Antagonist Protagonist Tag Team

I am truly concerned at the behavior I witnessed at last night’s Wylie city council meeting.  During the discussion regarding adopting a resolution to give WASA,  Wylie’s Antagonistically Scornful Adults $13K of taxpayer money, the council members were given time to make their comments.  When asked her opinion, Councilwoman Diane Culver made the statement that the city handed the old library building over to WASA and that it was being given to a select few members of the community.  Personally I see nothing wrong with that statement.  If you ever volunteer for the PTA, which I did at Davis Elementary, you will quickly find out that anything the PTA does is supposed to benefit ALL of the students, not just a few select such as feeding afterschool meals to only those in sports.  Taxes collected from taxpayers actually benefit ALL of the citizens.  To say openly that Councilwoman Culver will get to enjoy the building if she lives that long was incredibly rude and condescending.  Does that mean the city should give funds to daycares because everyone was a baby at one time? 

You may not have students attending the schools but your taxes help to educate your neighbor’s kids and make them productive members of society, well hopefully and the schools put on events that all citizens can attend.  Your taxes pay for parks that everyone can use.  Your taxes pay for the WEDC who brings businesses to Wylie that you may choose not to shop at but you are not banned from entering.   From what I can glean, WASAs building is not available for citizen use like the Bart Peddicord is.  So I was amazed at the reaction to Councilwoman Culver’s comment, to which the protagonist of this story, a sweaty, red, I mean oh so dark red it was actually a Barney-purple faced Mayor Eric Hogue began to actually yell at Councilwoman Culver.  Yelling?  Really?  Is she not entitled to her opinion? Is she not allowed to make a statement without being bullied during a city council meeting and shut down by Hogue?  Evidently not. 

The seniors in the audience clapped for Hogue when he was finished with his titty baby tirade, but I was left feeling embarrassed and ashamed for both him and them.  This is not the way I expect the Mayor of the City of Wylie to behave, no matter how pissed off he is.  It was unacceptable during a council meeting and to be honest, I think he needs to apologize to Councilwoman Culver for cutting her off and yelling at her.

Even after that event took place, an unscathed , unruffled, and nonplussed Councilwoman Culver went on to ask another question.  I am glad she showed the maturity that Mayor was lacking last night.  It leaves me wondering if this is the sort of behavior she is used to from our Mayor, even when they are not sitting in an open public meeting.  I would like to hope not.

The more I reflect on this situation, the more I see a recurring modus operandi for Mayor Hogue.  He was nearly gleeful in the Code of Ethics work session as he discussed how any citizens who had a complaint would be forced to come before the panel, AKA the 7 council members, and humiliate themselves in public.  I was wondering where the pitchfork was as he made that statement.  This vindictiveness is not a good trait.

I wonder if those people coming to council meetings and asking for handouts were not actually former mayors, would Mayor Hogue be so kind and favorable to their every whim?  I mean, he seems to have his lips permanently attached to their backsides, even asking them what they think during council meetings such as the council meeting a month ago regarding Mariposa, the low-income housing for 55+.  No offense to any of them, but I don’t give a screaming bat turd what they think as they are not the 7 people we have elected to sit up there.  If they wish to make statements during public input, let them, but to name tag them and specifically ask them for input really goes beyond what is acceptable.  So much posturing in the middle of a meeting and then to realize the error and ask if anyone else would like to speak is inexcusable.  I wonder, would former Mayor John Mondy were there, would Hogue name tag him and ask him his opinion?  What a fool he would look!

I agree with Mayor that our seniors deserve our respect.  They deserve a warm and caring community building where they can share camaraderie, but I think that this whole thing has been handled very poorly.  A group of amateurs formed WASA, a non-profit 501(c)(3) and they have not done a very good job at fundraising or seeking assistance from area groups on aging.  There are grants available to them and I hope their new Treasurer Nathan Scott will do a better job for them in the future. 

Yes, they will get their $13K from the City because the gang of 4 has spoken, but I hope they learn how to manage their budget because coming to the taxpayers with their hands out year after year is going to wear thin and that Contingency Fund welcome mat will need to be removed.  Permanently.  If you want confirmation of this, just go read the comments on the Wylie News online edition regarding the Wylie Board of Trustees approval to bring a bond to the citizens for vote in May.  The overwhelming response is that the people are sick of our funds being mismanaged and they want a tax decrease.  It’s time for the wisenheimers to wise up.