Guilty Pleasure

I always find my gracing of the council chambers to be an interesting venture.  To be sure, I get a lot of dirty looks.  I may be the most hated woman in Wylie, but of those hated I am definitely the most read.  I wonder, why do people who dislike me so feel compelled to read my blog?  Keeping your enemy close? Morbid curiosity?  Gluttons for punishment?  Guilty pleasure? 

For those of you who still feel it necessary to give me a sourpuss face so that you are sure you registered your dissatisfaction of me, I’ll let you in on a little secret: my goal is to spread conservative values.  If you have supported values other than that, you may find yourself on my blog.  If I find you highly amusing, you may also end up on my blog.  If you verbally accost me, you surely will end up headlining.  If you hold conservative values I agree with, you may make an appearance in my blog.  If I particularly like you, you may also have a cameo.  Hell, I even make fun of myself on here.  One thing is clear, I don’t discriminate.  Do yourself a favor and save the sourpuss face for someone new.  It is very unattractive and unsightly and I could care less because I will not allow impediments to the conservative cause.

Now how can someone who claims to be conservative cuss like a sailor and paint some truly explicit pictures, you ask?   I wondered that myself sometimes.  It wasn’t until I started to follow Mark Davis on Twitter that I discovered that answer.  Here is Mark Davis, a conservative talk show host in the mornings on WBAP.  While he certainly holds strong opinions and the ability to shred a caller’s liberal idea like Zorro, he doesn’t make any overly blush-inducing comments on the radio.  He does not have those same constraints on him on Twitter.  In following him, I have discovered he is extremely quick witted, very outspoken, sharp-tongued, and quite vile at times.  This vile speak is a manifestation of a highly creative mind that can twist words in order to paint a picture.  He is a creative thinker.   

Though I cannot even dare to compare myself to the brilliant Mark Davis, I think it is my highly creative side which enables me to break a few language taboos in order to paint a vivid point.  I sort of see myself as a small-time reporter who is not held back by the censorship constraints of a job, boss, advertisers, or even shareholders.  In writing the blog, I also hope to give other conservatives a voice and an outlet.  My hope is to provide them with a way of seeing what is taking place at council meetings through an outspoken, conservative point of view and not the watered down version they might get from the newspaper or the meeting minutes. 

Last week I wrote about a few rumored possible candidates for council and I gave my uncensored opinion.  I think it only fair to give readers an assessment of myself since there are also rumors about me making a run. To those who think I should be sitting up there on council taking some of my own medicine, okay, I get that.  However what I know about myself, and I think others have figured out, is that I can be quite unrelenting.  My conservative values tell me that this is not necessarily a good quality in a council member.  Certainly I expect conviction out of a candidate, but I also expect reasonableness, patience, and flexibility and those are not always traits I am able to hold.  While I certainly care and am committed and put in a lot of hours of research and have a great deal of knowledge on topics, I am completely content writing my blog because nobody else will if I don’t.  Though some of the council members may heave a sigh of relief, I am confident that this news is not necessarily good if they think about the implications of an active blog. 

In the end, all I want is for council to behave.  I have not finished that task (a Code of Conduct is not in place) but things are better.  Certainly I stirred the pot and received mixed reviews.  My husband told me once, “I may not be happy about how you are doing it but you got their attention and this is a good thing.  Evidently nobody was watching for a very long time.”  I second that.