Code Work

As with all things, Monday will bring a new day.  New, because this is the day that the Wylie Code of Ethics Subcommittee will begin hashing out what a possible Code of Ethics might look like for Wylie. 

To be honest, this code thingy had to come around again.  Many people did not feel that it was properly hashed out in the past and it never came to a vote.  Besides, how could council deny what has been said about the lack of a code after enforcing a Code of Conduct among their own city employees? 

In last Tuesday’s city council meeting, Councilwoman Diane Culver brought a sample Code of Ethics from Sugarland, Texas which she said was award winning and highly regarded.  She stated that in the past, the codes brought before council were so negative and wrought with issues it was a frustration and she, “Wanted to bring something positive and that shows what works.”  

I was happy to see words chosen carefully by all of the council members except Councilman Rick White who whined like a sissy with a splinter about how the code talk can be used as a political tool and turn nasty.  I can only guesstimate he was referring to me when he said that.  Well my narcissistic little self will take it that way anyhow.  Sadly, White has not learned that a blog, any blog whether written by me or someone else, as a means to get council and appointees to behave in lieu of any real code of conduct was inevitable in Wylie.  Sometimes I think Rick’s just got a bad case of sour grapes because his wife’s fool-filled internet forum has been a bit dethroned.  I think there are two things that came out of my blog for Councilman White.  First, that had Dunn or anyone else actually been a viable candidate, he would not have won his re-election and finally, comments about how disliked his wife’s venomous behavior on the Wylie View is started to leak out within the community. 

I agreed with Councilwoman Kathy Spillyards in that if this code is looked at, it absolutely not be taken lightly.  She suggested a retreat for this type of project and not to tackle it at 9:20pm as that was the current time when the code workshop opened.  I can back that statement up by saying I never thought a code should merely be slapped into place like a hastily placed bumper sticker.  Nobody seemed willing to do the work necessary in the past however.  Oh, and it is work.  It will definitely be work no doubt about it.  I hope the work continues over a lie down and another work session because I believe one session is not sufficient to truly own this masterpiece.

Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth was eerily quiet through the meeting which did not surprise me because he had told me many times before that he did not agree with a Code of Conduct, but he had an absolutely brilliant idea; he asked for those who brought this thing to council to do some work on it probably as a form of punishment but also for the sake of time, to break the sample code from Sugarland down and get the waste out of it where items do not pertain to Wylie.  He is right though, those who brought it should do some work on it, thus Mayor suggested a subcommittee and he placed himself on that subcommittee post haste.  Councilmembers Diane Culver and Bennie Jones were also suggested for the subcommittee but in light of Jones’ mother currently in the hospital, Councilman David Goss said he would step in if needed. 

I can only hope that this code indeed will be taken seriously by our council.  Mayor Hogue stated that he wanted to do this thing, “In February before the silly season.”  He was referring to the dreaded election season commencement.   

The work session is slated for Monday night at 5:30 and is open to the public if you care to watch the three Councilmembers begin the hash out.  I for one will be highly interested in the work to be done because in the past I have accused Mayor of fencepost posturing and so that I may garner some new trust and hope in our Mayor,  I hope this time he will stick a landing.