Injustice in Triplicate

A child is dead at the hands of his mother.  I heard about this sad event moments before I made my way to the final Wylie Pirate home game last Friday night.  I was shocked at the cowardess of a mother to take away the life of her own flesh and blood.  What kind of monster does that?

Sitting in the stadium for the last home game of the World Series on Monday night, I found out the child was the son of past WEHS teacher Rodney McCall.  I could only think, “How truly tragic.” Okay, so I also selfishly thought, “What is it with me and final home games?”

Today I received this week’s edition of The Wylie News and the headline reads, Tibbals Elementary student killed by mother.  In TXun that does not compute.  What makes more sense to me is, Abject failure of a human being tragically kills her son and then removes her useless ass from the face of this earth.  My heart aches for Mr. McCall and I send big puffy hearts of healing his way.

It takes a lot to piss me off, but this incident did it in triplicate because I can only think about all of the injustices done to Mr. McCall.  How in God’s name does he move on after this?  Is there something this community can do for the man?  How do we reach out and heal together?  I have some ideas.

Last November my son came home from school and told me that his former Social Studies teacher, Mr. McCall, was arrested for indecency with a child.  We were stunned and frankly, after we read the article in the newspaper we didn’t believe it.  My son said, “I don’t see that.  That’s not the Mr. McCall I know.  He was always talking about his son.”   I just showed my son the newspaper article today and he was deeply saddened that Mr. McCall has now not only lost his wife, and lost his job, but he has also lost his son as well.  He recalled how Mr. McCall showed the class a picture of his son and wife during the first week in his class.  Deceit lives under a veil of secrecy.  This is not the action of a man who wishes to harm his child. 

The article in The Wylie News
The November 17, 2010 Wylie News article stated “McCall has been suspended from his teaching position until the issue is resolved, WISD spokesperson Susan Dacus said. “He is on administrative leave; we are following the usual district procedures. When an accusation is made, the district’s process is to place an individual on leave and wait for the police or CPS investigation report and court action,” she said.”  Though shocked, I could certainly see erring on the side of student safety. Though I wish we never had to deal with these types of problems, this was and is the only policy we could take in these instances. 

My shock turned to anger and dismay on November 23, 2010 when I read The Wylie News article WISD Takes Steps to Fire East Teacher.  In the article, McCalls attorney Philips said, “the charges brought against McCall are nothing more than “an allegation brought by a woman who is about to lose custody of her children.” McCall and his wife have divorced; they have a 6-year-old child. She [McCall’s wife] has a Ph.D. in criminal justice, a master’s degree in psychology and three years as a police officer,” Philips said. “She knows how to manipulate the legal system.”

 I was angry because the trustees were taking the chicken crap way out.  Clearly Rodney McCall was being scammed by a conniving woman.  I was also angry because I knew what everyone else who read that article knew and it was that Rodney McCall was an unwitting victim of a vicious bitch who would stop at nothing to keep her son and harm her estranged husband.  Yup, we were pretty much right on that one.

How does a community help?  Let me count the injustices.

Injustice One
I am not certain of the final outcome in the case against Mr. McCall with regard to the molestation accusation his tosser of a wife made, but I would think the fact that he was about to get full custody back of his son means that he must have been cleared.  Then too, there is this heinous act of his ex-wife that sort of clears him of any wrong-doing by proxy.  How can we help this man?  We can come together and support him with our words and our deeds.

Injustice Two
Mr. McCall was ‘fired’ from his job with WISD.  Okay, okay, they can call it what they like, but our wise and wonderful trustees moved to rid the district of him quicker than you can swat a mosquito sucking the blood out of your arm.  The article in the Wylie News stated, “A letter from Fuller to McCall had, however, been hand delivered prior to the meeting, notifying him of the board’s intent to move forward with his termination.”  Fuller went on to state, “I have determined that I believe good cause exists for you as a board to look at this teacher’s employment,”.  Finally Fuller told the school board, “I propose you consider termination.”  I think most intelligent people would agree that terminate = fired.

The Wylie News article continued, "Following the executive session, Trustee Stacie Gooch made the motion for “non-renewal of contract” for McCall; Trustee Lance Goff seconded. By a vote of six to one, the trustees voted to move forward with the hearing. Trustee Ronni Fetzer was the lone dissenting vote."  You go Ronni.  Gooch and friends; non-renewal?  Nice spin.  Hows about we non-renew Gooch et al. next November?  Does that sound just as pleasant of an outcome?

Oh goodie, so the trustees get to wash the blood from their hands with their little politically correct semantic spin.  They conveniently call it a resignation.  Whatever (insert big eyeball rolley emoticon here) it was a lynching and a firing and they certainly didn’t let the grass grow under their feet, nor did they wait to see the final outcome of the police investigation. 

A reasonable person could see Rodney McCall was being set up by his estranged wife, and now by the WISD Board of Education.  The least the board could have done was move him to an administration position.  Hells, they moved that convicted liar Merrill Young to a paraprofessional position when he was convicted of and is currently serving probation for lying about having a college degree and illegally secured a teaching position in WISD.  If the trustees could slide him a hall pass and help that SOB out they clearly have other options they could have taken with Mr. McCall.  Okay, so I’m being a little hard on Mr. Young because he is a nice man but he was a bad, bad boy. 

No pass was given for Mr. McCall; he was fired.  YES FIRED. We need to stop artificially attempting to make ourselves feel better about playing so dirty by covering it up with sweet little phrases.  The firing was a disgusting spectacle the trustees played out as quickly as they might so they could remove all guilt by association. 

How do we move forward and heal?  Everyone makes mistakes, and clearly the WISD trustees did as well.  They can correct their mistake by moving to hire McCall back into the district post haste.  Even if he were to get a paraprofessional or administrative position until a teaching position came available, the man deserves to have this wrong righted. 

I can hear it now, the naysayers would claim the district can’t afford it.  Uh, I think they can figure it out.  The naysayers might claim he will be mentally unstable after losing his son so tragically.  Uh, I think they should ask him for his opinion rather than make assumptions.  The naysayers might claim they don’t want any bad publicity for the district.  Uh, I think many people, including myself can give the trustees and Super all sorts of bad publicity over this, especially if they resist re-hiring Mr. McCall.  An opportunity exists for the WISD Board of Education to show some real gumption and stand shoulder to shoulder with the community in helping to lift up one of our fallen.

Injustice Three
This man has lost his only son.  In the general scheme of evolution, no parent is supposed to outlive their child.  What can we do to help him?  Stand with Mayor Eric Hogue as he announced, “the formation of an account at American National Bank to aid Mr. McCall.”    Hogue urged citizens to help him, “with the financial needs he will have in the coming days and weeks as he buries his little boy.”  We can open our hearts and open our pocketbooks and though we will never make it entirely right, we can certainly correct some wrongs.