Running the Race

Who will do it?  Who will toss their hat into the ring of fire?  Who will be willing to play that Russian Roulette game and see if they don’t blow their freaking brains away by a seriously fumbled word or idea during the candidate forum?  Who among them will bring fresh new ideas rather than merely bring current city leader’s ideas redressed like some transvestite on steroids?    

The rumors abound and the names I’ve heard kicked around running for Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth’s seat #2 are Red himself, Gilbert Tamez, Nathan Scott, and possibly Jeff Harris though I believe Mr. Harris has thought about running against Councilman Jones but I hope he doesn’t.   

Here is what I have been told about Mr. Scott, whom I was able to observe briefly at the last city council meeting because he came and then he left instead of staying, listening, and learning.  He was brought forth and presented like a finely cooked ham on a silver platter by a former Mayor, you know the one, the WASA spokesperson.  Scott addressed the council because he has taken over the treasurer duties for WASA, Wylie’s aged and sassy-assed people. I cannot say this is true or not, but I have been told that Nathan Scott has been tagged as a Hogue boy.  Well besides wearing the WASA badge of horror, I am annoyed that he has also been branded as one of Hogue’s cattle.  Someone please say it ain’t so. 

Interestingly enough, if Scott runs for Red's seat, and Tamez runs, it should make for some interesting tension between those two since Tamez has already been branded as one of Hogue’s herd.  To be honest, I think I would rather support Tamez than Scott if that is what we have to choose from because it sure as hell won’t be Byboth, not as long as he continues his shenanigans.  This Harris is an unknown entity, so I am leaving him out of this mix at the moment.  One thing is for certain, I will be interested in opening up a dialog between every single one of them, if they are willing to do so.  No, cat woman isn’t going to slice and dice them, I will be quite hospitable and very interested in what they have to say as well as getting some of my questions answered.  It is a necessary part in the process of garnering hundreds of tea party votes.

During my martini tête-à-tête last night, these men were part of the discussion between my friend and I.  One thing I can say is that Scott and Harris have not shown up to meetings over the past year, if any at all,  and I will have a difficult time considering support of that.  It also came up last night that Gilbert Tamez, in my opinion, is highly shameable.  I say this because of the hateful looks I have received from him the last several council meetings thanks to a blog post I made about his possible desire to run again.  The benefit I personally see in this idea is that it makes him a bit controllable because he clearly doesn’t like to be highlighted in a negative fashion in my blog.  As I see it, he will want to avoid it like the plague. 

As for possibly supporting Red for his seat, I view him like that dog who keeps humping an idea even though it isn’t going to get him anywhere.  Hence, the 2% raise debacle he brought up last year during budget talks even though the budget could hardly support the 2% onetime bonus.  Despite that, he still thinks that idea of a raise will come around this next budget cycle too.

Some people think I should run for council, but if it is only seat number 2 that is open, that is simply not a possibility because I don’t play second fiddle.  Call me the competitor; I won’t abide by being anything less than number 1.