The Country Club

It may not be Wisteria Lane, but this is about to get good.  Actually, I don’t even know why I mentioned Wisteria Lane because that isn’t even a show you would ever catch me watching, but it’s so cliché that I thought I would toss it in for good measure.

It seems that Gilbert Tamez filed to run against Councilman Bennie Jones.  I have all sorts of feelings about this.  My first reaction is GOOD!  I don’t like to see anyone run unopposed and skate into a seat without having to do any real work at it.  My next reaction is tepid.  As a person, I love Bennie and his heart is in the right place, but he does not always vote in a conservative manner.  I have been told that Gilbert isn’t a conservative either, so I am left a bit stymied because it is clear that Gilbert’s heart is in it as well.  After all, he comes to every single city council meeting and has done so far longer than I have ever thought about attending.  If anyone knows what’s truly going on, it’s Tamez.

I have been informed of all sorts of things about Tamez being a flaming liberal.  You know what?  I honestly don’t know if they are true or not and I had better find out for myself before I make a final determination.  Right now I’m leaning toward supporting Bennie Jones, but something inside me says I need to step back and give Gilbert Tamez some attention first.  I hope he will consider meeting with me and answering my now famous list of questions.  I truly would like to hear what he has to say and where he is coming from.  Nobody runs a handful of times for council just cuz.  There must be a compelling reason.  Gilbert, my ears are open and my welcome is extended.  Email or call me if you wish to meet and answer a couple questions, 30 minutes tops and I’ll buy the coffee.

We have Nathan Scott running for Red Byboth’s seat.  I am unaware as to whether Byboth filed his packet yet or not but I don’t think he did.  I heard that Catherine Butschek also picked up a packet and has been picking around city hall but to be honest, I don’t think she will go through with it.  So my final question is, will Nathan Scott have a running mate or will he skate in to seat #2?  Stay tuned for the insane babblings of the redheaded woman off Country Club…….