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I am still in the process of analyzing the city council phone bills I received but I wanted to report something I found that might be a bit noteworthy.  

Throughout the month of May 2011, there were highly controversial activities taking place around the following important dates:

May 10, 2011 the city council placed commission and board panel selection on the city council agenda making it look like they wanted to set the 3 council member panel prior to final outcome of the city council elections to be held merely 4 days later.

Calls between Mayor Eric Hogue and Alicia White:
Call on 5.7.11 for 28 minutes
2 calls on 5.11.11 for total of 17 minutes
2 calls on 5.12.11 for a total of 20 minutes

May 14, 2011 Election Day

Calls between Mayor Eric Hogue and Alicia White:
Call on 5.14.11 for 1 minute
Call on 5.15.11 for 38 minutes
2 calls on 5.16.11 for 8 minutes

May 24, 2011 final panel vote on the three city council members who would select the commission and board members.

I received these bills from Rick White but was not provided with these bills by the city for Mayor Hogue and some other council members even though they were part of my original request so I have asked for them again.  According to Rick White's bills, he called 911 Designs, Alicia White just as soon as the city council meeting was over.

Surrounding these important dates, an increase in calls were made to or received from 911 Designs which is owned by Alicia White, also an administrator of the Wylie View.

I suggest that the calls in question belong to Alicia White, because she is listed as the principal owner of 911 Designs and because other calls exist in some of those time frames between Mayor Eric Hogue and Councilman Rick White from his cell phone so the supposition is that there were two different people conversing with Mayor Hogue in these time frames.

I find this a bit disconcerting because Alicia White is married to Councilman Rick White and I cannot help but wonder who exactly is in charge of that relationship.  When I posted some negative comments about Rick White's lack of campaigning, in response to my posts Alicia White verbally attacked me on the Wylie View.  At that time I questioned her integrity and suddenly all her known Wylie View bully-playmates began to verbally attack me as well.  

Mayor Hogue is tossed into the phone call mix and I grow more concerned about those discussions and how they might affect the outcome of the decision-making process with Councilman Rick White.

More analysis to be forthcoming on this new development.