Put Your Granny Panties On

I just checked out Tuesday night’s agenda for the Wylie City Council and I see the senior crowd is at it again.  On the agenda are two items of particular interest and this blog post is going to make me highly unpopular amongst some of the old dogs in Wylie. 

The first is WASA, or Wylie’s Aged Sassy Ass People as I like to call them, asking yet again for money from city council to help pay for that library building we handed them FREE OF CHARGE upon which they PAY NO PROPERTY TAX. 

General Business
2. Consider, and act upon, Ordinance No. 2012-08 amending Ordinance No. 2011-18
(2011-2012 Budget) for proposed amendments for fiscal year 2011-2012. (L. Bantz,
Finance Director)
February 28, 2012 Wylie City Council Regular Meeting Agenda Page 3 of 4
Executive Summary
The Wylie Advocates for Senior Activities (WASA) has an anonymous donor that will match donations up
to $20,000 for remodeling of the former Smith Public Library. Funds have been identified that can be used
to offset this expenditure, and as a result, there will be no impact to the overall General Fund FY 2012

Oh sure, I was happy to see them get their building so they would stop whining like a group of 2 year olds who want candy at a grocery store checkout line.  I had hoped they would take that saweet gift and run away laughing and skipping like a dope head after smoking a good hash pipe, but no it just wasn’t enough for them.   They keep coming back like a bad case of lice, asking for more and more.  I suppose if we renovated it for them and rolled out the red carpet it might finally be enough.  Then again, I doubt it.

Is it just me or is anyone else sick to freaking death of these people sitting at council meetings taking every opportunity to pimp themselves for a couple of bucks?  Since when is it the taxpayers problem that they have no clue how to go about proper fundraising and they sought the benefit of a liberal who decided it would be fun to hold the council’s feet the fire and force them to toss a wad at the problem?  Liberal, liberal, grossly liberal idealogy going on here because the donor will only ante up if the city chips in, not if other philanthropists kick in, and if our city council approves this request, I think I am going to vomit right there in the council chambers.

Will council use the excuse that our retail sales tax in November went up 18% as justification?  Oh, but we will be taking in more money next year so let’s go ahead and do a little mid-season revision to the budget.  November?  Come off it, it was freaking Christmas. Of course it’s going to go up and one or even three months of increased sales tax in a row does not a windfall make people.  Besides, those tax dollars belong to the people and as I see it and what was given should be taken back in the form of a nice cut in our property taxes before the city starts handing out cash to every Tom, Dick and Harry with a flaming liberal donor who thinks the city should be funding WASA just as much as anyone else.

I am not altogether heartless about the aged.  I grew up with a grandmother living in my house since I was 4 years old.  Yes, we actually took care of our aging relative, what a novel new idea that is.  I remember what it is like to drive her to senior group meetings when I was 16 and had finally earned my driver’s license.  It was a tiny building in our old downtown area not much unlike little old Wylie.  In fact, their building was smaller and there were dues which helped offset the administrative costs.  Our family was only too happy to shell out the cash for my grandma.  The group relies on funding from area agencies on aging and volunteers from the community; they don’t stand with their hand out at city council meetings.  The building she met at was not much larger than a shed.  It was an old historic wood building with wood floors and a bathroom.  At least it had indoor plumbing.  I was happy she was able to get out of the house and go play piano for the group of seniors who gathered there to dance, play cards, and even take trips all the way to Atlantic City and shorter ones like shopping at Bronners and Frankenmuth.  In fact, she was my absolute best friend and I had to mourn the loss of her when she had a severe stroke when I was 17 and she had to be moved to a nursing home because we were unable to provide her the 24 hour care she required after the stroke.  I continued to mourn the loss of my best friend who remained in that nursing home through my moves from Michigan to California to Michigan and to Texas before her old body decided it was about time to give out.  I had to mourn the loss of her again when I was 27 after she would not allow herself to pass on until she was able to see me one last time.  I flew to Michigan from Texas just to see her in the hospital and I sat with her and held her hand and gave her permission to leave me, and she did 4 days later.  I agree a warm and caring home is necessary for our elderly in Wylie thus they received our old library building.  But it really stops there because if the city sold that property, they could rake in tax on any new inhabitants.  So you see, taxpayers are already giving up money on a yearly basis, do we really need to give up more for this venture?

How I feel about this request is that if the city is going to hand WASA money to renovate the building, then we need to take back our building like a bunch of Indian givers and start renting it out or sell it.  Seriously.  If one red cent of taxpayer money goes into the renovation of that building, then I believe it rightfully belongs to us and not WASA and frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn what WASA or anyone else thinks about that.

The second item on the agenda is on that Mariposa at Woodbridge low income housing project slated for the area near Target.

5. Consider, an act upon, a Resolution No. 2012-08(R) of the City Council of the City
of Wylie, Texas designating a revitalization area and economic development
initiative for a residential affordable development and supporting a proposed
Mariposa at Woodbridge for Senior Citizens. (M. Manson, City Manager)
Executive Summary
In order to make the application for the proposed Mariposa at Woodbridge for Senior Citizens competitive
for State funding, the Council is being asked to consider a Resolution that would affirm and satisfy to
specific categories.

City Council is being asked to designate a revitalization area and economic development initiative.  This is to garner even more points in order to gain the funding the developer so desperately wants in order for Texas taxpayers to support the over 55 crowd this low income housing project is supposed to cater to.  As much as I can appreciate affordable housing for our seniors, this place is not going to be a care facility.  As I said, this project is going to be an absolute drain on the community resources, sucking up valuable police and fire and rescue personnel and resources and will eventually force public transportation down our streets because once the beggars arrive and are embraced by a city, they don’t stop coming.  Personally I don’t care to have busses traipsing up and down our street clogging already busy rush hour traffic on 544. 

Oh sure, I’ve heard it from some of my elderly friends, they think I’m picking on the seniors of Wylie.  Well I will not apologize for my feelings about anyone sticking their hands out whether it is at the local, state, or national level.  A handout is a handout and isn’t this what a lot of the bickering is about at the national level at the moment?  What our seniors are asking for is ultimately an entitlement and it is too bad they may have to move to Garland or Plano to afford a place to live.  Gee people my age and younger do it all the time because that’s just the game of life.  You move where the money is and if you cannot afford where you live, you move to less expensive digs.  Less expensive digs aren’t just handed to you so you don’t have to be inconvenienced.  I call it putting on your granny panties and getting over yourself because people’s lack of planning for their old age does not constitute an emergency on the taxpayers’ part.