Not So Hot Mess

What a mess.  Yes, a mess created by our city council which now the citizens have to spend our personal time banding together and cleaning up. 

I just have to ask this one simple question.  What was the Wylie City Council thinking when they voted to approve the 55+ low-income housing project?  I mean, did they not realize the elderly living there will be very likely to dial 911 for every little painful, chest-grabbing belch?  There will be no Medicaid accepting hospitals nearby for them because the proposed hospital for Wylie is private.  There will be no public transportation near.  There will be no real selection of businesses to help employ them should they need to augment their tiny incomes, oh but just low enough so they continue to qualify for their cheap housing.  Did council stop and think how adding 100 units of low-income 55+ housing would tax our fire and police departments?  Just how many vehicles does it take to cover a 911 call anyway?  Sounds like one of those silly Pollack jokes, doesn’t it?  It’s not funny, though.  It is anything but funny.  What is wrong with those people sitting up there in their council thrones?  Were their brains stifled by the weight of their asses pressing against the chairs?

Disturbingly, the very same council people who voted this monstrosity in were sitting at a meet and greet last night for a highly conservative Republican State Senate Candidate Ken Paxton.  How do they dare show their faces at a meet and greet gathering of supposed like-minded fiscal conservatives when they hand us this piece of flaming liberal  55+ low-income rubbish?  Oh and knowing full well while they voted to approve this thing that a low-income project was planned within walking distance in Sachse.  The stupidity factor was off the charts during the last city council meeting when Mayor Hogue, Mayor Pro Tem Byboth, Councilwoman Spillyards, and Councilman White voted to approve this piece of indecency that will ultimately rape us of our tax dollars. 

Even worse, I heard that Councilman Rick White’s wife is blasting this low-income housing thingy on her beloved Wylie View.  Holy coyote skat, does she not realize her husband voted to approve it?  As a side note however the lovely Alicia White also attended the meet and greet last night and she was looking very attractive while sporting a nice set of sexy boots. You go girl.

As I see it, the only way we can possibly fix stupid is if we vote these self-legitimized pieces of detritus out of office. 

Below is an excerpt from a letter I received on the Sachse low income housing project.  It seems there is some conflicting information about that project.  This letter claims there will be 200 units and they will hold the following income requirements:
10 units at 30% of adjusted gross mean income
90 units at 50% of adjusted gross mean income
100 units at 60% of adjusted gross mean income.

Yes, this is us beginning the clean up of skid marks our city council left behind them as they rolled on over the citizens like we were merely pesky speed bumps in their way…

Dear Concerned Parents and Citizens:

Many of you are undoubtedly aware of the current proposition that has been made for low income housing in Sachse.  Hopefully this will provide some helpful information.  Please be informed that on January 10, 2012, VDC Sachse Reserve I, LLC, gave notice to Sachse city leaders and Wylie ISD administration of its intent to make application for a housing tax credit.  The credit was toward application of a new proposed multi-family construction, comprised of approximately 200 units, of which 100% would be for low income tenants.  The unit mix would be as follows:  10 units at 30% of adjusted gross mean income, 90 units at 50% of adjusted gross mean income, and 100 units at 60% of adjusted gross mean income.  The developer would also be required to recognize the Section 8 vouchers to a prospective renter, however.   Please make note that local statistics show the average number of children living in multi-family housing is reported to be approximately 2 children per unit.  This calculation renders a potential 400 new children to be added to our community and to our district.  If successful, the new development would break ground in the Fall of 2012 and be set to open in the Fall of 2013.   Needless to say, this will place an excessive stressor on our district’s financial capabilities to continue to provide the standard of excellence in education we have come to cherish.  The Title I aid that the district will receive will not be able to offset the additional enrollment, because these funds cannot be used for facilities. We are, undoubtedly, obligated to take care of every student in the district.  However, by recruiting families into the district from other areas of the metroplex simply because they meet specific low income qualifications, we are taking on a liability at the ultimate price of the existing students.  We will be facing the potential of overcrowded classrooms, elimination of programs, and an inevitable redistricting that will affect the ENTIRE district.

