Low Income Capital

I cannot believe the absolute fuster cluck that took place at last night’s Wylie City Council meeting.  Brought forth was the issue of a 55+ low income housing project east of McCreary and South of Target.  Yes, more low income housing will be moved into Wylie thanks to your City Council, if they get their way. 

As the meeting unfolded , we discovered a visibly angry Mayor Eric Hogue reading the developer the riot act because he just found out from Texas State Representative Jodie Laubenberg that another low income development was going in a mere stone’s toss from this one except in Sachse.  OK, before you say, “Whew!” lets get some facts straight first.  The Sachse development has 100 units and will house low income families whose kids will attend WISD.  Yes, more indigent children will be sucking the tax dollars straight out of our pockets as we feed and clothe the squalid brats.  Something strikes me in that I never really equate low-income people with being extra careful with the condoms you know?  Seems the group I’m thinking this site will cater to will have an average of 4-5 kiddos being sent off to get an education in Wylie, on our backs.  Groovy dealio there. 

So one might think that when this whole shebang came up for vote, Mayor Hogue would be against it.  Well hold on, little doggies.  Hogue actually voted to approve it.  How’s that, you say?  Yup, Hogue did his classic huff and puff the magic dragon routine and then when the smoke and mirrors cleared, whoomp, there it is.  Wylie may be the not so proud owner of our own special little low-income housing project and let me just remind you why they call it the projects in the inner city.  Jesus and Mary were there but Joseph was out of the house tending to his sick mother, but seriously I beseeched them with seeking eyes to vote no on this thing.  Dear God, is our council THAT STUPID?

Oh, did I mention that Don Herzog from Herzog Development owns both properties?  Oh yes, well then there’s that.  Herzog actually got a snotty talk up by Hogue, but in all honesty I think it was really just a shout out name tag to a fellow homie. 

Oh sure, this place looks nice and all from their slick sales flier, but just think what it means for our home values.  I never knew a low income housing project to increase them, have you?  You can thank Councilwoman Diane Culver and Councilman David Goss for voting no. However the seriously misguided Mayor Eric Hogue, Councilwoman Kathy Spillyards, Councilman Rick White, and Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth all voted to put the skids on your future home values.  Nice.  Lovely to know the good old boy club in Wylie is still quite active and giving props to their pal Herzog. 

Just in case you really care what the specs are for one of these new tenants, they must be 60% below the median income in Wylie in order to qualify.  That means, according to City Manager Mindy Manson, that the average income in Wylie is $70K, leaving the new inhabitants at $48K or less.  Obviously they could not discuss the Sacshe project other than it was 100 units and by the proposed Wally World and Ranch Road.  Wal-Mart just brings the best out in people doesn’t it?  No surprise there.  I can only imagine Sachseites will be uber-happy to have their own personal Harlem with a Wal-Mart Supercenter they can walk to.  Rest assured, I let some of my peeps over in Sachse know about the new Herzog Dual Development legacy. 

I am left scratching my head and swirling in multiple WTFs.  So are bus-lines next?  Will we have to dodge the bag-ladies as they board the Dart Line?  What the heck are you doing council?  This developer stood up and said they intend to target the elderly living in Wylie.  Well isn’t that special.  Why on earth would you target people living in homes to move into the projects?  Dear God this just keeps getting better. 

Oh yes, Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth, with his usual genious,  was only too happy to point out that since there was no impact on WISD and property tax would be collected on the project, it was okie dokie.  Red my friend, that’s all wicked cool especially since you have let it be known all over town that you can’t wait to beat feet out of Wylie.  OK, so the units will be restricted to the aged.  Well all but 2-4 units which will be unrestricted.  Nice.  So are we going to find 4 families each crammed in those sending a pack of 35 kids walking down the 544? 

The developer, bless his little heart, said that he intended to own this project forever.  Well isn’t that extra special and heartwarming.  Especially considering how later in his used car salesman spiel he bragged how he built all his developments to sell.  He thinks it is unlikely that both projects, the Wylie and the Sachse, will be funded.   But WHAT IF THEY BOTH ARE?  Talk about placing a burden on the taxpayers.  These are the very people with their hands out asking for money that our Council is wooing.  Do we get to look forward to future OWS (Occupy Wall Street) marches and people with their backs blocking the Target and Starbucks doors?  Heavens!  The middle class Wylie folks won’t know what to do without their coffee.

So if the developer wins the Texas Housing and Community Affairs funding, he will be deed restricted to 55+ for 40 years.  Well that’s all fine and dandy for us now, but what if our children or grandchildren want to call Wylie home?  What will these projects look like then?  Do you realize that the low income peeps are not the ones who are going to be helping your sales tax fund?  I hate to break this to you, but the 55+ crowd are not in the divide and conquer mode, they are in the I don’t spend a pinching penny if I don’t have to mode.  Maybe you can get a Waffle House for them too?

I knew where this was going to head when Mayor Hogue asked the two old-timer mayors sitting in the audience what they thought.  Well at least they were bright enough not to say a flipping thing rather sending their wives up to the slaughter instead.  Oh but my yes, they both agree it would be a good thing.  WELL WTF DID YOU THINK THE SENIOR CROWD WOULD SAY?  By now I’m amazed they didn’t just vote it in behind closed doors and screw what the public thought.

I’m thinking now might be the time for you to stab the For Sale sign in your yards before our property values take an even further dump.  Might I suggest we repaint our water towers to say, “Wylie, the Low Income Capital of North Texas.”