Leaving a Mark

There is a special saying I am very fond of because the clarity of its meaning holds true throughout time:  May your life be like that of a snowflake, to leave a mark but not a stain. -(Unknown)

The dirt has barely settled on the burial plot of Eryck McCall.  Despite that, I believe it is time for WISD to make things right with Rodney McCall after wrongfully taking his job away from him. More than a mark was left; it is a stain.

Rodney McCall has been cleared of any wrong-doing through the thorough investigation into the false accusations made by his ex-wench, yet even before he was given his day in court, he was tried, convicted and sentenced in the court of WISD Trustee opinion.  Thus the man had his job taken away from him because the trustees moved to fire him through a non-renewal of his contract.  With a quick click of the ruby slippers, he was gone.

Sadly, this man’s reputation was vilified by his estranged wife and that vilification was perpetuated by the WISD Board of Education.  Will this man ever have a normal life again?  A mere Google of his name pulls up the lies and deceit woven by his insane ex-wife as she plotted to take the very existence of his son from him in whatever way she could manipulate it.  An extra-special bonus for her was the satisfaction I’m sure she derived from watching her soon to be ex-husband lose his livelihood and reputation. Sick and twisted people seem to relish in the misfortune of others because it pads their low self-esteem.

Below are the links to the heartbreaking stories and also the text of public comments published about former Wylie ISD World History teacher Rodney McCall as he lived through the trials and tribulations of being wrongly accused of child molestation.  It is time to draw attention to the numerous students who have supported Mr. McCall from the very beginning.  These students posted their feelings to the virtual world long before McCall’s freak of nature ex-wife murdered their son.  I have included their statements below along with a few of my own comments, because I am nothing if not opinionated.

Date: Friday, October 21, 2011
shelly v - 10/22/2011
Knowing the family of this tragedy is even worse.It breaks my heart to see an innocent little boy taken away from a loving father.such a selfish display of effection that so called mom had.Our thoughts and prayers to the father..hopefully one day he can rebuild a new family.I'm sure the punishment for her will be far worse.

 PT - 10/22/2011
utterly tragic

 Alyssa - 10/23/2011
Mr. McCall was the BEST teacher Wylie East has ever had.. He doesn't deserve any of this. Our students have set up a bank account at American National Bank under the name "Eryk McCall" for anyone to make donations, and if you can't afford that, Mr. McCall would really like to come back and teach at East again. He loves his students, and if anything can help him through this, it'll be teaching again. If you could take 5 minutes to email the superintendent or any members of the school board encouraging them to hire him, it would be awesome.

Wise and wonderful student who has a clue.  I think everyone, including adults, should email the superintendent and the board and let them know what they think.  Here is a list of their email addresses:
stacie.gooch@wylieisd.net Trustee Stacie Gooch
lance.goff@wylieisd.net Trustee, Lance Goff
barbara.goss@wylieisd.net Trustee, Barbara Goss
mitch.herzog@wylieisd.net  Trustee, Mitch Herzog
heather.leggett@wylieisd.net Trustee, Heather Leggett
joe.stooksberry@wylieisd.net Trustee, Joe Stooksberry
tom.westhora@wylieisd.net Trustee, Tom Westhora
david.vinson@wylieisd.net  Superintendent Dr. David Vinson

a wylie high senior - 10/24/2011
having the father as a teacher my freshmen year and him being my favorite teacher i have ever had, i feel really bad for this wonderful man i loved having having him as a teacher and i have always told myself that when i graduate he was the one person i really wanted to go back and visit. I know that he was very close to his son and loved him very much i remember he would talk alot about how wonderful of a son he is in class. to take away this mans son is the sickest thing someone could ever do. i love you Mr.McCall your amazing keep your head high. love a former student

M. Fisher - 10/25/2011
I hope she went stright to HELL, I know that 7 year old baby is up there with God. God Bless that Man.

Sam Shung - 10/25/2011
Is this the same teacher that was fired last year for indecency with a child charges?

Denise - 10/26/2011
Yes, but found to be false allegations as she attempted to manipulate the system. The police and judge have publicly apologized to him. We all know what happened when that didn't work for her.