Please understand that this issue is NOT isolated to Sachse or to the Woodbridge community.  These children would likely attend Whitt/Draper/Cooper/Wylie High School.  However, an influx of students of this magnitude will force the complete redrawing of district lines and building of additional schools.   If you and your children love your home schools, yet you choose to take no action on this issue, you will be helping your children find new home schools.  If this project is successful, every line will be redrawn.  There will be no other choice!

We must also consider the situation in which we are putting the potential new residents.  These are folks that have already applied for some assistance.  They are looking to get back on their feet to return as a productive member of society.  Yet, the proposed project will seat them in the middle of Sachse, Texas- a small town with no access to public transportation and no large industry from which to seek gainful employment.  I believe we are doing these individuals an injustice by essentially setting them up for failure.  Please also keep in mind that there are no time restrictions in which individuals can live under Section 8 coding or low income subsidized housing.

In order to stop this project, we must collectively reach out to our state representatives.  They are the ones that will ultimately approve or disapprove of this project.  These projects are approved on a point system.  Their success requires validation from many levels of government, beginning at city and extending to state.  It is my understanding that the state has the ultimate veto power.   I have attached all contact information for your reference.  I would also encourage you to voice your opinion to the city leaders and to Don Herzog, the land developer for Woodbridge Estates.  I spoke with Don this afternoon, and he indicated that the Woodbridge Board of Directors would be listening to the public opinion.  Therefore, if you haven’t let your opinion be heard- NOW is the time!  If the process proceeds, a formal hearing will be set in the coming weeks.  I will do my best to keep you updated on that as well.  There is also a Facebook page that has been created, entitled “Concerned for Sachse.”

I located the FaceBook page referenced in the letter and you may find it at:

If you are interested in signing the petition, please contact me at the email address listed on this website (minus the spaces which I put in to stop excess spam).  I will be happy to send you a petition to sign and the email address to send it to.

You may find an article on the topic from the here:

Written comment, on either a specific application or on the QAP, can be sent to: Multifamily Finance Production, P.O. Box 13941, Austin, TX 78711-3941 or transmitted via fax to (512) 475-0764 or (512) 475-3340 or by email to

Below is the letter I wrote on behalf of the Wylie Tea Party:

Dear Ms. Gamble,

We are highly concerned that application has been made for a low-income housing development in Sachse where any children residing in that complex will be attending Wylie ISD. 

We are also highly concerned that our Wylie City Council approved a request for another low-income development in Wylie for 55+ housing, a mere stone's toss from the Sachse low-income development.

As you can imagine, we are concerned about the perceived threat such developments could pose to our home values.  We are concerned that the developments are being eyed for what could be prime commercial real estate owned by the Don Herzog Development Corporation and whereby pressure could be placed upon the developer to seek a more appropriate change in zoning and pressure could also be placed upon our city councils to accept such a change request.  Though the developments would certainly pay property tax, they will not garner near enough to offset what they will lose in possible sales tax would they were developed as commercial properties instead. 

We are concerned that 200 or even 400 students being thrust upon Wylie ISD will be absolutely catastrophic to our ISD budget which already took a hit this year thanks to the reduced state funding. 

Such developments are planned for areas in which there is little employment offerings and no public transportation.  Additionally, we are concerned about such high density low-income housing being placed so close together in areas with little population, thus the chances of increased crime is greater which will further stress Wylie and Sachse police departments and fire department personnel, and ultimately affect our city budgets and taxes needed to pay for the increase in services.

We are asking that you do not proceed with approvals on these two developments as they will likely be detrimental to our home values in both Wylie and Sachse and will eventually cause increased taxes to handle the additional burden placed upon our respective cities, and because an approval will be catastrophic to the Wylie ISD budget.

I remain deeply concerned,
Wylie Tea Party