Petty Hate Machine

An individual sent me an email regarding yesterday's blog post I made.  If you recall, I had published Wylie City Manager Mindy Manson's response to an email I sent her.  In my email I asked for clarification on the minimum home value break even number because I heard it was $250K.  I published her emailed responses because I didn't want people to think I had pulled that number out of the air.  Evidently, it came out of someone's ass though, because I ran that number up the flagpole like a dirty pair of boxers and it came back pretty rank.  

I found the response below to be absolutely spot on:

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Sent: 01/17/12 04:48 PM
To: TXunz Inthehouse

If you were sitting in Place 2, I think she would be a bit more responsive to your questions.  Don't you?
What the devil is going on at City Hall?  Oh she did not just. Seriously?  Did Mindy lie to make me look inaccurate?  Did she truly not know how to calculate that number?  Did she not care to do her job?  Did she not answer me because it was me?  Is this the type of workmanship a city manager is proud to stamp their name on?  OMGosh, if I responded to a customer in that manner, I would be placed in front of the firing line at work.  It's just not acceptable.
I wonder, does Manson respond to any and all random public requests in this lackadaisical manner, or was it merely because it was me?  You know, if I were to place a bet on it in Vegas, I would probably be able to retire early.  
Lets face it, many of the city employees and council have made it pretty evident that they don't like me.  I have been told by some people that I am called 'That Woman' by City Secretary Carol Ehrlich and Councilwoman Kathy Spillyards.  I was told I have been called 'Clueless' by Councilman Rick White and Mayor Eric Hogue.  I am sure I've been called worse and if not, these people need to expand their vocabulary.  
To be honest, I don't give a flying fart in a windstorm.  They don't know me.  They only intimate they know me because I have made their jobs a wee bit more difficult. I ask questions.  I interview people.  I do my research.  I have a strong opinion.  I am organized and quite frankly I have my shit totally together.
Clearly, they don't like that someone is sniffing around what they deem is 'their' business.  Perhaps that statement is too rudimentary because people have sniffed around in the past but gotten nowhere.  Revised, that statement should read that they don't like someone sniffing around and pointing out inconsistencies, laziness, or downright dumb ass decisions to the whole of Wylie through a blog.  You see, they are under the misconception that they own their daily work lives but they forget who they are truly beholden to: the citizens of Wylie.  
Would I have received a more accurate response from Ms. Manson had I actually held a council seat?  Well one would like to hope. Still, I find the whole situation about as disturbing as necrophilia.
Exactly who is in charge up there?  To be honest, I don't frigging know.  What I do know is this kind of crap cannot continue to happen. Whether it is me or someone else asking the question. 
Mindy, Eric, Rick, Kathy, Red, don't make me effin' run.