Wylie Democrats, Take Notice

The Democrats in Wylie need to take notice of this GOP cycle of debates, caucuses and primaries.  Why do I say that?  Not only because of the obvious reason that the next president may not be in their corner, but because they should take an ardent interest in the proper vetting of what could be the next President of the United States.  In simpler words, Democrats should want to make sure the Republicans properly vet their next candidate.

It is no secret that half of the U.S. voting population is unhappy with Obama’s lack of drive with regard to the economy, national debt, jobs, and now national security.  His recent last-minute attempts at curbing spending and creating jobs are way too little and way too late, especially when he focused the first half of his presidential duty on slapping a universal healthcare mandate upon all citizens that nobody now wants.  His chances are not looking good my friends.

For those people who voted for Obama, I want you to seriously think about what Obama has done for you.  Do you think you are financially and emotionally better off for him being in office? I’m not saying things would have been better under John McCain, because frankly I was not a huge fan of his, but there were very telling signs in the last election process which gave me cause for pause with regard to Obama.  Those very signs have morphed into screaming neon lights over the last 3 years.

I found the article, Community’s Cycle of Growth Under Way in the Neghborsgo section of the Dallas Morning News, published January 6, 2012, to be especially telling.  A staff reporter interviewed Mike Agnew, Wylie Chamber of Commerce president.  When asked about his economic expectations, Agnew replied, “I don’t see much change in the next year.  The next national election cycle will have a large impact on what 2013 will be.”  Not terribly profound, but truer words could not have been uttered.

I believe most companies are merely biding their time.  Why would a company put their neck on the line and hire en masse when we could potentially get another 4 disastrous years, possibly worse than the last.  I shudder to think.  Companies are doing more with less and though there will always remain an entrepreneurial spirit in the US, the recent job growth we saw last month is probably not the new norm.

Personally, I am ignoring the retail, housing, and stock market ‘signals’ because they have fluctuated so much over the last 3 years that any apparent upward trend could simply be an anomaly.  Nope, I have no faith in the system any longer, especially with the cowards running Washington DC at present. 

Many people believe that the best thing that could be done over the next several voting cycles is to vote out any and all incumbents.  I hate that pact, because it is very simplistic in nature. Sure, we get the do-nothing crowd out eventually, but what would we be putting in as replacements?  That is a scary tactic, so I will continue to stick with my tried and true plan of educating myself on the candidates and voting for the lesser of evils.  OK, OK, so I’m being a tad harsh on our politicians, but lately the ‘evil’ analogy has been more true than not. 

I ask those independents sitting on the fence and hardline Democrats, do you want to risk another 4 years of the same economy, same stagnant home values, same pay rate, and same stock market blues?  Do you think all of those things will change for the better if Obama remains in office?  If I were you, I wouldn’t want to take my chances.  As I see it, Wylie’s Democrats are on notice.