Several weeks ago I made an appointment for my son to visit Wylie’s finest.  My son was so excited to get a personal tour and get to see the inside of the police department and a Tahoe.  I let my son be all starry eyed and did not comment but privately I was mortified.  Of course a police department is not the sort of place you want to make welcoming and warm and fuzzy for people being brought in.  They don’t need to have the decorators in to design curtains and matching pillows with contrasting piping or anything.  However what I was most horrified about is the conditions the officers and staff work in.  Can I just say the building is downright nasty?  What the hell?
What happened to equality?  Chief Corbin gets the effing Fire Station #3 Taj Mahal and the PD looks like one of those nasty-assed buildings I used to drive by in Detroit.  I’m surprised the windows aren’t all boarded up and there isn’t butt-high weeds growing through the parking lot cracks.  Speaking of which, I nearly bottomed out when I pulled into the parking lot, trying to avoid a pot hole the size of a VW Bug.  Honestly.
Contrast this starkly against the trip down Brown I made the other week.  I passed by Fire Station #3 with its stonework and sprawling space, like a tiny mansion built on the hilltop down Brown.  Sounds like one of those juvenile Dr. Suess descriptions you would find in a learn to read book.  I suppose the 4th fire station will be equally as nice and further perpetuate the inequality.
Don’t I recall sitting through a City Council meeting and hearing all about renovations to the PD.  Was that just a pipe dream?  Am I having some bad flashback to a time when cities actually cared about their police departments and took pride in them?  My personal litmus test tells me that the City of Wylie has done a piss poor job in taking care of some of those who take care of us, namely the police department.  I have absolutely nothing against our Fire Department, they are the absolute finest people, but I have to ask why the blatant inequality?
If you want to cut budgets and make room for some equality among our service providers, why does the policy exist that our Million dollar piece of Quint rolls on every call?  WTF?  It probably uses my SUVs tank of gas worth just to make it there and back, not to mention the wear and tear on the vehicle.  I saw a news story about another department, in Fort Worth I think, where they are implementing a nurse unit.  They evaluate the 911 call and determine if they can merely send a nurse who may even pick up the individual and transport them to a clinic.  They claim it has saved them all sorts of money.  Imagine that?
I have watched the big ass Quint, an ambulance, some other vehicle, and a couple squad cars come rolling down my street about once a year when the woman across the street has some sort of attack. Then she’s back home the next day and I wonder why all the lavish equipment was needed when they have her walk out and have a lie down on the gurney before they take her somewhere.  
To think the City weenies were so freaking afraid I would run for City Council, they rammed in a seemingly dysfunctional candidate and didn’t bargain for the hard headed Catherine Butschek to actually file.  Bet they wish I had submitted a packet now, huh?  Had I run, I would have absolutely raked that budget and spent time pointing out what could be cut.  I could cut, cut, cut, all day long and the citizens would still be better off.  So I wonder, what are some of the ways we could make some cuts to the budget so that employees could get raises, the 4th Fire Station could be built, Wylie Police Department could get more personnel and a little facelift, and the taxpayers could get a freaking break?
What makes me even more sad is that this whole inequality thingy is perpetuated further by the ignorance of the people.  We hear about a police officer who is accused of child pornography, yet is never actually arrested for it, then the nutjobs come out of the woodwork and claim they have been given the smack down and all other nonsensical stories.  This is what happens.  Any bad publicity brings a swift and immediate backlash and I see people come out swinging at the Wylie Police in the Wylie News online comments.  Is that our first response as citizens?  To bitch slap the Wylie PD?  Why?
So I wondered, why doesn’t Chief Duscio just ask for stuff?  Then again, I look at this stellar man with his statuesque build, killer smile, and clear and cunning intelligence and I know that he simply will not complain.  Why would he?  Would complaining and whining actually be in a police officer’s demeanor?  So perhaps I am on my high horse today, but I cannot help but wonder why it is the City is so blind to the inequality within?  Does Duscio need to sit in Mindy Manson’s office and pimp himself on a daily basis just to get a little something something for his department?  Does he need to beg?  Really? 
I will be doing additional research and reporting back what I find out about other police departments because I think this is a very relevant argument that needs to be made, especially since election will fly by and Council will be sitting squarely with the budget in front of them again.  Stay tuned…