Slice of the Pie

I was flipping through my Roku channels tonight in what is a rare occurrence for me: a stint in front of the boob tube.  Since I find 80% of television to be the work of the very anti-brain which sucks the intelligence out of people, I tend to gravitate toward reading, writing, nature, or art rather than feeding my soul with garbage.  Somehow tonight was different though, and I settled on some British mysteries.

When my show was over, I turned to the Al Jazeera live stream, which I have never bothered watching before.  I nearly felt like a traitor watching the station du jour of terrorist propaganda but I found it difficult to stop watching.  Of course being an Arab station, their focus is on Arab and third world countries and their happenings.  What I saw was so many people living in squalor and unrest. 

I watched rioting in Egypt, protests in Syria, fighting in Libya, greed of the King of Swaziland, and economic turmoil in Peru.  I can certainly see why the people are suffering and it continues to convince me that greed is the backbone to all ills in the world.  Isn’t greed the underlying motivation for Capitalism, however?  Perhaps, but we have yet to come across another system that works.

I ponder the Occupy protests in our cities across this nation by people who don’t like Capitalism.  However when asked, they are hard pressed to define exactly what it is they want to replace it with.  What they can put their finger on is that they want what the rich have and they simply want it handed to them.  The media has tried to compare them to the Tea Party but I have to point out here that Tea Party members actually hold down jobs.  I also cannot help but point out that if the Occupy people actually bothered trying to hold a job down, they would not have to live in makeshift shanty towns across our cities asking for handouts.  From the interviews I’ve read and watched, the resounding number of these people do not appear to be the unemployed; instead they appear to be the college students and people of our nation who sound too stupid to hold down viable jobs. When you listen to their babbling on the news, would you hire them?  They leave me convinced that we have more brain-damaged, lazy-ass people living in this country than I ever thought possible.  They also make me even more convinced that Darwinism and Capitalism will live on.

All this oneness I got to feel with the other side of this space evading rock we live on made me realize even more so that I cannot fix the ills of the world.  I doubt I will be watching Al Jazeera again anytime soon, and I most certainly will not be joining the scourge of Occupy morons.    What I can do is focus on my small slice of the pie and that means staying true to the grass-roots effort of the Tea Party and concentrating on our small community and not allowing the inane periphery to take the focus and attention off keeping our local leaders transparent and honest. 

Here’s to honesty….. to Capitalism, ….. and to shutting the TV off again.