Gripe for the Picking

The GOP race is absolutely too early to even think about calling, but I continue to form my opinions as every day passes.  Here are my picks for the good, the bad, and the ugly:

Michelle Bachmann
I just don’t see it.  She has some great ideas and is a strong conservative constitutionalist, but she simply will not answer a question.  I find that to be a totally annoying habit of lawyers.  There is nothing quite like answering a question with some unrelated topic you want to pimp at the moment.  Sarah Palin used to do that and it annoyed the begeebers out of me.  Despite this, I appreciate her foreign policies and I believe she would get the country working again.

Ron Paul
There is just no nice way to put this: I think the man smoked a little too much of the wacky tobacky back in the day.  He certainly sticks with constitutional principles but I dare say he is too extreme and I am not certain we need to make a complete 180.  Extreme marching in any direction would probably put our country in an even greater tailspin.  I have to veto the little Paul dude, but perhaps his son Rand might deserve a looksee in a decade or so.

 Rick Santorum
I don’t know about you but when he opens his mouth all I hear is a high pitched squealing ankle-biter.  He whines about being overlooked at the debates.  He whines about what everyone else is doing.  He even whines his way through his own policies.  I just don’t see the maturity needed to run a country and also play nice with the other countries.  We don’t need another finger pointer as we already have that with Obama.

Newt Gingrich
I can say that he appears to be one of the smartest people running.  I am not sure what I don’t like about him yet.  This is not say that I want to give him a pass for his past transgressions but I guess I am willing to overlook them because there are far worse issues we are facing at the moment and I am looking for someone who can begin fixing the economy, restoring job growth, and maintaining a strong international policy.  He is certainly capable of all of those tasks. He also remains above the fray.  I like that.  When everyone else is rolling in the mud over 999 plans, HPV vaccines, and Obamney Care, he doesn’t join in.  He is one of the two who attempt to focus on the real issues and not the mud-slinging.  Is he perfect?  No.  None of them are.

Herman Cain
Cain is the other candidate who doesn’t roll in the mud for the most part.  With his current tribulations, I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt.  When the first two women became known, I had to wonder about him and about their motive.  However when they refused to come forward and put their name and face out there, I had a hard time with their credibility.  When the third woman came forward, I could only utter the word ‘loser bimbo’ under my breath.  Frankly, I have a difficult time believing her.  However when the fourth woman came forward, I really had to start wondering.  When I look at him and try to see his soul, my honest opinion is that he most certainly would be capable of performing their accusations.  He has a certain arrogance about him that bothers me.  Obama’s image was enshrined in signs saying ‘Hope’ in the last election.  Cain’s are now enshrined with the word ‘Grope’ in this election.  I’m left with grave concern.  I don’t care for his 999 plan, but I felt he was on the right track with the economy and job creation.

Mitt Romney
I just don’t like much of anything about this man. From the very first moment he tossed his hat into the ring, I heard the song Smooth Criminal playing in my head.  Can we say used car salesman?  He is a little too old-school polished politician for my taste.  I don’t like how much he has flip-flopped over the years.  Either you are or you aren’t; you cannot toss answers for and against things when it suits you. Nuff said.

Rick Perry
Awesomeness.  Last night we got to see Governor Rick Perry in fine form as he proved yet again that he is incapable of debating himself out of a paper bag.  I think Perry’s faux pas was probably the last one for me.  I simply cannot accept this man as a serious contender.  I hope the Perry-bots, as one of my friends calls them, will see sense.

I left the others off this list because a time has to come when we just cannot bother attending to the lesser bodies of the pack.  Personally, my GOP short-list is now:  Bachmann, Gingrich, and Cain in no particular order, but I will take anybody over Obama’s incendiary, socialist policies.  Just my inflationary three cent input.  Stay tuned because it can and probably will change.  I am woman after all and I reserve the right to change my mind as often as I change my shoes.