Are WASA Crackers?

Well I’m not surprised.  I opened this week’s edition of the Wylie News and there is a sniveling Letter to the Editor asking for money from the Wylie City Council.  Jal Dennis wrote a letter asking for a $15,000 donation toward WASA, or Wylie Advocate for Senior Activities.  Did I say asking?  Actually it was more like a Terrible Twos demand.  It’s not as though the seniors are not appreciated; their generosity, leadership, and wisdom have been and are great assets to the community.  What irks the pants off me is that they have their hands out yet again, to the wrong entity.  I can just feel their WASA eyeballs burning my skin at the next council meeting. 

To paraphrase conversations I’ve had with both Wylie City Councilman Bennie Jones and Wylie Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth on similar topics, “I’m sick to death of people who always have their hands out.”  To be honest, I’m sick of it too.  Who do they think they are pulling the age card and whining that, “Wylie does a lot of things for youth and middle-aged, but the efforts of our city to support our senior citizens is pitiful.”  Really?  Is Dennis living in the same city I am?  The City’s job is to provide for essential services for ALL citizens, not to provide for only certain citizens the use of special amenities.  The parks are for all citizens because they offer much needed green space and are open and available to ALL citizens whether you use them or not. 

Wasn’t it enough that the City of Wylie handed WASA a building entirely gratis? I’ll have you know that free building they received pays no property tax either.  Should we find out what the last appraisal on that property was?  What a freaking gift!  Yet they come back with their hands out asking for more?  They didn’t even mince words or play games, the letter simply demanded, “Please give the WASA organization a donation of $15,000 immediately.”  Well at least Dennis said ‘please’.  Cheeky devil.

As much as the community understands that the seniors are the people that vote, telling the community in a hear ye, hear ye style Letter to the Editor that the community doesn’t care about the seniors is just an attempt to incite riot, or pity, or both, but ultimately just nets them more apathy.  The Senior Center only serves a fraction of the population within Wylie.  It is not the City’s job to provide certain groups with amenities that, let’s face it are not a necessity in this down economy.  Ask the community members and companies for donations, not the City.  It’s not the City’s job to fund you or your freebie building.

Someone once mentioned to me that once the City handed over that old Library building to the seniors, the sucking sound would never stop.  Yup, they were right; this Letter to the Editor pretty much sucked.