What Are We Teaching?

Below is part of an announcement parents received from Wylie High School Principal Gary Brown:

WHS Student Dress Code Expectations - - We have been working with our students this past week to get back to the basic tenets of our WISD Student Standardized Dress policy.  We have communicated this to our students in a variety of ways and I am now sending this email to make sure the parents have accurate and up to date information as well.  This is not new, just a renewed point of emphasis. We want our teachers and our students to focus their time and energy on teaching and learning.  Hopefully, our refocused and simplified efforts in the area of student dress will help in both areas.  I have attached a copy of our simplified student dress expectations.  Our focus with student dress is on four main things: 
     1.        Solid color clothing
     2.        Collared shirts tucked into pants
     3.        Pants worn with a belt at the waist
     4.        Visible student ID badge

My Senior just came home from school today and informed me that hundreds of students were sent down because of silly things.  His friends badge slid partially inside his zip-up hoodie and the teacher sent him down.  Yes, Big Brother is watching your children and mine.

I’m so glad teachers had the instructional time available to burn on dress code enforcement. Not.  In all actuality I am outraged.  Did we not already go through this nonsense years ago upon passing this silly-ass code?  If school administrators had simply enforced what was already there, things would not have gotten so out of control.

Dress Code enforcement déjà vu.  Here we are again and instead of enforcing the dress code policy, everyone gets lax and then suddenly the whip cracking begins again.  I thought the flipping standardized dress code was supposed to fix this little problem, among others. Did it?  I suppose that is in the eye of the beholder.

I’ve already blogged about this before, but it bears repeating.  The idea of a standardized dress code is a socialist idea: the homogenizing of our students so that nobody feels left out, everyone has the same thing, nobody is allowed to have more than anyone else.  Truly dumb.

Sadly, my generation has raised the OWS crowd, the individuals that feel they are entitled to anything and everything their little heart’s desire, oh and they don’t want to have to work for it either.  Yes, we are the morons who made certain that every student in the room received a ribbon, even if it only said Participant on it.  What was wrong with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd?  We are the idiots who beat down the coaches so that every student could be on a team even if they warm the benches.  We are the dumbasses who came up with the idea of Dazzlers and Sapphires so that the girls who weren’t good enough to make the Varsity or Jr. Varsity Cheer teams could have some satisfaction in being selected for something, anything.  So we watch 50 girls come bouncing out on the field because they hold some sort of intrinsic value that truly escapes me at the moment. Oh yes, team spirit.  Well then there’s that.  We didn’t have these cutesy drill teams when we were growing up and I suppose our own failings hurt us immensely, so much so that we felt they were needed when we got older.  Damn, we’re raising a bunch of sissies who don’t know how to lose graciously.

What ever happened to the word no?  No, you cannot come to school in midriff baring tank tops.  No, you cannot have your piercings showing.  No, you cannot have your ass cheeks hanging out from under your tiny skirt.  No, you cannot show the red plaid boxers above the ass baring pants.  When the hell did kids begin telling us how it’s going to be?  WTF?

My Sophomore tried that crap on me last weekend.  Here are our texts, “Hey, I’m headed out with my friend after this tech is over.”  “No you’re not.”  “Why? He’s a good kid.”  “Because it’s almost 11 pm and you’re only 16.” “But we’re just going to drive to his house and hang out.” “Son, first of all I have never met this kid.  Second, you don’t TELL me how it’s going to be, you ASK.  Third, I am the parent.” The reply, “Sorry mom.” Score one, mom.

It seems to me that if administration had said no as often as they should have, we would never have been placed in this dress code enforcement situation to begin with and our teachers could go back to actually teaching.  Now there’s a novel new idea.