Wylie Christmas Spirit

What does the Christmas spirit mean in Wylie?  To me it means neighbors spreading the cheer with outdoor decorations. Every year since we moved to Wylie, we have loaded up the child units and driven the streets to admire the decorations.  That is until this year. 

I did notice two more sets of lights providing additional light pollution on the surrounding streets on my nightly walk with the furbabies.  To be honest, I’m saddened at how few people have put up Christmas lights this year.  Now I realize it is still early in the month, but if they don’t go up this weekend, it’s really not worth the bother unless you are one of those people who like them up until nearly Easter. 

I equate Christmas lights with how well people are doing.  I remember after the 911 attacks, our streets were littered with so many lights you could virtually get a tan just walking down the street at night.  People needed to heal and I think the security in being able to hug our kids just a little tighter and celebrate being alive was just the light ticket needed.  Every year since, the lights have been about average but this year I am shocked and dismayed at how few there are. Even shopping in the stores I feel such a lack of that conviviality and camaraderie from those around me.  I believe when the people are not doing so well, the light count is affected too. 

This is precisely the reason we need to start pressuring our City Council and WISD Trustees to lower our taxes, thank you very much.  I firmly believe the attitude at the city is that any windfall in extra funds is going to be a ticket for them to spend more.  Hells no.  It needs to be a ticket for them to lower our frigging taxes.  This is precisely the trouble; once you vote to allow the city or school district to increase your taxes, it’s hard as hell to get them to remove their cold stiff fingers from our cash and give it back to us.  We give them an inch and they take a mile.

To add to our tax base, Wylie has a hospital coming on 544 between Wylie High School and Sanden.  It will start as a medical center but will eventually become a hospital.  More tax base to be sure.  We will get increased tax revenue from the new Movie Theatre too.  Oh and we will get increased tax revenue from whoever buys that strip of city owned land along 544 also.  With this windfall of tax revenue and lowering of debt when that land is sold and the funds are applied, what do you think our City Council will do with those funds?  Do you think they will give them back to you?  Hmmmm.  Oh sure, they will try to pawn off a ½ cent or so decrease.  That is nothing, especially compared to the exponentially massive increases that we allowed by passing all those bonds so little Podunk Wylie could grow into bigger britches. 

Along those same lines, it seems to me, we voted to approve a certain tax rate with the school district as well.  Oh yes indeedy, they can increase your taxes another .04 cents if the whim strikes.  I read the Super’s blog and I know he is talking about reducing taxes for us, but I most certainly hope this is not some bait and switch tactic whereby he tells us that our taxes are due to increase by that .04 cents next year but oh, we won’t do that to you, thus your taxes have been lowered.   I don’t know about you but I’m not buying that game.  Not enough time has passed for this Super to be wearing his Wylie pep rally gear and I still have no trust because some of those trustees who rammed those triplicate bonds written and re-written down our throats are still sitting on that school board.  It is not until they are gone, that I will even entertain the possibility of trust.  Either they are removed, or they had better have some grand epiphany and beg forgiveness for their past bond transgressions.  Not sure which is for better or worse.

As long as the economy is caput, I expect Council and Trustee alike to tread lightly on our taxes.  May they remember that they are both hitting the same pocketbook.

Even though people don’t seem to be feeling it with the lights so much this year, a week ago I put up my LEDs which are so neon obnoxious you need sunglasses to look at them.  Hells, my eyes cannot even focus on them until I am on top of them.  Scary.  Three years ago I replaced all the incandescents because I was sick of my electric bill tipping $400 after the holidays were over.    Best thing I could have done.  Barely notice a blip in the bill with these bad boys.

Last weekend, I had a bout of hoods who decided to come make a grab and dash with two of my candy canes.  Sheesh, I am convinced kids are brain damaged until they turn about 26.  Evidently they are also illiterate, because they missed the video surveillance signs.  It amazes me how the kids will run up the walk with the lights on, not caring if anyone sees them, and make a mad dash.  The woman across the street has her candy canes nearly at the road, almost taunting and beckoning them, but hers are not lit up with lights like mine are so I would surmise mine were like a beacon of light for them screaming, “Ooh, ooh, take me, take me!” 

I had a good friend suggest I hide in the bushes and take care of the morons should they come back.  Actually, I was thinking of going all vigilante on their asses this weekend.  Think of the fun hiding in the bushes and shooting anyone who steps on my property.  Guess it’s time to pull out the No Trespassing signs just for giggles. 

Sadly, this is such a sad statement on our Christmas spirit in Wylie.  Evidently, people cannot keep their hands off of what others have.  Every year since I moved here, people’s lights have gotten closer and closer to their homes.  Remember the years people had those spindly light up trees in the middle of the lawn?  Today I saw that someone put them in their flower beds.  Awe, come on.  Really?  Two years ago we had someone on the street next to ours with a white tree with lights timed to music playing from a box. I used to love to walk the fur girls over there and stand outside watching and listening. Last year they set it up and then a couple weeks later it was down.  I can only imagine that some Grinchmas decided to ruin it for everyone else.  People used to line their properties, sidewalks, and front walks with lights.  Hardly anybody does in our neighborhood anymore.  I think they learned their lesson when two years ago, someone came through and popped people’s inflatables and sliced their light strands.  Mine were sliced then too. Ya, Merry frigging Christmas.  Now there’s some Christmas spirit for you.

So has it come down to jealousy?  Are the OWS-minded sheeple so desperate that they want to ruin it for everyone else?  I’m thinking next year I’m going to use my Christmas lights to spell out F-U on the front lawn.  I wonder if the gangsta wannabe’s will still want my decorations then?

I would suggest people stop letting the dregs of the world steal our spirit any more than they already have.  Will those people with their hands out take everything away from us and one day our streets will be completely devoid of lights?  Sad, truly sad.  Let us not forget why we celebrate Christmas and remember to keep the bad spirit at home under lock and key and share the good spirit in abundance with others.