The Code Giveth and the Code Taketh Away

People are going to read what they want to in my blog and I can do nothing about that.  It is simply part of the literary experience which will take place when one reads and interprets a news article, a book, my blog, or the back of a toothpaste tube.  Some of the best conversations I’ve had with community members are when they ask me directly what I meant by something I wrote.  I am always amenable to emails asking for clarification as long as the individual is not attempting to pick a fight because they will surely lose that battle.  I am after all the one with the blog.  Despite this, I find over and over again that people are very willing to talk quite openly with me and reveal what they truly think about the city, employees, and leaders, not even telling me to keep it off the record. I often do keep people off the record because I have enough sense to know not to burn my sources.

In sharing a couple vodka martinis with a bff last night, a topic returned to me for yet another pass.  This time I will address it somewhat openly so that people have a better understanding of the blog posts in question.  I say ‘somewhat’ as I am not going to delve into the exact details because they were purposely overlooked by our city council when the incident occurred.  That is now water under the bridge especially since city employees now have a Code of Conduct and the council is looking at a Code of Ethics for themselves.

According to my friend, WEDC Executive Director Sam Satterwhite got his knickers in an eensy twist over several blog posts I made indicating he had a questionable past.  He and evidently others incorrectly assumed I was indicating he was the type to have an affair on his wife.  That isn’t the ‘questionability’ I was referencing in my blog post so either people’s guilty consciences took over, or they only read what they wanted to in my post.  I think everyone needs to realize he has been in the community a lot longer than merely with the current wife so even if I had indicated he was the loosey goosey type, that could have meant anything. What I referenced were multiple discussions I’ve had with community members about old Sam that a little research on the internet easily backed up.   Alas my statement wasn’t even about wives at all.  It was about one incident. One serious lack of flipping brain cells that he has paid his dues for. 

Sam’s incident is not the only one that has or will ever occur in Wylie.  There have been many other incidents, and there will be others in the future but I hope that having these Codes of Conduct in place will stave off more of the same.  That said, we are only human beings and we are not infallible nor robots.  For example, Mayor John Mondy wrote his letter on City of Wylie letterhead asking for leniency in the sentencing stage of a convicted child sex offender.  I bet he kicked himself over and over again for that faux pas.  I know he was kicked by community members for it anyway as he lost his mayoral seat to Mayor Eric Hogue.  With a Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics in place, that letter of shame might never have been written and the clown with the ever present horse and pony show may not have even made it to mayor.  We will never know because there has never been anything in place to give our leaders this level of guidance. 

Conversely as a true conservative, I firmly believe there should be boundaries that envelope an individual’s personal lives and anything that they do in that closed envelope should stay that way.  Unfortunately not everyone uses common sense and though they don’t expect the outcome they receive, they have to answer for their indiscretions.  A good Code of Conduct would help serve as guidance in these instances and if the code is ignored then the outcome is deserved.

Even today, if you are keeping up with current affairs, I smell some city employee firings in the making.  Sadly, Wylie gets another black eye by the two city employees and the police officer for their grandiose display of super id and burgeoning hormones.  Still, I firmly believe that they are only human and they are entitled to their privacy.  Yet they have been hurt by their lack of common sense and the employee Code of Conduct will be their undoing.  Do you think they even once considered that posing provocatively with a few police props might blow up in their faces?  Well they probably should have anyway.

As for what is in the photos I personally think hells rock on, but next time don’t display your faces, tats, or crap that indicate who you are, oh or your frigging badge number.  Amateurs.  Yes, the good old-fashioned code of conduct will likely handle this situation, and frankly it should. You can’t fix stupid, but you can put into place some hard and fast rules that help people not behave in such a brain damaged manner. 

Unfortunately for these three, I think their days as employees of Wylie are numbered.  But hey, they won’t make that mistake twice and others will think seriously about it before they partake of a little photo fun in the future.  That is the beauty of a proactive rather than reactive stance of adopting a code of conduct.  The rejects are rejected rather quickly.