Running With Safety Scissors

A fellow Wylie citizen I look up to mentioned to me today that I had not posted anything of real substance, politically speaking, on my blog of late.  To be honest, there have not been any grand happenings with the long, shenanigan-dry holiday break our Council and ISD took.  Frankly, I miss the pissing match.

Of course there is a lot of news on the National GOP political front.  I have all sorts of prickly consternation over who would be the best choice and I am left stymied as to why this field is supposedly the best the GOP can produce.  I mean, it's not like this was short notice or anything. 

Let’s face it, none are stellar. However in my mind, all are better than the divisive, finger-pointing numb-nuts we currently have in the office. I have come up with my general synopsis of the current GOP scene:

Romney – In my opinion he is more of the same ole administration.  He designed a nutzy-kuckoo health plan in his state that Obamacare was patterned after. He looks, speaks, and acts presidential, but despite that I seriously dislike his nasty-attack ads that were smearing Gingrich in Iowa.  To my way of thinking it shows that he cannot stand on his own merit, but needs a hostile game of smear the peer in order to win. I cannot help but wonder if Bachmann’s votes will now swing toward Santorum, thus giving him the edge over Romney in future states.

Santorum – A family man with political experience and no personal baggage that we know of. He looks, speaks, and acts presidential.  He did not support TARP.

Gingrich – His old school DC is coming out in him and I’m not sure he can withstand the filth attacks from Obama that will surely come down the line.  He is a little too rotund to be presidential looking, but he is sharp as a tack and very well spoken.

Paul – A total isolationist that wants to legalize drugs.  Without those rather untidy isolationist and drug tidbits dangling from his person he is a true constitutionalist. He did not support TARP. He is going to look like a tiny white elf next to Obama in future debates and is anything but presidential looking or sounding when he speaks.

Perry – Has a GOP ‘kick me’ sign on his back because he is weak as water with too many spoiled brat, wealthy Texans backing him for me to feel comfortable about who he is beholden to.  I can’t get the stupid look arrogant smile he has on his face out of my mind and that makes him anything but presidential looking.

If push came to shove and I had to pick someone today, I would lean toward the whiny Santorum.  After all of the mud-slinging, he has actually remained fairly unscathed.  Sadly, what many people look at is if a candidate looks, speaks, and acts presidential and I am a firm believer that McCain did not compare in this shallow, rudimentary department as compared to Obama back in 2008.  Who could get behind a guy with a dangling arm compared to Obama’s 6-pack?  That said, many people will not want to back Paul, AKA the munchkin.

All of these ideas banging around in my brain leads me to begin reflection upon the local political scene that is about to unfold before us.  Very soon some candidates will make the decision to toss their hat into the ring…..or not.