Contingency Fund Going Once, Going Twice...

I’ve been running around doing a few things with my sons tonight, so I didn’t get to attend the city council meeting.  No worries, I will listen on MP3.  There won’t be any surprises though.  I already know the weenies on council will vote to approve the $13K to renovate the old City library which was set aside for the seniors.  Yup, the nonprofit WASA, or as they are known to me today as Wylie’s Aged Scamming Avengers, will get their cold hard cash fresh off the taxpayer's backs. 

I was happy to see from the agenda packet that the alleged $200K our wise and wonderous Mayor Hogue quoted last year as a ballpark to renovate the old library, has been hacked down to a more reasonable $50K.  Go figure it took an engineer rather than someone who works in HR to figure that one out.  Now with this $13K, the donor $25K, and the rest that WASA was able to raise, I would like to think WASA will shut the hell up and leave the taxpayers alone.  Yeah right, like that will happen.

To be honest, I think that chick from Wylie is Hope should beat feet down to city hall and get on the agenda.  Yup, Candy needs a new backpack, well the kiddos she helps do anyway.  Hey, Candy does an absolutely outstanding job and she runs a nonprofit 501(c)(3), why doesn’t she run down there and get her some?  You know, kids, seniors, they are all on the same level.

Nope, nobody needs to tell me, I know how this vote tonight went.  What do you want to bet it was a 5/2 vote with Councilwoman Culver and Councilman Goss voting no.  Why did they vote no you ask?  Well it’s not because they don’t like the seniors or what WASA is trying to do.  It’s because the city doesn’t need to be in the grant business.  Period. 

Actually, I’m thinking I’m going to form me a 501(c)(3) called Wylie for Children of Sexual Deviants.  I think those kids need a little leg up, don’t you?  I think we’ll come on down and pimp our nonprofit at every meeting until we get some of that contingency fund that Wylie's City Council seems to be happy to pass out to nonprofits.  What?  You are horrified?  At what, might I ask?  Since the city just set precedence that they will fund nonprofits, how can they discriminate? 

Oh my, don’t even get me started on that word.  HEAVENS!  Discriminate!  Great, now I’ll get P&Zs Ramona Kopchenko stabbing her finger toward my face, calling me ‘Ms. Tea Party’, and telling me that I can’t use that word because to discriminate means it is “against a protected class.”  Oh brother (insert big eyeball rolley here).  Well evidently she thinks that because she is black, that she owns that word but I have a newsflash:  Webster's Dictionary.  Capisce?  Yup, if my nonprofit heads down there to City Hall, do you think Council will approve handing us matching funds if I rustle up a private donor?  Oh hells no.  So the city has set precedence and going forward they will favor certain groups over others then?  As I said, Candy from Wylie is Hope needs to hop on down there and I’ll even back her request up.

Yes, I have only lovely thoughts of our Council tonight because I know when I listen to the MP3, my predictions will be correct.  They are nothing if not consistent.