Speak Not

I've thought about the following statement for a few days now.  I had a friend tell me that in the past when they complained about the Wylie City Council or decisions council makes, they have had a 'talking to' by various members of council over the years.  I joked back and told them that they weren't being nearly caustic enough and perhaps they should start their own blog to nip that in the bud. I am fairly well ignored by council and that is just fine by me.  Seriously, I couldn't believe any council member would even try to have such a thing.  Or have they? 

I guess why I have stewed on this for a while is because it bothers me that anyone would feel they have the right to provide a stern talking to with a citizen over their feelings and opinions.   I am not talking about just having a discussion to clear up confusion as that falls under general discourse.  I am talking about a full-on talking to where the citizen fills the role of child and the council member fills the role of admonishing parent.  In the book of TXun that's tantamount to shutting down public opinion.  If that is the ultimate goal in these 'talking tos' then why hold public input during council meetings if council does not wish to hear what their constituents have to say?  That's just crazy talk.

This is highly concerning, yet as I look back over my own blogging and just plain sassy-ass experience, I realize after the fact that I've been 'talked to' a few times as well. Damn you people, you won't make that mistake twice now that I am on to you.  It seems the modus operandi for our city leaders is to make absolutely certain they set someone straight, at any cost.  Can I just state here that the idea of 'setting someone straight' is a relative idea? 

Being told how things really are by someone who thinks they know more only because they hold a seat in office is all fine and well, but rather I live by the creed, "Follow my gut."  Look where those who blindly followed Obama are.  Nope, I follow my gut and have learned to do so throughout my life because it has kept me from getting in trouble, kept me alive, and kept me from friending the wrong individuals. 

My blog is derived from the gut because if I were to blindly sit through meetings and assume everyone was going to do their job, read their packets and follow basic ettiquette, I would be as much of an idiot as those who stand up in meetings and say, "I like it, I really like it."  I cannot believe something spoken in council meetings is the gospel because I know for every spoken word, there are hundreds left unspoken.  Yes, those are the words that would probably permanently curl your toes and likely leave you spitting blood.  Gut.  It's a good thing.

Going forward, I will be certain to watch my conversations a little more closely with council members so as not to allow them to fall into that old parent/child relationship that can become habit.  I just hope my friend opens their own blog so we can give council hell in stereo.