I Love Wylie

One of my bffs started a little thing some years back that we lovingly know as moments of, “You Know you’re in Wylie When.”  It doesn’t matter when the offense occurs; we are sure to call, write, or text each other about the unusual sightings that beg to be shared.

We’ve laughed over aluminum foil in windows, cardboard box sun shades in cars, and the redneck taking his ATV down 1378 to get gas and getting pulled over by Wylie’s finest. We laughed at an old, dead Christmas tree that was put at the curb in July and wondered how long it took the owners to take it down though it was clearly a fire hazard. We laughed at the hootchie mamma whose daughter said she couldn’t wait to dress in her mamma’s Hooters clothes.  We laughed at a moron that stopped at the Target light on 544 during a Saturday afternoon who got out of his car to run around the other side of the mail truck stopped next to him in order to mail a letter.  Oh, did I say he did this just as the light turned green?  We hooted about the guy who was standing in the middle of the neighborhood street taking a leak in broad daylight (now there’s some class for you).  We laughed over the neighbor whose roof turbine squealed loud enough to be heard inside their house for about ten months before they fixed it.  We nearly pissed ourselves laughing over the neighbor who highlighted her hair in the front lawn, cap and all.  One thing is for certain, there is never a dull moment in Wylie.

I love that I can wake up on a Saturday morning and drink my coffee on the patio to the sounds of roosters and donkeys.  I love the thousands of bees that visit my garden every year, thanks to a local bee farm.   I even love looking forward to finding the 6 foot snakeskin in the shed every fall and wondering if the Rat Snake will ever leave or if my garden provides him with a steady supply of food.  I love when I make my way past Fire Station Two every morning on my way to work that I feel satisfied they are among the best firefighters with the best response time I’ve ever known.  I love that I am just a tater chuck from the lake and being able to photograph all of the wildlife that visits us at the boat slip. I love the small town atmosphere every time I walk down Ballard Street and hit the stores.  I love the fact that we boast our own Art Gallery in which I have some of my art shown and who is sponsoring their annual art show this December 3rd.  I love the new city hall, even though people complain about it, because it is truly a modern work of art with the protruding curvatures juxtaposed against linear lines.  I love that the citizens come out in droves for Boo on Ballard, July Jubilee, the high school parades, the Wylie Championship Rodeo, and the Christmas Tree Lighting festival.  I love The Ole Back Porch with their heavenly scented candles and Shoemaker and Hardt for everything else plus coffee too.  I love the restaurants and the shopping that have made it much more convenient to live here. I love the Trinity Trail and its hoof pocked rustic feel with innumerable birds, armadillos, bobcats, coyote, and even their skat, if you take the time to look for it.   I even love our little newspaper The Wylie News because they help keep the hometown feel real.

Yes, this Detroit girl has renounced her Yankeehood and has come to love her Texas digs despite some of the more redneck activities that keep me laughing and scratching my head. As Mayor Eric Hogue has people chant when they get their photo taken with him, “I love Wylie.”