See You In a Short 8!

There are a couple things you can take to the bank in Wylie tonight:

WEDC will not be able to do the $13K in matching WASA funds as Councilman Goss asked them to look into and ultimately our contingency fund will be hit up.  So not only will the 2% bonus provided to city employees have drained the Contingency Fund, but also the $13K for WASA by March 31st.  Ultimately the taxpayers will have to pay for part of the renovation of the old library that our city leaders gave WASA with one hand and shook with the other on the fact there would be no further funds forthcoming.  All non-profits welcome!  Please come to Wylie City Council and ask for funds.  There is a teensy bit left in the Contingency Fund just to get you through until September 2012 when they redo the budget again. We are nothing if not consistently inconsistent. 

Mariposa, or Marisopa as the clever Councilman Rick White likes to call it, would be a done deal already if it weren’t for the sneaking suspicion of Mayor Eric Hogue who held the landowner Don Herzog, and the developer’s feet to the fire tonight and forced the issue that verbal agreements will not suffice in Wylie.  Just because the developer claims Mariposa will be a 55+ development doesn’t make it so, not even if they prick their fingers and become blood brothers.  Thank you Mayor Hogue for doing what was right tonight.

I firmly believe Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth appears to be an effing conman who will show up at 4:30 PM Monday, the day packets are due and sit in City Secretary Carol Ehrlich’s office (whom I am really starting to like more and more these days by the way) or City Manager Mindy Manson’s office with his feet on the desk waiting until 5:00 PM to see if anyone else will file to run for his seat.  Real conviction there Red. Way to prove you really want this job.  Not.

Don’t piss off Mayor by making derogatory comments about our seniors in Wylie.  He nearly had flames and smoke coming out of his butt after citizen comment and after a comment Councilwoman Diane Culver made about the building being set aside for a small portion of citizens.  By the way Councilwoman Spillyards comments that she pays tax to the ISD but doesn't have kids in school doesn't hold water.  I know of no law that requires citizens to pay an elderly tax.  Oh and everyone uses the police, as they keep you safe, even if you don't call them. Duh. Someone once told me Mayor and a few others in the community are teetotalers but might I suggest that a flask attached to the leg just for these special little moments might not be a bad thing after all?  Just say yes to a little alcohol to calm the nerves, especially when someone is really working them.

Best citizen comment of the night:  Parks and Rec boardmember Jeff Harris asked what funds WASA would have available to them from their fundraising efforts to cover water, electricity, and maintenance.  Well everyone knew that answer. Water and electricity are paid for by the city - aha our tax dollars hard at work. Maintenance?  Well that's just an afterthought evidently and we can expect more requests for handouts, or perhaps more Elvis impersonator concerts in the future.

You know, no offense against the senior group, they seem to be very nice people but they also seem to be playmates with each other and with a few stragglers, what do they total now – 50-70?  It seems the building is really for the former mayor’s and their cronies and anyone else who makes it in the doors.  I know they would like to bring in a larger crowd but I can tell you, heaven help them if I show up at their doors in 8 years.  I can assure them it won’t be Elvis who’s a shakin’ it will be me and some serious head-banging rock and roll and hells maybe I’ll introduce a little punk too just for flavor.  Hope they can handle the drinking, the BOSE speaker system, the stilettos, and the dirty dances, cuz I like to party.  Gee I hope they don't mind some of my more colorful language either.  Can’t wait to meet my new friends in a short 8!  Yup, I’ll be there to party on with my tax dollars and I’ll bring my equally raucous friends who are my age too, you can bank on that one.