The Crucifixion

Someone wrote to me last night and told me they were contacted by an individual involved in the Sachse low income development debacle.  They told me the individual said that Don Herzog pulled the plug partly because of the letter I wrote to him.  Of course the narcissist with a double dose of self-esteem in me would like to take credit for imploding the very thing that would have been the undoing of WISD’s budget, but alas I cannot.  So many people had their hands stirring this pot that I believe Herzog knew he would have been unmercifully crucified over it. 

Of course all this recent activity means to us is that Herzog can pick that Sachse cross up later on down the road and attempt to run with it once he gets the Wylie thing nailed.  I expect to see Herzog double down on Wylie and push like a constipated child to get the Wylie project funded.  Though I know our seniors need this sort of place, I am still left highly concerned about the location because I think it will hasten public transportation making its way up and down our beloved 544.

If you drive from Murphy toward Wylie on 544, you can really grasp the magnitude of just how important the land surrounding all those nice clean shopping centers is.  To my way of thinking, this is or should be prime commercial real estate.  To muddy it now with apartment complexes would be a crime, especially since a 55+ complex will not bring any sizeable influx of shoppers to spend money at the stores.  Oh sure, you might spot the new residents in Target buying toilet paper and cat food, but they won’t be spending oodles on carts full of household goods.  No, those carts are reserved for the younger crowd who are attempting to feed and clothe a house of children in the burbs while they build their personal empire. 

One might think there is still plenty of commercial space available down yonder on 78, and though that is true, to be honest on one of those rare occasions when I drive down 78 toward Wally World, I am struck by just how nasty that part of town is.  It certainly is missing the warm and fuzzy feel I get on 544 and I think that was rather by design.  Wylie wants upscale, don’t we?  We want people driving in to our tiny hamlet from Sachse and Murphy to say to themselves, “How nice.”   We don’t want people to say, “Ewwwww.”

I believe Wylieites want to be wrapped in warm fuzzies as we make our way into town from Murphy.  We want to feel as though we have arrived.  In fact, the city is working on that very topic of median landscaping because it is on the current agenda.  Personally when we hit that Wylie border, I want to know it and feel it when I look at the Wylie welcome sign on 544.  I would like to see that thing completely pimped out rather than the plain stone fixture that rests on the grass.  The idea of it is that we want a more upscale feel for Wylie and parking a low-income 55+ apartment complex right next to Target is not exactly the look and feel we were going for. Tuck that crap somewhere else less detrimental to the city.

I wonder, has anyone asked Don Herzog if he has some other property that this project could be moved to?  You know, some piece of land that is not sitting on what could be a mecca of retail sales tax.  Surely he does, he owns half of Wylie.  I heard there was a similar project planned down Brown.  Perhaps his?  Seems better suited.

If Herzog doubles down, I believe citizens need to triple down and open up a dialog with Mr. Herzog to see if he is amenable to moving this project somewhere else and then going back to council and re-zoning the current planned land for commercial.  Difficult?  Sure.  However, if Moses could wander the desert and deliver a people, we can work over Herzog Development because Herzog’s vision of warm fuzzies leaves me feeling stifled by fur balls.  It’s about time someone worked over Herzog.