What to do? What To-Do?

What to do, what to do?  I think I need to put my boxing gloves on for a few minutes here as I take a couple swings. 

Perhaps it is too early for the WISD Trustees to take steps to right a wrong, but when they found out that former teacher, Rodney McCall had been cleared of the charges made by his whack-job, murderous ex-wife, they should have reconsidered their hasty decision to remove/non-renew/whatever they wish to call the firing of Mr. McCall.

Do you know that not one Trustee showed up at the actual funeral for Eryck McCall last Saturday?  Not one.  This was the death of a current student; a 7 year old boy who did not deserve the fate he received at the hands of his demented and psychotic mother and not one trustee could drag their lazy ass to the funeral.  I will not be so hard on one of them however, because at least an attempt was made by Trustee Tom Westhora to show up for one of the three events surrounding the death of Eryck McCall.

I feel it only right to point out those members of the community who did show up for any To-Do including the Candlelight vigil on Thursday night, the Rosary on Friday night, or the funeral on Saturday.

Thursday Candlelight Vigil:
WISD Trustee Tom Westhora was the only trustee in attendance.
Mayor Eric Hogue used his ever-poetic words to help soothe the crowds who braved the cold rain.
Councilwoman Diane Culver attended.

Friday Rosary:
Melinda Sarles, Principal of Tibbals Elementary was in attendance and she spoke at the end of the Rosary.  She told sweet little stories to nary a dry eye in the house about her Principal/Student relationship with Eryck.
Barbara Rudolph, Principal of Davis Intermediate was also in attendance. 
There were a handful of teachers there as well, but I do not know their names.
Councilwoman Diane Culver was in attendance.
I, one of the leaders of the Wylie Tea Party, was there.

Saturday Funeral:
Councilwoman Diane Culver was in attendance.  No other Councilmembers nor Trustees were there.  Shame.
A handful of teachers were in attendance.

Not once did Superintendent, Dr. David Vinson show up for any of it.  I don’t want to speculate as to why, but my imagination is running all sorts of wild about it.

I have some tough words for our Councilmembers and Trustees.  A 7 year old, current student of WISD was wrongfully murdered.  It should not matter what your opinion is about how it happened, who did it, who his parents were, any accusations made, or the steps taken by WISD against the father.  Your ass should have attended at least one of these events.  It’s your flipping job.  It’s one of the unpleasant tasks we as voters placed upon you when you asked for it by running for your seat. 

My hat is off to Wylie Mayor Eric Hogue, WISD Trustee Tom Westhora, and Wylie Councilwoman Diane Culver for taking time out of their busy schedules to make an appearance at one of the events and show support to the community and to an innocent child that they were elected to serve.  My estimation of the others has dropped significantly.

Boxing gloves put safely back in their place until the next beating is needed.