GOP Conundrum

Rereading yesterday's post, wow I can see I was in rare form.  Didn't mean to shred Mindy so much.  Frankly I like her, but that type of lazy response is truly unacceptable from any city manager.  Today I will tone it down a tad and move my focus instead to the GOP candidates.

I am still undecided.  Big shock there.  I cannot believe this is the best conservatives have to choose from.  I am also annoyed that by so many possible candidates holding tight to the race, the votes are being taken away from someone who has the ability to beat Romney.  Nope, I'm not a Romney fan.  To be honest, I see him as more of the same.  Probably the only thing he does have going for him is that because he is a moderate, he just may be able to cross party lines and get the two radically divided sides together on some issues.  Still, I won't be happy if he gets the nomination because I will be forced to support him.  I will not support Obama's ridiculously divisive and personally intrusive policies.

Paul is still a viable candidate as well.  I don't care for his international policy, or really, lack thereof.  I find him to be a scary little dude.

Santorum is still whiny and I can't stand that. 

Perry needs to pack his bags, he is so out of his league.

Gingrich's strong stance brings me oodles of warm fuzzies, if only it were coming out of someone else's mouth. 

I am torn to be sure. Looking toward North Carolina, I cannot help but wonder if Santorum and Perry pulled out, would their support shift to Gingrich?  As I see it, there is the anything but conservative Romney, and everyone else.  Why can't these candidates see that?  I cannot and will not believe that their ultimate goal is to splinter the tea party vote.  Moreover, I think they want to beat Obama and make a name for themselves and they are doing this without looking at the larger picture.  As long as so many people insist on staying in the race I believe the tide will flow with Romney, especially since the media is hitting so hard to get him nominated.  The media probably think Romney cannot win against Obama and they may be right.  If the undecided group doesn't think Romney is much of an improvement over Obama, why would they rock the boat? 

Looking to the future, I cannot see Paul beating Obama.  He's just too goofy.  Perry is over.  Santorum and Gingrich could both debate Obama quite successfully and would be able to draw out the independents and undecided as well as the conservatives.  Romney could also debate Obama successfully but in my opinion, I believe he will suffer with independents and the undecided. 

Who I personally want to win the nomination is Gingrich because I find him to be the lesser of all evils at the moment, but that is all academic now because in reality, it is a media numbers game and they have the dumb quotient on their side.  When God said the meek shall inherit the earth, I am wondering if it was a polite way of saying the stupid shall?