Victoria - 10/27/2011
This was a very sad day for everyone. 18 months of horrible things that no one deserved to have to go through especially a little boy! Interesting the police say they broke down the door when they opened it and walked it, it was not locked. If only police were not called by the father and he would have gone to the school as directed by the Judge, I do believe Karen would have ran and today they would still be here. But with police surrounding the home and her ex yelling profanity that is not what she did. It’s very sad for all parties involved. Amazing how now Mr. McCall is being called a good teacher when just several months ago when he was arrested for allegations his son Eryk cried out to against what his father was doing people were not surprised! I ask you this what does a sexual deviant parent or person look like? You can’t answer that as it comes in all shapes, minds and even teachers. I know for a fact I believe Eryk as do many people he knew and his outcries to me were very real! If you want that type of person teaching your kids so be it, thank goodness my son will never be around that sick school that hires him. If you think just because his mother shot them both that Mr. McCall did not do those horrible things and she did it all out of pure vindictiveness your very wrong. Think before you do or want something you could wonder in the back of your mind what if he did this? 3 hard drives from his personal computers had child porn on it yea I don’t want my kids around that. Mr. McCall has been engaged for months and living with his fiancĂ©. I am sure they can rebuild but that does not replace his son Eryk.

This is obviously a seditious diatribe written by someone close to the insane bitch who killed her own son. It is impossible to blame anyone other than that twat who called herself a mother for shooting that gun. 

Not Scum - 10/28/2011
Anyone who could blame the father for the death of his son has something wrong with them. The father didn't have his finger on the trigger, she did. The choice to take lives was all hers.

Louis - 10/28/2011
Victoria your an evil person for writing what you did

Morgana - 11/1/2011
I had Mr. McCall as one of my middle school teachers about 10 years ago at a different school and I only remember him as a truly wonderful teacher. Those charges were filed by the ex-wife and were proved to be completely false. I find Victoria's blame-the-victim comment to not only be reprehensible by the very nature of blaming the victim but by its utter lack of tact, sympathy, and fact. This is a tragedy and should be treated as such. The malicious comments of callous strangers are neither needed nor are they appropriate.

Date: Tuesday, November 23, 2010
By Judy Truesdell
Staff Writer

Barbara - 11/23/2010
should this man be found guilty then the step being taken now should go ahead, but this hasn't happened yet. What happened to 'innocent until proven guilty', does this not still apply. There seems to be a lot of grey areas here. He is a good teacher who seems to be made an example of.

You said it sista!

Mike - 11/24/2010
I understand putting him on leave, but what happens if he is found innocent? Does that open the door to a lawsuit against the district for for wrongful termination?

I hope it does.

Edith - 11/24/2010
This article is clearly a desperate attempt of an attorney to slander the innocent! By naming victims in this article is also simply DISGUSTING on the writers part and the editors part! This is a 6 year old minor that I can guarantee is known by his last name and again how sick of a attorney to name those names and a writer to have the audacity to send it to print in such a small city. You all should be ashamed! In the Texas Public School District System, when a teacher or an employee is arrested for a felony such as this, it is protocol to immediately remove that employee until further notice, as this school district has done. They can’t take the risk of this man doing this to another. ie would you want someone teaching your child that is up on felony charges for Indecent Expose around your child? I DON’T It is also in the teachers contract that they sign so they know the rules. Obviously there is probable cause and clear evidence if State and Local agencies are involved since they are responding to this CHILD’s CRIES for HELP! People should consider the victim first, which is a MINOR before a person’s JOB.

As much as protection of the children is true, once the individual was cleared of all charges, he should have received their job back.  The haste of the trustees in making this decision is truly astounding. The trustees owe this man an apology and if he seeks to gain his job back, if they don’t give it to him he should sue their surly asses. I believe more damage was done to his reputation by the actions of the school board than of any other.  His record was cleared through the courts, but is still sullied by his being fired by WISD.

Mike - 11/26/2010
Edith..you sound like you have already convicted the man. Nobody is saying that the child in this case or the children of the district should not be protected. The leave is appropriate at this time, just not sure that termination is the right course yet. If he is found guilty, then there is no question that he should be terminated. Also, the case is public record so anyone could find out the identity of the family, so your rant against the paper, judge, and school district is off base.

