New Challenges

Today's news brought even more challenges ahead for conservatives.  The Iowa Caucus couldn't officially name Santorum as the winner after they lost some precinct votes, but he did have more votes than Romney in the end.  Have to say I was surprised that uber-conservative bread-basket Iowans would support a moderate for the GOP, but hey stranger things have happened.  

Next in the news was Rick Perry.  You know, you gotta love that guy.  Only Rick Perry could have enough gumption to flub up memorizing three departments he would cut as part of his own platform, and continue on in the race as if nobody had noticed.  They say everything in Texas is bigger, I'm thinking his kahones must be the size of grapefruits.  Sayonara.

Finally in the news was Newt Gingrich.  Well, good ole boy Newton is being called out by his ex-wife.  Yup, Newt is being called a horn dog.  Big news there.  Don't you wish you had a dollar for every politician who couldn't seem to keep his pants zipped?  Hells Bells, Clinton and Kennedy made a sport of it.  Even after Cain's indiscretions came to light, he still had support out the wazoo and he only left the race because I'm certain his wife told him to get her name out of the newspapers or else loose a nut. At least that's what I would have said.  

It's not that it's proper, or acceptable, but in this day and age I am not altogether certain that anyone is really going to care much about Newt's desire for an open marriage and getting squelchy with a Congressional aide.  Honestly, it happens a lot; probably more than most people would like to know.  Now that's not to say I accept it, but I think that generally speaking people are willing to overlook a lot if they think the person is doing a good job otherwise.  Just look to Bill Clinton's sexcapades in the Oval Office to show you just how many people are willing to look beyond it and just how much societal mores have changed.   

I cannot say with any certainty that this news will not harm the Newt in any way, but he does have time to recover from it, and it would be very easy for people view the ex as bitter.  I mean, isn't that usually the case for the stereotypical scorned ex who wants paybacks?  She sees this as the ultimate payback and has made comments that she will murder his career.  Hmmmmm....I'm thinking it will be the ultimate bounce back.  Still, my money is not 100% on Newt.  In fact, I have yet to give any of the candidates any money which is a true testament to how befuddled I am about this whole GOP political scene.  

I'm sure tomorrow's news will bring even more opportunities for befuddlement. One thing I can guarantee is All My Children went off the air and something had to replace it.  These are interesting times and we are getting quite a show.