Getting More Than We Asked For

I was sent the following documentation on Wylie City Council Candidate Nathan Scott by an anonymous informant.  I want to state clearly now that my informant is not a city employee or city leader, or anyone involved with the city or elections.  My informant is a private citizen.

FINRA Broker Check 
The report shows:
Case 0009416327 Office of the Attorney General State of Texas Child Support Division, 8.21.2011

Start Search, Check Box & Continue, Select Broker and enter first and last name
Page 2 lists CRD #5756483, Select his name, Select Get Detailed Report

Denton County Court Records
For the search, select Civil Family and Probate Case Records and enter his name:
Shows employment history which follows FINRA employment timeline

Case 99-10808-16 Parent – Child Relationship – No Divorce, 10.20.1999
Case 99-10808-16 Post-Judgment – Other, 6.18.2008
Case F97-198J3 Eviction Notice, 7.14.97
Case S95-99J1 Nonpayment Rent, 6.21.95
Case S95-132J1 Nonpayment Rent, 8.11.95


Collin County Court Records
Enter his name:
Case 0068387707 Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Violence, 5.12.2007
Case 02-TR-11-02050 Expired Inspection Certificate, 6.9.2011
Case 02-TR-11-02051 Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility, 6.9.2011

Wylie Police Department Media Report & Arrest Report
Arrest Number 07008911 Assault Bodily Injury/Family Member, 5.12.2007