Lifelong Love Affair

I leave you today with my soul-baring Valentine.  An ode to my lifelong love affair.
 My artwork is indeed an exceedingly sensual experience. Slight alcohol-tinged blood pumps through my veins and music pounds through my soul; I am highly aware of the very tactile experience. My body oils commingle with the charcoal as I rub it into the paper. There is not one inch of the paper that has not been tenderly and at times roughly massaged by my fingers, like I would massage a lover's body. My eyes see through the piece; searching, yet knowing. My breath falls upon my art as I work so closely, so intimately with it.  My face is often so close the moisture from my exhale lands; more commingling. I blow charcoal and kneaded eraser dust off the paper as I work, making my breath at one with the charcoal. There is no instrument, only my body. Though at times I use instruments, it is ultimately my fingers that caress the charcoal into place. My very essence is left on that paper when I am through and though it may look like angry art to outsiders, it is actually very sexy and sensual because I exist in it. 
 I hope you have a very sweet Valentine's Day spent with someone you love.