Big Red Clown Nose Peeks from WASAs Cheeks

Why did Wylie Council cross the road?  Because WASA led them by the wanker.  Yes even you can now watch the fun from your office, home, or mobile.  You can now view the City Council meetings at

The City of Wylie should not be in the business of funding nonprofits. If this is a task they wish to perform, then there should be a fund for it built into the City budget and they need to take that request to the citizens for a vote.

I find it absolutely reprehensible that Wylie Mayor Eric Hogue can sit up on his throne and demand that verbal promises made several weeks ago by a developer, be put in writing for the Mariposa low income housing project for 55+. Yet he did not demand any written agreement with WASA regarding their request for money, or as they are known to me today as the Wobbly Asset Sucking Activists, a nonprofit group who has harangued Council every meeting for the past two years to hand them the old City library, and now hand them some taxpayer funds to renovate the thing.

Our Shitty Council did not perform due diligence with regard to the vote taken last night on handing that $13K of precious taxpayer funds to WASA.  In the audience sat two former mayors of Wylie, who represent WASA from their apparent assigned seats in the chamber bowl.  Both know full well the very requirements necessary for our Council to meet their fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers, and they completely circumvented the system with Mayor Eric Hogue’s assistance, and with the moronic affirmative votes of Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth, Councilwoman Cathy Spillyards, Councilman Bennie Jones, and Councilman Rick White.  

Council is also guilty of completely circumventing the system by approving to hand over our funds without any written agreement that the funds be used for what they are intended.  No financials were studied.  No checks for liens against the group were made.  No due diligence to protect the taxpayers.  Councilman Goss asked for this to be cut and dried. Well cut and dried is not what taxpayers got.  We got all sorts of misty grey and more smoke than mirrors this time.  Of course the Gang of Five bobbleheads nodded in unison to hand over funds without due diligence and the rest is as they say, history.  Do the former mayors really lead Mayor Hogue and Council around by the nuggies to the point that they lose all cognitive capacity?  Dear God, what a mental image. 

In an insane twist of fate, there sat the WASA Executive Board who refused to hand over their financials to a citizen request and even to the City’s request for this little transaction.  Oh no, WASA told them they didn’t have to. 

On that board is none other than Council candidate Nathan Scott, who serves as Treasurer for WASA, despite having some past financial and legal matters in Denton County as well as a criminal record in Collin County for striking his wife on the head and in the face.  The man fidgeted in his seat and couldn’t seem to leave his papers, his suit jacket, and his tie alone. Now there’s an upstanding role model for you, and he wants to bring his special interest group WASA along with that nifty hair pomade on to the City Council with him to boot! 

During the meeting, while Culver was talking and admonishing WASA about not turning over their financials, Nathan Scott could be observed flipping through his papers and holding them up.  Was he really wiggling those financials in front of her face as she talked?  I could not believe how unprofessional it was, but then Mrs. Swartz, wife to former Mayor Swartz, AKA head WASA honcho, started yelling at Councilwoman Diane Culver from the audience and I could see just why it is that WASA is supporting Nathan Scott for Council.  They both seem to like that confrontation crap.

To validate Councilwoman Culver's point to the salty Mrs. Swartz, Councilman Goss pointed out that Mayor Hogue sat in a meeting with the WISD Superintendent, and told him he seemed like a nice guy but he wouldn’t trust him with $100M.  Why should taxpayers trust WASA with our $13K, because it’s not spelled out what the funds will be used for?  Wow, that was choice.  The jack wagon yelling from Mrs. Swartz continued on even after Mayor Hogue told her to pipe down several times.  Of course, he continued allowing her to sit in the audience, though he should not have. Had that been a Tea Party member, they most assuredly would have been ejected from the meeting. 

You know, this isn’t about the seniors at all.  This isn’t about anyone not wanting the seniors to have a nice, clean, and safe place to spend their retired days.  This is about our council and staff not doing their job and following any guidelines whatsoever.  Do you think that if the Wylie Acting Group for Children, Yesterday’s Dream Tomorrow’s Promise, Southern Magic, the Dallas-Ft Worth Metro Golden Retriever Club Inc, or my personal favorite Golf Unlimited Inc (all Wylie nonprofits) came and asked for funds, that Mayor Hogue would even give them the time of day?  Would they be required to turn over their financials and also sign an agreement?  You betcha. 

What this whole argument is about is that WASA, under the guise of seniors, and don’t make any mistake that WASA is only comprised of seniors, because they most certainly are not, is being handed taxpayer money by a group of elected dimwits who didn’t have the wherewithal to check WASAs story.  

The reason behind the dimwits' easy abandon with our cash is because they are all each others personal lap dogs.  The whole Mayor, Council, former mayoral, wives, and friends sickening virtual orgy of wallets and tongues, has ended in yet another rule that needs to be added to the Code of Ethics that our council is so reticent to pass. Do I even need to broach here why they are reticent? Well I will anyway, because it makes them accountable to some rules of behavior in an obviously lawless town. 

I can’t help but wonder where that big red clown nose sticking out of WASAs ass came from?  It’s all so fecking senseless and twisted you know, it’s almost comical.