Four Letter Word - Updated

I just received two conflicting reports on the last WISD workshop regarding the particular needs at each school.  According to the WISD Trustees, it would seem all is well in the world of ISD and they are looking into refinancing their current bonds in order to eek out funds needed for the necessary school modifications.  In light of this, they are saying they will not have to bring that nasty four letter word, B-O-N-D, around again any time soon.

Initially I was glad they were looking into other means, because my conversation with Dr. Vinson left me with serious cause for pause.  This new slick marketing scheme that is being put out in ISD Land will certainly make taxpayers rest a bit easier.  Or will it?

My understanding of the bonds is that refinancing them will not enable the district to finish out Wylie East as they cannot take those bond funds and use them where they choose.  From what I can tell, East is the true catalyst for all this bond discussion and the bonds being refinanced were very specific in what the funds could be used for.

This conflicting information is worrisome because the last thing Dr. Vinson and crew need is a black eye from bringing another bond up for vote so if they can get by with refinancing, which would be the responsible path they should have considered first rather than immediately thinking to tap taxpayers, they should be able to make headway literally and figuratively. Their next step then should be to look to the budget and see where further cuts can be made, because cuts can ALWAYS be made.  I would think taxpayers would rather not get the rumored tax cut if they think a bond would come around afterwards just to sweep back in and take the money back.  If they think they can give taxpayers a taxbreak, then they most certainly can finagle some budget changes instead. 

However if Trustees use refinanced funds to make the needed repairs to the other schools and come back to us with a bond to finish out Wylie East, then the dirty bond word is still of some grave concern. 

I am not sure we are getting the whole story here.  I think moreover we are getting the picture WISD Trustees wish to paint for us in hopes people will not continue to question their decisions. From some of the information I am being given, clearly they don't like being questioned.

Let us hope they will continue on the path of least taxpayer resistance because at the moment, that would be the least caustic tactic.