Beat It

Not that I am qualified in any way to be the moral compass for Wylie, nor do I even want to undertake such a task, I find today’s Wylie News headline overwhelmingly horrifying.  There he is, Seth Dorris, whose mug shot in the newspaper makes me want to take an old-fashioned switch to him and wash his mouth out with soap.    Yes, I am going to beat my moral drum today.

It was reported in today’s Wylie News that Dorris, along with 4 others: Matijevic, Brumley, Harmon, and Dorris’ brother had given Johnathon Bird severe brain injuries with “very deep bruising” and even “a partial laceration of his brain stem.”  My God, they nearly decapitated him with a hammer and kicking.

These are not injuries from the run of the mill teenage gangsta wannabes.  These are injuries mired by utter hatred bred in 5 young men who were completely out of control and out of touch with reality.  Talk about your anger management issues.  Hell wouldn’t be good enough for them in my opinion.

Is this what we are breeding in Wylie? I am amazed that Wylie harbors families who have gone so wrong as to mutate and integrate these 5 individuals into our community.  It takes a lot of hatred, abuse, and neglect to create such vile monsters.  Their parents must be mighty proud of such a feat. 

So was it solely the parents’ jobs to create law-abiding citizens?  In my opinion, you bet.  However, there is a certain amount of support that a community can provide to help ward off the breeding of evil within its bowels.  The types of businesses calling Wylie home have a little something something to do with what sort of habitat we provide for our kids to grow in.  The old adage, garbage in = garbage out couldn’t be more poignant. 

Sadly, we have places like a tattoo parlor, pawn shops, gold buy and sell, and a head shop.  Now I am not stating that every person who frequents these shops is a walking criminal in the making, however the lifestyle they lend themselves to is by far more troublesome than that of say, Chuck E. Cheese or even Main Event.

 At last night’s city council meeting I found out we are going to get yet another licensed pawn shop and you won’t believe where:  Downtown Ballard Street.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t equate good clean fun with these places and I am particularly miffed, as were the senior crowd sitting behind me who gasped in horror, that such a place would be welcomed into what should be quaint and nostalgic shops.  This is little ole’ Downtown Wylie that still sports an old-fashioned Opry; is nothing sacred?

Wylie does a good job of promoting parks and recreation, but for every park and activity there seem to be some other place for teens to pass by with the potential to morally corrupt them.  Obviously we cannot keep these businesses out of Wylie if they follow the ordinances of the city, however we can go a long way toward forcing them to close their doors if we refuse to visit them and dissuade others from doing so as well. 

I am left scratching my head in wonderment of what is next?  Are we going to get a New Fine Arts or Condoms to Go here?  For every exciting business venture Executive Director, Sam Satterwhite and the WEDC help usher in, it seems to be trumped by mini-storage units and pawn shops and frankly, I’m tired of it.  These are the businesses our kids get to see as we drive up and down 78.  They do not provide citizens with a glowing and healthy community feel.  Do we want to live through another 5 on 1 beating in the future because Wylie welcomes lowlifes?  Do we have armed robbery to look forward to next?  Can our kids feel good about themselves as they drive past Purple Haze and an endless sea of mini-storage units every day on the way to school?  Perhaps it is the snob in me coming out but I want better for them.  From the gasps and comments in the row behind me, I think many others do too.

As I see it, Wylie is on the cusp of becoming either another Garland or DeSoto or becoming another Frisco or McKinney.  Which way do we wish to go?