Stick a Fork In It

The question du jour is, who will run for city council this year?  Will Bennie Jones run again?  Will Red Byboth run again?  It’s all over town that Red doesn’t want to. I don’t think he made any major bones about that when speaking with people so I don’t believe that information is any big secret.  Conversely, Bennie Jones has stated openly with citizens that he intends to run again for his seat.  I wonder will the rumored Onufreiczuk or Tamez put their hats in the ring for those seats?   I have heard several people mention the possibility of running, but those several also backed down after careful consideration.  That is sad, because some of them actually had something to offer, but they chose not to do the work necessary to earn votes and support.  Sad too, because ultimately, the weenies who never attend meetings to educate themselves on the who, what, where, when, and why of council come out of the woodwork and suddenly take a keen interest as they sign on for the task.  I’ll be asking them one question, “Why?”

It’s not that the person isn’t qualified or committed when they make that decision to run, but in the realm of making a name for themselves, the last minute interest and attendance annoys the hell out of me.  I felt this way about Gerald Dunn.  Though he was a very nice man, it annoyed the begeebers out of me that I never saw him attend a meeting until somewhere in the neighborhood of January last.  It did not show me he took the initiative to learn about what he was getting into before he chose to run, so how could he speak intelligently on the topics?  Well, he didn’t. 

Another campaign platform that I do not respect is when someone runs because they have an axe to grind with a certain outside entity, such as their HOA.  Not to pick on Mr. Dunn but one of his campaign extolls was made on controlling HOAs, a mighty lofty goal considering the council has nothing to do with them. Dunn’s campaign was the epitome of all the things I dislike about why people run for office.

Someone mentioned to me that Onufreiczuk might consider running.  Hopefully I can put the personal cabosh on any notion of conservative support right here and now because of Onufreiczuk’s support of convicted liar Merril Young.  That is about as popular of an idea in Wylie as endless train whistles and I believe it will surely sink him should he decide to make a run for it. 

In the Wylie News article, Supporters Defend Young, dated October 01, 2008, found online at
I quote the following:

“John Onufreiczuk said that Young was “maybe na├»ve” to think his degree was valid without “classes or exams,” but he reminded those present that Young had submitted his resignation from his teaching job even though “the TEA (Texas Education Agency) has not revoked his certification.”

“Saying he thinks Young has “passion and love for his job,” he criticized those who had called and harassed the Young family and continued to “bash Masons” on Internet message boards.

“Those who say he should be removed for morale turpitude should look in the mirror,” Onufreiczuk said.”

Well, I think the Wylie News meant to type moral instead of morale, but you get the picture.  Personally, I cannot overlook the fact that Onufreiczuk thought what Young did was essentially hunky dory.  This whole story made me want to vomit as it played out because it was yet another instance that made people think Wylie is full of a bunch of losers who need to tattoo the scarlet letter L on their foreheads. 

Should Tamez run again, I think the community already spoke rather loudly a couple times and gave their resounding  ‘no’.  Awe shucks, he is the nicest man you ever want to meet, but not council material in my opinion.  He is dedicated, there is no question of that.  I think he has attended every council meeting since dirt was created so I suspect that makes him fairly well versed, but as we see on the national political front, well versed does not mean the candidate is 'official' looking.  Despite that, there have always been rumblings that Tamez is a liberal.  Ooh, the very word.  There goes my support out the window.

In the matter of Onufreiczuk’s high horse called ‘moral turpitude’, we can certainly say from some of the less ‘friendly’ antics of our pal Red Byboth over the last couple years that the concept of playing nice, with his snide talk to a priest and inane support of an incredibly rude woman over a less controversial candidate for P&Z, fell by the wayside.  Yes, that P&Z woman was the very same one who verbally accosted me outside council chambers in October 2010 while she was still wearing her P&Z mask and she was given a pass by Byboth as well as Bennie Jones, by the way. So too, Byboth has refused to support a Code of Conduct.  One must wonder why?  Oh yes, we get back to those two nasty little words: moral turpitude. 

Nearly everyone on council believes they are above reproach and several even had the kahones to state that publicly, however I beg to differ on that topic.  Evidently moral turpitude doesn’t even come into play with the looser mindset of the liberal crowd.  How can you condescend and condemn a Catholic priest in a public forum and oh yes feel bad afterwards about it but there was nothing in the psyche that stopped those words from coming out in the first place?  Moral turpitude?  Hells, that was morally reprehensible and the apology afterwards stunk of childish reasons why it took place, “You should have seen the incendiary letter we got from the diocese.”  Oh yes, that was a valid reason to dress down a holy man.  Uh, I don’t think so.  This incident alone goes beyond turpidity and morality straight to lack of Code of Conduct and had one been in place, this incident  would likely have never happened.  Glad I won’t get that infraction read to me when I meet my maker.  Yow.

Conversely, we have the squeaky clean Bennie Jones, or so it would appear.  I mentioned before that I would not blog about people’s personal lives, but the more I think on what I am about to write, the more I believe it is relevant to the larger Code of Conduct picture.  I received by anonymous email containing copies of HOA Facebook complaints and seemingly rude responses from Jones back to those complaintants.   I had a discussion with Jones about his responses online and he claimed he did not respond in the rude manner he was being accused of.  I shared with him how his answers made him appear and I can only hope that he took those words to heart.  I’m not sure because he always tells me he is who he is, whatever that means. 

I’ve also received some complaints from Wylie Tea Party members who believe Jones is a liberal wolf in conservative sheep’s clothes because many of his votes on council were wayyyyy liberal and because he voted for Obama. True that.  As a person, I love Bennie to death but I have to say politically, I am tepid at best.  He does support a Code of Conduct and for me that may be enough to garner my support, but we'll see.  I suppose when he punches those campaign signs in the yards and makes his speeches, his past liberal-leaning votes may come back to haunt him. 

Very soon we will be getting to the meat of things in Wylie and some may run and others may choose not to.  Sooner or later the packets will be picked up, the forum will end with the usual congratulatory handshakes, and the bodies will fall, and you’ll be able to stick a fork in those who will officially be done.