Valentine's Love Fest

As you can imagine after that last blog post I made today, I was feeling the love which was probably enhanced by the huge sugar high from all the damned candy.  I mean just because I said I liked peanut M&Ms doesn’t mean I want them from EVERYBODY.  But I digress.

My evening started well enough, I got into council chambers and was keeping myself highly entertained as Councilwoman Culver was teetering around, seriously working the boots.  Then a sweet-faced Chief D waved at me and smiled that drop dead gorgeous smile of his.  Holy bug splats, I nearly looked behind me to see if he was waving at someone else.  Alas no, it was me!  God I love Valentine’s Day because everyone just seems to be in such a cordial mood, but I digress again.  Yup, candy and innate hyperactivity is at work here folks so I’ll do my best to stay on track and you’ll just have to muddle through it with me.

I got to try out the headsets for the hearing impaired.  I was excited I could hear everything really well.  OK, so I’m easily amused.  My doctor wasn’t quite as amused when he found out just how many rock concerts it took to do my ears so wrong.  Jesus Lord, help me stay on track here.

This blog post isn’t about M&Ms, or Chief Ds spectacular smile, or even my hearing problem. It is a story about some Valentine’s Day love gone really wrong.  Yes, after my day went so well, I then witnessed the worst love fest I’ve seen in a long time.  Keep tracking with me, I’m getting there.

The truly sickeningly, sugary-sweet love fest came just before the city council meeting was to begin.  In marched Council Candidate Nathan Scott whereby the eyeball and smile orgy promptly commenced.  I watched City Manager Mindy Manson give him a ridiculously huge smile and wave.  Then Councilman Rick White came in and gave him a nod and a smile, and I swear I even thought I saw a little scrunchy nose eskimo air kiss too.  Scott walked around meeting people but he made certain to steer clear of me.  Then low and behold, guess who shows up on our agenda front and center?  Just guess!  Nathan Scott’s pastor from Gateway Church was invited for the invocation.  Hold on for a minute while I swallow back the little bit I almost spit up in my mouth. Oh, nothing against the pastor, he was very nice and also cordial as I chatted with him briefly before the start of the meeting.  It’s not his fault we have a couple weenies working the city over and he was unwittingly pulled into that master plan.  I hate when people are used.

So just how did this little coinkydink happen anyway? Did Tinkerbell fly in and fling her magic dust in the air so suddenly there was nobody else available for an invocation?  I think not.  Coincident, my ass. 

I suppose what I walked away with from this meeting was the knowledge that the rumors indeed seem to be true, Mayor Hogue appears to have put Nathan Scott up to the run and Scott is being managed under the tutelage of former mayors Martin & Swartz,  AKA Abbott & Costello.  The comedy of errors is going to be fun to watch unfold, lest you think it has not already begun because someone seemed to steer Scott awry.  Well actually, someone steered him right off the flipping charts. 

Late last week I received an email from Mr. Scott stating that he heard I wanted to talk with him. In all fairness, I mentioned in a blog post that I would be happy to speak with all of the candidates because they all deserve a fair shake.  But that’s just my opinion.  I promptly replied back that I would love to meet with him to ask him some questions after which I formulated 13 stupendous questions that would really show me where his head is at in this election process.  These questions would help me determine if I want to bring him forth to the Wylie Tea Party as a viable candidate worthy of consideration. It should have been no surprise that he responded days later that he was really uber-busy with his work and frankly he wanted time to read my blog and see what sort of person and interviewer I was.  What the hell does that mean?  My well-crafted response stated essentially that I’m not the one being interviewed, and how in hells bells does anything about me come into play in his run for city council, oh and that he made a tactical mistake.  I was quite proud of myself for leaving out some of the more colorful language that I really wanted to use. The twerp.

If he was going to wuss out on me then why bother contacting me in the first place?  Does he really think he sits in that driver’s seat?  I think he is a tad mistaken there.  You know, I truly want to give any and all of the candidates my full and serious attention and I want to bring their message to the Wylie Tea Party.  People don’t have the time to sit through these meetings as they are busy working for a living and paying taxes; they rely on me to do my job as a leader.  I vet, I bring them the news, they assess, and they make their decision.  It has worked beautifully in the past. 

My pal Red Byboth picked up his packet today and I will give him my full on attention as I promised him in the past.  He deserves it and I will set up a meeting with him.  Anyone else who turns in their packet will get the same serious consideration as well.  Except Scott.  He would have received the same consideration had he not already made his bed before it even got messed up.  Is this the type of person we really want on council?  One who doesn’t have enough mini-me to meet me first thing and get it over with?  If Scott doesn’t have the balls to go mano y mano with me, then I would seriously wonder how he will accomplish anything on council because I dare say the councilmembers wield a whole lot more power than I do.  Then again, is that the grand plan?  Sliding in a yes man?  No, I’m afraid I don’t have anything supportive to say on Scott’s behalf now because first impressions are everything and frankly, his first and second impressions have been anything but stellar.  

In light of this I have some grave concerns.  Mr. Scott seems to be a tad too timid or perhaps green to meet me (hey greater men and women have met me and found out they actually like me, imagine that).   Also concerning is if he is so busy at work that he couldn’t respond to my email in a timely fashion and he said he admittedly didn’t have time to meet with me, how will he have time for the stringent requirements of council duty? Are Mayor and friends really willing to support Scott over Byboth?   Why?  Now there is something to earnestly ponder.