Just Do It

Yup, I’m gonna do it.  I’m going to do the Sage Creek Annual Muddy Creek 5K Run.  OK, OK, so I am embellishing that statement slightly.  I am going to do the 1 mile walk/run and the hubs is going to humor me and walk/run alongside me. 

To be honest, I started running recently because I have a heart problem and my cardiologist told me to get my fat ass out there.  All right, so she didn’t quite use those terms but she was very clear about the next steps if I don’t do this.  At least she confirmed to me that my heart is strong enough to even entertain the idea of running.  Lucky me I guess.
Despite my complaints to the mean doctor about my poorly healed torn ACLs from those high impact aerobics that whittled me down to a skeletal 118 lbs. many years ago, she would hear none of it.  She was crystal clear.  If I wanted my heart problem to go away, I needed to push my heart and lungs daily, and she didn’t mean a stroll around the neighborhood with the Bichon Frise girls either.  Damn, she knows me too well.

Truth is I absolutely love doing the run.  Well I love it all except for the fertilizer, BBQs, and Downy drifting around the neighborhood which leaves me wheezing.   I would love to do a 5K but that’s just a pie in the sky dream at the moment when I can just now do 1/8th of a mile around 2 blocks in our neighborhood.  Hells, at least I no longer have to stop part of the way through anymore.  Now there’s something.

I am drawing my inspiration from some pretty cool people in my life. Firstly, Councilman Bennie Jones has really worked to slim down and he’s really starting to look fine.  What started as a commitment in December to keep our servicemen and women in our hearts at the holidays kept going as a fitness craze for him and he has dropped quite a few.
Additionally I have a handful of friends that I graduated high school with on my Facebook friends list who are runners or avid cyclists.  They have proven to me that it is possible to look hot after 40.  I’m not doing this so much for the fine butt cheeks as I am for the health of my heart and lungs though.  Since I have a family history of heart disease and diabetes, I must remain steadfast in my desire to regain at least a portion of the fitness level I once had.
Unless the weather is really bad, I expect to be out there with my canned goods on March 31st at 9:00am ready to walk and run the mile.  I hope there are many others who will make the commitment to walk or run with me.  This is a great way to help not only bring awareness to fitness but also to help stock the Wylie Christian Care Center’s pantry.   See you there!