The Bond Girls

Once again I’ve heard from some teachers that reside in Wylie that they have been told to vote yes for this $21M Bond package in May.  Nice.  Nothing like a little coercion of a captive audience, huh?  I find this tactic appalling and so reminiscent of how Dr. Fuller gripped the helm.  Did our trustees and administration not learn anything since those days of multiple bond free-for-alls? 

It wouldn’t be such a sore spot for me were it not for that damned turf.  As far as I’m concerned, the trustees can just shove that turf up their collective asses.  I mean, why come at taxpayers for something we perceive as frivolous?  You know, it’s all about perception.  There are a lot of taxpayers in Wylie who don’t give a fart in a windstorm about sports, turf, and locker rooms.  So rather than give the taxpayers a break and lower our taxes, our wonderfully wise superintendent and his bond girls would rather suck up the spare change left over from refinancing the previous bonds, and pour it into a new bond.  Oh sure, our taxes won’t go up, but they won’t go down either.  I simply must ask why?

I pulled out my 2011 tax statement.  Of the $4398.85 total tax bill, a whopping $2423.82 goes to WISD.  Seriously?  More than half.  Wouldn’t you think the Shitty Council and the Board of Thrustees would get together on this one thing and realize they are both tapping the same taxpayer back pocket?  We’re getting bent over annually and their getting turf.  Nice.

Hows about you give us a little tax break?  Oh, of course there is that little thing we voted for back in the heyday.  Yes, the very pièce de résistance our trustees hold over our heads.  Our dumb asses voted to approve a tax increases up to a certain amount.  While they have never increased our taxes to that number, we handed them carte blanche to do it any time they feel like.  Yup, we were fat and happy just like our school board was back in the days of jobs, low gas prices, increasing home values, and growth of personal wealth.  Those were the days, weren’t they?

Nobody anticipated the dramatic change that would unfold several years after we handed our trustees a blank check.  Our home values are dipping, gas prices are soaring and the job and stock markets are just now starting to budge, although I suspect it will be short-lived should Obama get another stab at our pocketbooks. 

Because of the coercion tactic I’ve been told about and because I’m sick to death of our ISD ramming bond after bond at us, I am telling everyone I know to vote no on the bond package.   Trustees were told last time to break the items out yet they still pulled a sly mix and match in order to get the crap they really wanted done, ie. their precious sports accoutrement.  Here we are again, staring at a bond proposal and they still did not break the items out.  Isn’t it high time our trustees break down these bonds by actual use rather than the mish mash they keep handing us?  What are they so afraid of?  Are they afraid that the voters will indeed turn down their turf?  It is pretty likely.  What is wrong with allowing citizens a line item veto?  Oh yes, then the Prima Donnas don’t get what they want.  Well then there’s that.

I think voters want Wylie East to be finished out.  I think citizens are sick to death of hearing the whining that has taken place since that monstrosity was borne through some shady land deals years ago.  I think voters want the science labs outfitted properly.  I think voters want the students to have awesome learning conditions.  Because of this, I think the bond has a good chance of passing despite the fact that every voter I talk to doesn’t give an ice cube in hell about the turf and locker rooms.  I suppose that’s just how it goes when our trustees refuse to listen to the taxpayers and let us vote by line item.

I suspect when all is said and done and the votes are tallied, the 300 or so citizens in Wylie who bother to come out and vote will likely pass the thing. It’s incredible the voter apathy in this city.  Yes, Wylie East will get their sports on and all will be right in the world again.