Wylie Youth Council

Last Thursday the Wylie Tea Party invited guest speaker, Wylie City Councilman Bennie Jones to speak about the Wylie Youth Council.  This is a non-profit group he formed to provide mentoring services to the youth of Wylie.  The focus of the Council is to, “Empower families and children to make sound choices and achieve promising futures.”  This sounds like a daunting task, however Councilman Jones is up for the challenge.

Jones introduced an 11 year old boy who will be a spokesperson for The Wylie Youth Council.  This boy’s inspiring story of overcoming a bone marrow disorder and ultimately finding a deep love of reptiles inspired everyone at the meeting.   The boy’s family spoke about how he is a prime candidate for membership of the Wylie Youth Council, though he is not one of the top students in his class, he is a hard worker and has a unique passion for life.  The Council’s goal is to reward the efforts of those students 6th to 12th grade who are not A/B students and are often forgotten by society. 

The community generally fawns over the premier students and athletes in our community.  Scholarships are available to the top students and athletes.  All too often the average student is forgotten.  Councilman Jones recognized this as a problem which might actually serve to push these students toward less than desirable lifestyles and poor choices later down the road.  By grasping their attention and imaginations now through mentoring programs, guest speakers, and hands-on activities his hope is to instill in them a desire to be all that they can be. 

Jones stated though his desire is for our students to graduate and complete college, it is not necessarily the best choice for everyone and we must accept and embrace that choice.  Society will still be in need of plumbers, electricians, and tradesmen.  The students will get hands-on experience with multiple career offerings held by people actually working in those fields.  Jones hopes to set up visits by Wylie citizens working in fields from veterinary technician and plumber to doctor and accountant.  He also hopes to be able to offer the students scholarships to not only colleges, but to trade schools as well. 

The idea behind the Wylie Youth Council is that citizens help support the program by volunteering their talents.  One of the volunteer positions the group will need soon will be tutors.  He would also like adults and students with a special talent, to offer to teach that talent to the students.  With the students mentoring each other, it offers unique opportunities for peers to build strength as future leaders in their chosen fields.

Jones also brought up the topic of his own son’s troubles with the law in the past.  He made sure to step in as soon as the problems became apparent and show his son there are indeed consequences to actions.  He was proud to report his son is currently holding nearly a 4.0 GPA at college now and hopes his son has learned a valuable lesson.

Jones has embraced the idea, “It takes a village,” and has used that idea to form this group in hopes that average students in need of additional support will get it from adults and peers.  Jones assured Tea Party members that all adults associated with the program will have complete background checks and that safety of the students will be a number one priority. 

If you wish to get involved, check out the website at:

If you have further questions about the program or would like to make a donation or offer to volunteer, you may contact Bennie Jones at: 

Wylie Youth Council
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Tele: 469.236.9622
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