Crime Stats

I picked up the December 1st Murphy Monitor.  Don’t ask me why I read that thing, but I somehow felt compelled. 

I am quite disturbed by a chart posted in the paper:   
2010 Part 1 Crime Totals for North Texas Communities 10,000 to 100,000 in population. – Source FBI 2010 UCR Part 1 Crime Report

When I look at the numbers:
Wylie is 25th on the list with
35 violent crimes
703 Property Crimes
State Ranking of 94th
Population of 43,508

As I scan down the list, I see that Murphy is 3rd on the list and 4th in the state and Sachse is 6th on the list and 21st in the state.  OK, so now I’m getting a bit miffed. 

Murphy’s population is 17,848 and Sachse’s is 20,548 and as my eye scans down the list, the populations get relatively larger as the crime numbers go up.  Well duh.  I suppose if you have to rank populations of  10,000 – 100,000 it makes sense, but the chart does absolutely nothing for Wylie’s reputation because we are listed right above Addison, Mansfield, Farmers Branch, Desoto, Duncanville, and Cedar Hill.  I don’t know about you, but in the book of TXun, those cities are not okie dokie to be compared to and they are one reason I moved to little old Wylie.

Even though I am not a fan of statistics, this chart has done nothing to dissuade my concern about the crime here lately.  I certainly don’t wish for Wylie to be compared to the likes of Mansfield.  We are Wylie and we can do better than that, however it will take the vigilance of every citizen to help the police by staying aware and reporting anything suspicious.  Even petty crimes like when someone cuts your Christmas light strand or rips pickets off your fence should be reported. 

If citizens do not help be the eyes and ears of the city, the police do not have a crystal ball to see where patrols need to stepped up. 

If citizens will decide not to allow being 25th in North Texas or 94th in the state, the criminals will move on to towns that will be easier to get away with their crimes.  Vigilance my friends, vigilance.