Edith - 12/1/2010
Mike Nope I am not convicting the man, I am glad however I won’t be on that jury trial. As for public record yes his arrest is BUT it does NOT name who the victim is, as Mr. Mcall’s attorney and now this paper has done. They all should be ashamed simple as that, it is wrong! In the end if Mr. Mcall is proven guilty Mr. Philips should be sued for his slanderous statements and this paper should have to write an apology, just my opinion. Second before any good writer, writes an article they normally get all the facts first before going to print. Again just my opinion. As for termination possibly the school has other reasons for doing so?

Comments from Edith Bunker.

Stacy - 12/1/2010
this article is all over school. i go to WHE where he used to teach & anyone that thinks Mcall is a good teacher is not all right in the head. i got the creeps from him several times..... he looks down your shirt....wants to give you hugs and makes you feel strange i hear the guys saying the same. glad the school is keeping us safe

WHE?  Methinks not.  Obviously another dumbass friend or family member of the mother evil.  Everyone in Wylie calls it WEHS.  Oh, and since you are on the topic of cleavage.  I’ve been known for a few low cut blouses in my day and when I met Mr. McCall, nary a glance at my endowed self was made.  If he wanted to see a little something something, I think he would rather steal a looksee or two down my shirt which would have offered up a free peek rather than down the tiny A-Cups running around the school.  Nope, he was a total geek.  Nice try, though.

McKenna - 2/27/2011
I am a student at Wylie East High School, and I was lucky to have Mr. McCall for AP World History before he was arrested. Mr. McCall was an amazing teacher, and he spoke well of his wife even after their divorce. Last year he had two jobs to pay for his wife's PhD. After she received her degree, she left him. I strongly believe that he is innocent. A few female students that are just desperate for attention have tried to claim that he was definitely guilty because he looked down their shirts. If they really paid attention, they would know his 6-year-old child is a boy--if he was guilty, he would have no inclination to look down their shirts. Mr. McCall is a Christian man and loves his family in a normal, healthy way. He was a great teacher that really loved history.

Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2010
From Staff Reports

Kiamii - 11/18/2010
Poor Mr. McCall. I can't believe that sort of thing! He's a good teacher.

David Leal - 11/18/2010
The poor man is simply in a bad situation, there is more to the story than what is released. It is sad to see how many of the other students had turned their backs on Mr. McCall the moment he was put on leave. I had him as a teacher and he had never shown any sihns of being a predator. I have absolute faith Mr. McCall will be found innocent.

J.Midgette - 11/18/2010
I had Mr.McCall back in 9th grade, I am now a Senior at WHS. I (with all my heart) do not believe he would do such a thing. There MUST be more to this story. Mr.McCall was a GREAT teacher AND Mentor to me.

Concerned for the Victim - 11/24/2010
Good teaching and making good choices don't always go hand-in-hand. Maybe try thinking what the 6 year-old victim went through and what he would say if he could before blindly having faith in a man you only knew between 8am and 4pm during the school year.

You were wrong.

Katie Chapman - 11/24/2010
How sad this is, I had him as a teacher, I am now also a senior, and he was nothing but pleasant and appropriate. He was a great teacher and really enjoyed what he did. It's scary how one bitter women can cheat him out of his life like this, his job, his child and his dignity. Hopefully the justice system will take into account his wife's professional history and understand how a fluke like this could happen. This man is not guilty and he deserves to get his life back.

erika booth - 3/19/2011
i had him as a teacher i am now a junior and i do not think such a great man would do such a thing he was the best teacher i have ever had and still is he is the teacher that taught me what i want to do with my life.

Rich C. - 10/24/2011
We all know now from the tragic events that have unfolded that this man was a victim of lies from a person with no conscience. Pray for Mr. McCall and Eryk.

Clearly all of these people cannot be wrong.  Mr. McCall deserves to be given his job back.  He has sustained black and blue marks to the very depths of his soul.  The scar on his reputation will probably never be erased thanks to the internet, however I believe WISD can and should take the necessary steps to remove the stain they left.