Bolton from KLIF570 AM gave way too much of his own personal opinion.  I have to agree.  I did not care to hear his opinion about the topics, as he is not a candidate.  Unfortunately, with radio personalities it is truly about them (evidently the same with bloggers too.)  When you are talking or writing to air, it is all about us in the moment and I suppose I will have to save that comment in the vault to pull out at times and remind myself that I am getting too narcissistic. 

The final complaint that same gentleman made, I simply don’t agree with.  He was upset about a question on illegal immigrations that was posed to Glenn Addison, a Caucasian man, and Andrew Castenuela,  a man of Hispanic descent.  I do understand his concern, however I do not think there was any sinister motive behind the assigning of questions.  I believe it was the luck of the draw.

All in all it was an excellent event for the candidates to get their feet wet.  More importantly, as Ted Cruz put it, “We are ignoring the 800 lb gorilla in the room.” Cruz went on to state that the gorilla was Lt. Governor David Dewhurst whose campaign told us he would not be attending debates because he did not feel he needed to.  Evidently he plans to swoop in and toss a cool $15 M at the problem with slick advertising and essentially buy the vote.  If I had to pit one of the candidates against Dewhurst whom I thought might have a chance of winning, it would be Ted Cruz. 

So there you have it.